Is Mt Everest next?

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Is Mt Everest next?

I'm not used to this. Jaxon NEVER attempted to climb ANYTHING. He's not too fond of heights, and I never realized how fortunate I was for that.

The highchair was in that spot because I had just given Jax a hair cut. DH took him upstairs for a quick shower to rinse off the hair and he left Abby down with me. I was vacuuming when I looked up and saw her sitting in the highchair. I was quit perplexed because she had just been tangled around my legs helping me to vacuum. And I clearly still heard the shower running upstairs. So, I shut off the vacuum to go upstairs and inquire whether DH came down and put her in the highchair. He hadn't. I came back downstairs, got my camera, took her out of the highchair and told her to do it again.

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I like how she looks at you the whole time.

Cheyenne climbed everything.....nothing was safe....

remember when she climbed the 8 foot ladder and got on top of the boys closet...

I know exactly how you feel!!!

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living it with jack.....gotta go........

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Yep, same here. Alicia never climbed a thing. I found DJ on the kitchen counter at 10 months. YIKES!


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I am in the same boat here. JB climbs everything, and Rache never, ever attempted anything like it. Rache is a much more cautious kid, and JB is a daredevil. You can't leave her alone for a second, and it scares the crap out of me! I remember at 8 months, I went upstairs to get a load of laundry, looked back, and there she was! She has crawled up the stairs --- at 8 months! Currently, she climbs up the handles on the drawers to get to the kitchen counter; she climbs up the rolly-cart thing in the kitchen to get things off of the top. I think I say to DH at least every other day that she's going to cost us some serious ER bills.

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Yup.. same thing ... Harrison climbed nothing and Siena could climb up on to the kitchen table before she could walk!

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ROFL love how she's watching you the whole time!! Too funny! I mean, bad girl lol!

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My kids aren't climbers, but she sure is cute!

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hahahaha. I love the photo journal of her climb. I can imagine it comes with a few grey hairs, but from where I'm sitting, this is so cute!!

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Mine all climbed, Theo being the most ambitious. We have everything tethered to the walls here! The kicker was when we found him on the kitchen counter with a butcher knife; now the knives are all kept in a block in the cupboard over the stove hood.

I love the sequence of photos you got - she is one cutie patootie!

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SO jealous of the non-climbing time you had! Both my kids are climbers...they will climb any and everything. :rolleyes:

She sure is cute though! Smile

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OMG she's such a little dare devil! That was Aidan, but he is also very agile and rarely falls. William on the other hand is not as adventurous, but is a total klutz so it all works out fine LOL

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My boys are both climbers too. I found what worked best for me was teaching them how to climb safely and how to get back down once they were up.
I do love how she looks at you the whole time, like, are you getting all this.
Good luck!

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look at her her Smile