New dresses my mom made

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New dresses my mom made

She made these this week.. some stitching and finishing needs to be done .. and the first needs a ribbon around the bottom..
So cute though!
I need cute brown leggings for fall!

Miss E coming for a fitting

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Aw, how beautiful! You are so lucky that your mom can make beautiful dresses for Everly. TFS!


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those are both beautiful!!!!!!!! the colors are fantastic!!!!!!!!

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Love them!!!

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Thanks! I think they are adorable.. so cute in person too Smile

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Hmmm weird I replied to this earlier. Let me try again.

LOVE them. How much for duplicates of all three in a 2T?

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I dunno I will ask Smile

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So very cute and Evs is stinking adorable.

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I love these, Kelly!!

That fabric in the second one is gorgeous, but they are ALL adorable. So neat that your mom can make those for you!

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Beautiful! I love the one with the bird on the front!

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Beautiful kelly

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So cute!! And I can't believe how long her hair is getting!

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Those are so cute. I would love to have any sort of sewing talent.