Meet my Macy Rose

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Meet my Macy Rose

I know many of you have seen pictures or heard the news on Facebook, but I still thought it was important to update here.

Macy Rose was born Tuesday 5/15 at 9:06am. She was 8lb6oz and 20.5 inches long! (Alex was 8lb15oz and 19.5inches, for comparison)

It was a scheduled repeat Csection, however I went into labor on Tuesday morning anyways (looks like we picked the right date). For those keeping score, I was set to be induced with Alex on April 14 and my water broke that morning. Looks like my body just knows when its time!! Anyways, contractions started at 4AM and by 6:30 when we were checking into the hospital they were between 3-5 min apart and strong. I was very nervous but glad I was where I needed to be.

Long story short, surgery went great. My doc removed lots of scaring and adhesions so the surgery actually took 1.5 hours. Im thankful he took his time as it was quite clear this was what was affecting my fertility. My bladder was also relocated and locked onto my left side abdominal wall- he was surprised I never had issues with that. In anycase, Im now full of anti-adhesion barrier and ordered to take it EASY this time in recovery. Why is it so hard to sit around and be waited on?? Seriously having a difficult time with this!

Macy is such a great nurser compared to Alex at this stage. I just couldnt ask for anything better. She is doing wonderful and we are just so much in love. She was worth the wait! I am such a proud mommy of both my babies- Alex has taken on the big brother role with excitement and is loving being my helper. This just makes his seem so much older in my eyes. Our blossoms really are growing up!

Meet my Macy. She's just perfect!

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Ahhhh...chill bumps!!!

She is precious, Jan! I did stalk out FB pics, but thanks for posting here too and sharing with us.

Sounds like the surgeon did a great job! TAKE IT EASY AND LET PEOPLE WAIT ON YOU! Get some rest and enjoy that newborn. Smile

Awesome that you went into labor on your scheduled csection date! Smile


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awwwwwwwww jan...........what an awesome story!!!!!!! your surgeon sounds like he is amazing..........i hope you get lots of rest, and heal with no problems this time!!!!!!!!!

and macy is just perfect.....seriously, my uterus is just aching, and i'm so jealous that your home nursing a newbie!!!!!! omg......enjoy every single second!!!!!!!
i'm so glad alex has taken to being the big brother with such a great attitude!!!!!!!!
awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
life is good, huh??? enjoy the babymoon!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

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AWWW she is adorable!
Enjoy your down time ok.. HUGS!

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First. Congratulations. She is just beautiful. *gush*

BUT, I did not see anything on facebook. And I had no clue you were already a mommy of 2. So very happy you posted this here. I do slightly recall the girls saying something about you posting a pic of Macy, but I thought it was a US pic. :bonkself:

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omg, Jan. She is absolutely stunning!!! What a gorgeous newborn! She just makes me want another NOW!

Congratulations, mama. Take it easy and enjoy your babymoon!

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Absolutely perfect!!!

So glad that the surgeon found and fixed some things for you and took his time.

Take it easy!! She is gorgeous. Love the pic of him holding her.

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Jan she is just beautiful!!!!! That is crazy you went into labor with both of them right before the c/s!!!! I'm so glad all the adhesions and scar tissue was fixed....TAKE IT EASY!!!!!! You've got a beautiful baby, sit back and enjoy her with Alex!

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Jan...she is sooooo precious

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Congratulations, Jan! Macy is beautiful!! Just try to take it easy and enjoy this time.

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She is absolutely precious!! Congrats!

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Congratulations, Jan! She is a beautiful little girl! We seriously need to get together again so I can meet her for real!

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Congratulations Jan, she is beautiful! I just love her name. Biggrin
Hope you are able to take it easy & heal quickly!

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congratulations again...she is beautiful...and he looks like he absolutely adores a couple of years she'll be running around stealing his toys then it will be a different story Wink


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Congratulations Jan! She is so precious. I'm glad the surgery went well and she is a good nurser.

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BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!!!

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Wow, what a gorgeous little girl! Glad your doc took his time with the surgery. Adhesions suck! Enjoy your newbie Smile


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Aw, she's beautiful! Congratulations hun!! That's very interesting about all the adhesions. Awesome they were able to clear you out. Have a speedy recovery!

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She is absolutely gorgeous! How funny that you went into labor on the day-of with both of them!! Sounds like you had a great doc and hopefully all their hard work will save you from issues down the line. I hope everything is going well now, a few weeks in!