Mother's Day

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Mother's Day

Any plans for the weekend?

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not 100% sure but I know I do not have to cook or clean or change a diaper.
I know he will make me breakfast Smile
I think we are going to the beach

possible plans with my mom for dinner.. but she seems to be flaking on that .. I can only imagine it has to do with a guy or something
*insert major eye roll*

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DH will be home.
I will be in TX ...I will get my fave restaurant for lunch though!!!!!
Then a four hour drive home to get Zack to basketball practice.

Just another day around here.

I did tell DH for mothers day I do want them all to help me pick up the house.

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just another day around here.....although i think dan told his mom he would bring his chainsaw down this weekend so we can cut up a couple tree's that fell over the ya, yardwork at MIL's.......i'm sure i'll be cooking, cleaning, and changing dipes in between yardwork, too!!!!!!! Smile enjoy being pampered, kelly!!!

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Oh who the heck knows what will happen here or if we will even think about it. Nothing is planned right now. We just have too much on our minds right now. Past years, Jax has brought me breakfast in bed, but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it escapes DH completely. Until we get to church and he is faced with the realization that he forgot Mother's Day and then I'll feel bad for the poor guy. ROFL

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Just another day...Dh works, so I'm just trying to decide what take out I want to get me and the kids for dinner! I'm thinking a loaded cheese steak for me and pizza for the kids, win win lol! And I might try and convince DH he wants to get up with the kids Monday morning!

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I refuse to cook and I don't really want to go out (because otherwise I can spend the day in my jammies) so I've hinted that I want takeout for dinner (not sure how well the hint has gone over).

I asked Miles for some new slippers and a watch (just a cheap one) and I think he told his Dad, but I'm not sure if the message was actually received.

The other day Miles was complaining and said, "We celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, but when do we get to celebrate Little Boy's Day." I said, "Every day is little boy day." He said, "Okay, then where is my present!"

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SSDD around here for mom's day. The kids and I might meet up with JP and the boys for breakfast though, then it is back to business as usual.

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No real plans here. DH usually takes over all the kid/house duties for the day which is nice. I'm sure we'll go out to lunch or dinner.

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I am hosting a brunch for my Mom and MIL. We are also celebrating my sister's pregnancy. Otherwise, no idea. DH has asked me what I want, I told him some new jammies. I am really hoping not to have to cook dinner and no renos on Sunday. Otherwise, that's about it.


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I decided I want to go shopping for flowers to get my planters filled with color....AND I want to get the garage cleaned. Because it's Mother's Day I'll be able to get DH to do that. Any other LOL!

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we will be in NC Smile