New Years Resolutions!!!!

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New Years Resolutions!!!!

First, Happy New Year, Ladies. Thank you for being here for the last 4 1/2 years (some prob longer)

Sitting here waiting for dinner to be cooked and thinking about the New Year.

Resolutions!! Anyone going to make them and if so, what are they?

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1. Start exercising again.

2. Try to eat better.

3. Get my house organized now that I have some storage places!!!

4. TBA!!!

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This may sound silly, but this year I'm resolving to remember ALL the children's birthdays. There are so many of them now between all the friends and family, and we've gotten bad with remembering some of them and forgetting others. Makes me feel guilty. So I'm gonna remember from now on!

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I would really like to run a full marathon this year. I am a chicken though so I am not sure how likely I am to stick to this resolution.

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From Mel:

Hey, could some one post in Kristi Chapman Wilson 's New Year Resolutions thread that I resolve to do the kids laundry more than once a month in 2012. Pretty Please?

she is still locked out with others Smile

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This might be silly, but I want to be a better consumer. I want to actually think of the things I buy, not just buy things on a whim. And I am okay spending more on something better wality and waiting to purchase it rather than buying just to buy something.

I'd say I would even make stuff but I have no talent for that, really so I don't know if I will go that far.

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Nothing specific. Would like to drop some weight, be a better mom. But, just one day at a time and I will see where that leads.

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Emily, what you wrote reminded me that a friend of mine spent the last year only shopping at locally owned stores and wrote a blog about her experiment (to see if she could do it). It's a fun read, esp this post:

I'm planning on getting back to exercising this year. I haven't worked out even once since shortly before the twins were born 14 months ago. Sad

But I'm thrilled to say that I actually stuck with my 2 resolutions last year (read my Bible and floss ever day)!! Yahoo Those have been really great permanent changes. Biggrin

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to go to bed before least a couple times a week........LOL!!!!!!!!!! didn't work tonight.....but i'm hopeful that i can make it happen........

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To not make resolutions. They just add too much pressure and I always fail.

Does this make me a party pooper?

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I am still working on the one I made last year...small healthy changes. So far I've introduced daily multivitamins, flossing and two vegetarian meals per week. I've recently introduced a twice daily walk (20 minutes) and will be introducing a longer one when my nose doesn't freeze. I resolved to pay off my credit card this year and to take more lunches to work.