Mothers Day

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Mothers Day

So do you expect a gift? Do you ask for something?

Do you plan anything for that day?

DH keeps asking me what I want to do.. this was my response

I want to sleep in
Grab Jamba Juice and Bagel for breakfast
Hit the farmers marketand stroll around
Come home for nap time.. this includes me Smile
After nap head out to pick up some Halibut .. I want the Halibut dish I posted on FB for dinner
I want to light a "bonfire" in our thingy in the backyard and do smores
I do not want to do dishes or any other "chores" for the day

I did ask for 2 things .. either would make me very happy!
#1 A dwarf indoor meyer lemon tree

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Great day!

DH works all day, so as with every other Mother's Day since having kids, I'll spend it by myself with the kids!

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wow, that's really specific! i hope you get to do it all - sounds fun!

i still think of mother's day as something i need to do for my own mother... hadn't really thought about it otherwise. it'd be fun to all do something as a family, like take a walk if the weather is nice... and a nap would be really great.

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Wow, that sounds nice. What I want for Mothers Day and what I get for Mothers day are never the same.

We have our longhorn show over mothers day weekend. I do get a few flowers, but I have to get up early and work all day long. I am around my family and freinds and usually have tons of fun.......But the next day I sleep in and dont care what anyone says......I call it recoup day.

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Hmmmm, Once upon a time before children, My Dh was that guy that every women hated me for. Now, I'd be surprised if I got a card. Having children has really forced us to take the focus off of ourselves and since it has become so habitual to not think of ourselves or each other, it's hard to remember those occasional special days.

Wow, what a lame way to say I won't really be disappointed. ROFL

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I am with Ruth. Mother's Day is a day I celebrate my own mom. When my kids are old enough to understand I'll hope for some sort of recognition, but until then, meh. No biggie. Last year on Mother's Day I went into labour. lol. Either super appropriate or not, I still don't know. haha

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Our Mother's Day is usually packed trying to see my mom, his mom, and both of our grandmas that live nearby (we just call the one that lives at Cumberland Gap). It is a little frustrating because one of the moms always feels slighted. I usually end up hosting either my family or dh's family here for at least one meal on Mother's Day.

I would like a camera strap that I asked for for Christmas and didn't get, but not sure if dh will remember that...not a big deal!

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nothing specific.....maybe go out to eat??? but definately spend the day as a family....go for a bike ride down the canal with all the kiddo's if the weather is nice......but since my mom is in florida.....we usually head down dan's mom (which is why i say ride the canal.....she lives a stones throw from the cape cod canal)......tha't it........

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Mother's Day already happened here! I had no idea it was coming and we didn't do anything lol. Maybe we'll do something for US Mother's Day. I like the sound of yours Kelly!

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Sounds like a great day, Kelly! I'm not sure what we'll do. Friday evening I think we're going out for my birthday which is that week of Mother's Day, Saturday night we have a party for friend's birthday. C is staying with the i-laws for the weekend. So Sunday we'll be heading an hour drive to pick C up. Not sure what our day will all entail. Nothing too special I'm sure but I refuse to hang out with my ILs all day.

As far as a gift. I've hinted that I want a Troll bracelet but in the past I've always encouraged DH and I to make a gift with C for Mother's/Father's Day. Last year they made me one of those stepping stones with C's hand prints. Something little and sentimental. That's all I expect. Biggrin Oh, and no cooking, cleaning, bedtime duties with C etc... of course. LOL!

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That sounds like a lovely day.

We will do something that includes my own mother, since we live in the same city. Probably a brunch, probably at my house cooked by DH. I will be thrilled with flowers from DH - he will rush out to get two bouquets for my mom and I from the supermarket, lol - I don't get them often, and forget how gorgeous it is to have fresh flowers in the house.

I tried to get a spa appointment because I have a gift certificate to use, but Mother's Day was already booked. Just as well; I want a pedi and it makes sense to wait until it is sandal weather (we are having a cold spring).

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well this will be the first year that Mother's day doesn't fall on DH's birthday weekend, so he has no excuse for a hangover. the last 2 years he was in bed and completely hung over :violent2: last year I was over it, but for my first one he coulndn't even get out of bed to come to MIL's annual mother's day brunch. so I packed up and went to my mom's for the I sound bitter still? LOL

DH usually gives me a gift card and some flowers, so we'll see this year. My mom is coming down though so we'll celebrate together Biggrin

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Tina and I booked a hotel downtown Chicago Friday and are going out kid free for the night!!!!!! My sister is watching Landon Friday morning-sat when we get back (Chicago is about 4 hours from here)!

Coming home Saturday evening and just spending Mother's day with my little man! Hopefully it will be nice outside Smile

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I think DH has duty on mothers day so it will just be me n the kiddos. I really need to get my roots done, I think that is what I will ask for so I can get rid of my two-toned hair.

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I've "hinted" that I want an iPad, lol.

I kind of feel like this will be the last one G will feel responsible for, so I think I might actually get it, lol.

As long as the in-laws don't decide to visit, I'm okay with anything.

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Kelly, your day sounds perfect. Biggrin

I think we will be going out to brunch with my mom & dad.
I don't expect anything, and I'd rather him not buy me anything right now. If I want something, I'll buy it. Wink
I would love for my kids to be nice to me and to each other that day (no fighting!) - that would make me very happy.

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I don't expect Alex to get me anything.

If I could pick something, it would be for Noah to look at me and say MAMA. Or MOMMY. I'm just dying to hear his little voice say anything besides ooo and aaaaa

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I mentioned to Kamy that I would like to have professional family pictures taken for Mother's day (not ON mother's day) but I doubt that he will remember or make it so. If I want that, then I need to plan it and pay for it. . I'm sure. As with everything . LOL! He will come through if I give him something really easy to buy or plan.

We'll probably get together my mom for lunch or breakfast at a kid friendly place.

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the past couple of years we've been picking up my mom and then spending the day at the free zoo near her's really cool for being free actually!!!! and we've lucked out the past couple of years with the weather....we'll prolly do the same this year!!!!

i don't ask for anything and really just the day at the zoo is enough for me but Steve usually will get flowers or something...last year he got me a really pretty rose dipped in gold from the kids!!!!

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Well we race on Mothers day weekend, so I will be spending the day with the kids at the track. I do expect something as a gift, but more along the lines of something the kids made for me, etc. I did tell Dino & Tivy that if daddy asked them what they wanted to do for mommy for mothers day......... that they should say "diamonds". LOL. I just want to hear about it for a laugh.