Monday 6/27 PWR

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Monday 6/27 PWR

So how was your weekend, did you have plans or was it a go with the flow type weekend? If you had plans did you get to do them? Was there something you wanted to do or get done this weekend you didn't get to? What was something (or lots of things!) that was the big bright spot to your weekend?

C'mon, you know you want to share your weekend, and we want to hear about it!

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Saturday I took a photography class for the morning.. was awesome!

these are 2 of my first shots done in manual mode

the rest of Saturday we just hung out at home.

Church, park,naps, Duck Pond,dinner

Monday: Dh took today off we are taking Owen to see Cars 2 his movie in the theater!:cool:

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good girl are a very good follower of dicrection Wink

we had a good weekend....steve had to work saturday...I left the house early and took the kids to my moms and then met SIL at the beach for a couple of hours......took the kids back to my moms to nap and shower....lyssa took loke a 4 hour beach wipes her out.....BIL's birthday party was down there that night...had a great time...the kids were very well bahaved and had a lot of fun so we stayed until around 11:30 :eek: was actually quite relaxing...they had a fenced in yard and some toys out back...lotso fun

had bought the kids some colored crayola bubble..... I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE....omg ...what a mess....Tyler was blue from head to toe....steve almost had a still couldn't get it out from under his toe it did come outta their clothes after i let them soak...then i forgot that I didn't soak my i went to spray them with spray and wash this morning.....when i was done i realized I used windex instead :rolleyes:

yesterday was quite tiring....I was exhausted...went to bed late and of course the kids were still up at the crack of azz.......took them to the beach playground knowing that as soon as we got in the car they would be asleep....hoped they would continue to sleep when we got home but no go...which made for a very long afternoon...and of course steve went golfing....

is it bad of me that I didn't wanna leave the house when we got home...they wanted to go outside and play but i was exhausted...i figured i could keep them more easily contained figured we were out all day sat and sunday morning...they can spend a lil time inside know i felt sooo guilty though!!!!!

hope everyone had a great weekend

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wow kelly....awesome awesome pics!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful photos....

Here on Saturday it was just business as usual. Sunday we took some steers to the sale barn, bought a fridge, and moved some stuff that has been in the corner by the front door that has been needing to go out to the shop.

I also took the box the kitty has been sleeping on top of and it was hilarious to see her looking like WTH happened to my big empty box.

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LOVE the pics, Kelly!

So how was your weekend, did you have plans or was it a go with the flow type weekend?
We were super busy! Mostly went according to plan, but had to throw in some go-with-the-flow when Theo's ear drum burst in the night...up all night, then in to the clinic Sunday morning...ear infection, antibiotics, drops...:(

If you had plans did you get to do them?
We celebrated Max's 7th birthday early because my parents are going away for the summer and school lets out this week. We had a lamb dinner a la DH on Saturday night and Max's birthday party at a play-place with school mates on Sunday.

Was there something you wanted to do or get done this weekend you didn't get to?
DH desperately needs a haircut but we couldn't fit it in due to the aforementioned medical emergency.

What was something (or lots of things!) that was the big bright spot to your weekend?The food (and partying)! We had lamb, cake, and shawarma takeout, lots of wine and beer. Not a diet weekend, lol.

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Love the pics Kelly!!!! Everly is just every pic I see of her!!!

Friday night I made everyone go to bed at 6pm. We'd been up late almost every night in June with baseball so they just needed it. And everyone passed right out and didn't get up until 6:30am.

So Saturday was a great day (no one was ornry!!!). DH took the big boys out back and finished getting the campsite ready and then went camping Saturday night with a friend of his and his kids. I took the little ones to my moms and we just hung out and let the kids play and then went to a nursery and got some plants and I helped my mom plant them. Got home and got them in bed and then had an evening to myself. Smile

Sunday, everyone was ornry because the little ones didn't take naps Saturday and the big boys stayed up late. So I made everyone take a nap (including DH and I) and it worked! lol Then DH took Ethan mowing and I took the other kids and the dog for a walk.

It was a pretty good weekend.

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We had a fun weekend. Saturday we went to the wave house and DH and Bradley had fun "surfing" and bodyboarding. Gwendolyn was so well behaved it was almost kinda scary..... Then on Sunday DH and Bradley went golfing so the youngins and I just hung out at the house and I finished my homework. So all in all it was a good weekend Dirol

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Kelly those are beautiful shots!! Great job!!

It's still the weekend here, DH's days off from the restaurant are Sunday and Monday...and this is the 2nd weekend in a row DH has had both days entirely off!! Yesterday we did stuff outside, DH took Colby to the park, washed the car, I went thru both C & D's clothing and closets. Exciting!

I put it on FB but DH woke up with the kids today...last time 2 months ago, both kids entirely STTN and both slept til close to 7am. This happens every time he gets up with them, so I know he thinks I'm full of $hit about wakeups and early birds lol. Last nite was more normal, Colby was yelling at midnight, Daphne was fussing at 3am. Daphne did sleep later today and got up at 6am, but she went to bed close to 8:30 last nite. At 6:20 Colby ripped the towel rack and drywall off of his bathroom wall because he couldn't get the towel down. Sigh. But, DH dealt with it all, and I didn't come downstairs til almost 8:15! Yahoo

Today we are just doing house stuff, it's wet and rainy outside so DH is home all day today as well. We were going to go to this kids indoor play thing about an hour from here, but D's naps aren't jiving...and she's starting to take longer naps, and I ain't messing with THAT!

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LOVE that shot of E Kelly, I seriously adore her!!!!

Well my boys had a MX race at Budds Creek, so when we left the house at 5:30AM Friday morning we didn't get back until 9:30PM Sunday night. It was a good time, some crashes that could have been a LOT worse (they thoguht Dino might had punctured a lung and were trying to call the heli to come fly him out), but overall on race day the boys did pretty good. Tivy was on OK behavior and became OBSESSED with watching Gnomeo & Juliette. Like seriously watched it on repeate whenever she went into the RV.

On Sat night 2 of our friends kids ended up having a slumber party in our RV while us parents stayed outside around the bon fire drinking. Good times.

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beautiful shots Kelly, I love it. I have to learn how to use manual mode as well lol.

I had a fanfreakin'tastic weekend.

One of the ladies from th Birthing naturally noard and also my March board came down from Newfoundland, her son needed to go to the states for a tongue tie revision and her Aunt lives just outside of Toronto so she came for a visit, she stayed over for Saturday night and then we hung out at Jordan's with the babies. She is such an awesome person and I hope we can all get together again.

that was mostly my weekend, it was fun and relaxing Smile

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OMG Roxie! How scary! I take it he's ok though?!?

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i can't even remember what i did this weekend......not a very exciting weekend..LOL
dan worked saturday and then we went to my MIL's saturday evening for supper and walked the canal.....
sunday was a bunch of shopping....went to the mall with all 3 girls.....and got them each 2 new pairs of sandals/flipflops.....finally........then i had to go grocery shopping(so during jacks 2nd nap) nothing exciting.......
highpoint.......i made max get the hipstamatic app on his ipod.......and took some cool pics on the canal!!!!!!

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Yeah, Roxie, is Dino okay? :eek:

Kelly, Everly is a baby doll. :bigsmile:

I felt like poop this weekend. DH took Cadence out Saturday morning to breakfast/yard sale/to pick blueberries. I slept in with Wade and Ella until 10:45 (I had nursed Wade around 7am). Then I went back out to a yard sale he told me about. Then he went outside and mowed, etc. while I stayed inside with 3 grumpy kids. At 8:15 I put the girls in bed and packed Wade up (who had been screaming for 3 hrs) and went to Walmart. Stayed for 1.5hrs. ROFL

Sunday, I slept in again with the kids while dh took Cadence to church. My parents' house for lunch. The girls and I took a nap and we played outside in the evening and ate watermelon. That was a mess. Bath and bedtime!

I was just really rundown this weekend. I needed to get a lot of stuff done b/c dh wants to have a yard sale July 9...we'll see.

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Saturday I took Miles to a Pirate and Princess party for his friend's birthday. That was cute. I'll have to download the pirate pics 'cause he looked great. Was way into it, too, with all his "Argh, matey's," LOL.

Also went grocery shopping and finally got the heater working in the pool so took a quick dip.

The rest of the weekend I caught up on school work (or tried to get ahead for next week). So, it looked lovely outside, but I don't think I even stepped outside for a second on Sunday.

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We had a pretty good weekend. We went on little get away with a group of friends. Friday night we did some shopping and some fun little shops. Friday night we had a delicious dinner, went to a fun little bar that had a musician playing acoustic guitar and singing - he was GREAT! We had a few drinks, stayed at a B&B.

Saturday a couple other couples joined us and we stayed at a resort, rented a pontoon for a few hours. The weather wasn't great, it actually started to rain. We had too much weight on the boat so it was dragging - it was kind of funny. Some on the boat fished while the rest of us sat and watched. It was just ok. After that we went back to the house we rented, just hung out, grilled out, enjoyed a great dinner, played outdoor games, sat in the hot tub, had a few drinks and it was just a nice evening.

I was ready to get back home and see my boy though! Biggrin

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Saturday was pretty boring - it rained off and on so we stayed home and caught up on laundry and house work. I packed the kids clothes for holidays at the lake even though we don't leave until next Sunday.

Sunday morning my sister and I took Maddie to her little photo shoot. Here is the sneak peek on the photographer's blog if you want to check it out:
She wore some other really cute outfits so I can't wait to see the rest! I think she's fake smiling in the first two, but I like the ones in the black dress.

Sunday was also our 7 year wedding anniversary! We went out for supper to my favorite Jamaican cafe - it was sooo good! My parents bought us a battery operated lawn mower which I was totally not expecting -so that was really nice.

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She's adorable Kaley!!! I LOVE the last one, in the black dress facing to the side!

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oh, sorry, I guess my blurb was quite a bit short on the accident. It was in his 1st practice on Sat., he was FLYING around the track, doing so so good. Well they still had the track in shape from the Pro Nat'ls that were just held there the previous Sat, so the faces of the jumps were much steeper as to shoot the pros up in the air. Well Dino was riding like normal, and he kept his throttle pinned going up this jump and just went flying through the air, it scared him and he chopped the throttle right as the bike left the ground which in turn made the bike do a nose dive and he flipped over the handlebars and landed hard. It looked really bad, and thank goodness a friend of ours was right there on that hill so he was the 1st person to Dino, so it was someone he knew (even though over the past 2 years EVERYONE knows who Dino is). Anyways, I basically told Tivy & Zoe (who is 6) to STAY PUT and I sprinted accross the track over to where he was which was up a steeeeeeepppp hill. My legs are still sore! anyways, no broken ribs but the EMT thought he might have punctured a lung b/c she thought she heard phlem when he was breathing. He is so small I think she could just hear his heart beating so fast and him sobbing. Anyways, she called the head EMT over and he said he thought he was OK (PFEW), and since he had stopped crying, DH asked him if he wanted to finish his lap, and he told him "I'm getting off at the finishline" LOL, he is such a trooper. So he finished his lap. That boy is tough as nails! He was running around the pits like nothing ever happened...... excapt he asked everyone if they saw his "jump" and how high he got, and did they want to see his bruise.

WOW, Novel. Sorry. I guess that is why I didn't post it all, haha

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Kaley- LOVE the pics in the black dress!

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Holy Heck Roxie, I'm so glad Dino was okay...and can't believe he kept on! What a kid!! That would have scared me $hitless!!!

Kaley those pics are great! That 3rd one in the black dress is just too cute!!

Not to take away from anyone else's weekend, but Regan, that getaway sounds like it was just awesome!!! So jealous! I know you missed C, but what a nice adults weekend!!!

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We had a fun weekend Smile
Saturday day DH and I took the kids to the kids science museum here. It was the first time we've gone in a while and they had a blast.
Saturday night we had our annual banquet for the moms group I'm president of. We had a private room at an Italian restaurant in town and our theme was "Mom Prom" we all wore prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses or whatever and had dinner and danced and drank. I was crowned prom queen (lol) and had to wear a hilarious cape and tiara, there are pics on facebook if you're interested. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work to put it all together. I think everyone had fun though Smile
Sunday was busy. Church, the kids napped while I did grocery shopping, a birthday party and then dinner at the inlaws.
A good weekend all in all.