Not another potty training thread!!!

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Not another potty training thread!!!

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!



So, here's my question. How long after you started pting did poops on the potty happen? G has been in underwear 100% during the day since April 18. So 5 weeks now. He's pretty good with the pees, though we're still initiating potty trips most of the time. But he has never, ever, EVER gone poop in the potty. He usually poops first thing in the morning before letting us know he's awake or (and this is the frustrating part) right after we've put him in a pullup and put him to bed. He won't even try to poop on the potty. It's like the concept doesn't even register with him. He's only pooped 2 or three times in his pants, because he rarely goes during the day. I know it's really just a waiting game, but dang it's frustrating!

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John Henry is potty training himself....I only suggest that he goes in the potty, but he does the rest himself. He's done really well the last couple weeks and mostly wears underwear except during naps and bedtime. A few pee accidents, but no poops in the underwear at all! Unfortunately, he does love to poop outside...but at least he tells me. I think G will just do it when he's ready.....all my trying to make it happen never worked until JH wanted to do it. Hang in WILL happen!!

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i was one of the lucky ones......pee's and poop's all happened at the same time.......hang in there momma!!!!!!!

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I do really agree that as frustrating and annoying as it is, he'll do it when he's ready...the nice canned but true answer, lol! Peeing was pretty much immediate, pooping took another 3 weeks. I do honestly believe that Colby did PT himself...all I did was talk about going on the toilet, and when he'd poop in his drawers, just say oops you forgot poop goes in the toilet, you'll remember next time...and said the same damn thing the next time too, lol. SO I guess I'm saying my opinion is all we as parents can do in the PT game is to just guide them ever so gently until they are ready and it clicks.

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Aidan potty trained the week my mom was down and was pooping in the potty by himself about 2 weeks later. It took alot of bribery, and his first poop my mom bought him a huge case of Lego as incentive, once he did it, he knew the feeling of having to go, after that he only had a couple of accidents and then he had it down. it's just getting that initial poop in the potty.

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Lucas has been potty training for 3 1/2 weeks now. Doing great with pee. He is a nap/nighttime pooper though. He has only pooped on the potty one and I think it was an accident. If he has to poop during the day, he asked for a diaper, poops, and then is ready for underwear again. I would love to know the answer to the question too Smile I figure I would give him a month or so of being pee trained before I take issue with the lack of pooping.

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Cadence didn't poop in her sleep - she was a poop holder. This went on for months, unfortunately. :rolleyes:

But yeah, it was basically like something just "clicked" with her one day, and from that point forward, she was golden. Aside from when she poops in her pants on purpose...but that is a different issue. Wink

Anyway, I used to beg her to poop on the potty and she never would (we ALWAYS used the big potty and we were always in panties during the day when we were at home). My mom suggested I put the little potty in the room we played in and let her know she could use it if she needed to...that was the only thing I did differently after, literally, at least 2 months (maybe more?) of her pooping in her panties.


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Belle has been peeing on the potty since January. We have had 3 poops o the potty.

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We're in the same boat here too.

Alanis has been using undies all day at home now for 2 weeks. (We use a diaper at night in case but she's dry 90% of the time when she wakes up. The peeing is going really well. She had a few accidents at first and we had to remind her a lot. But now she has great control and goes by herself. She does still need some help pulling her undies back up. We plan on working on that next and cleaning herself better.

But poops are another story. She's done it in the potty a total of 4 times so far. What happened was that she was constipated at the beginning of all this so when she finally went it was huge and it hurt. So now she associates that with the potty. When she needs to go she either asks me to put a diaper on her or goes on her undies. I have a feeling it will be another month or two for us before she feels comfy going on the potty for poops. I'll be happy as long as she gets it by the end of the summer.

Hang in there.

Isn't it funny that we've had a potty explosion recently? (all the ones who were holding out, literally)

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Pooping was a horrific experience here. Jax was totally pee trained in a day and a half. I kid you not. But he just couldn't wrap his mind around the pooping, which was kind of strange to me, considering he had been pooping on and off on the potty since he was 9 months old and had been playing around with EC. He was adamant that he didn't want a diaper on but yet couldn't figure out that he couldn't stand in his pooping spot in the living room. He had a specific spot that he would go and stand to do his deed. I think this was most confusing, he knew he couldn't go there anymore but at the same time he wouldn't go on the potty even though he had to. Even when we moved the potty to that spot. Poor kid wouldn't even poop in his pants, so he got REALLY constipated and we ended up needing to use suppositories. Sad I hate to say this, but in hindsight, it actually turned out to be a good teaching experience because he would poop like 20 seconds after the suppository went in, so I would administer the suppository and set him on the potty and he figured it out pretty quickly from there. Once he got used to the idea of not going in his pooping spot, he went through a phase of pooping in his diaper before nap time. I did not push this issue, I just sat him on the potty before a nap and if he didn't go, no biggie I'd put his diaper knowing he'd poop in it.

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Yeah, I meant to say last night that we also had the huge constipation issue, and then it was somewhat traumatic when she couldn't wait to go anymore and it hurt her to use the bathroom. We started giving her Miralax everyday (half of the adult dose) in her morning sippy cup - I probably did this for a month, but if I stopped it, things got ugly.

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I'm glad there are better stories than ours... Noelle has now been daytime pee-trained (lol) for almost a year. A YEAR! And just last night pooped in her nighttime diaper. Sad I'd say she poops in the potty maybe 50% of the time. We also went through a phase of horrible constipation because she held it, and she was also on miralax for a few months. I stopped it cold turkey a few weeks ago and thankfully she's done just fine. But she's still peeing in her sleep and pooping when she has a dipe on. It's so frustrating! I've really thought about having her sleep in panties and see if maybe a few instances of wetting the bed might 'cure' her of it - or at least the pooping, but I'm still getting so little sleep myself that the idea of getting even less makes me stop in my tracks. Maybe we'll tackle it this summer.

And hopefully it won't take you a year!!

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Poop has actually been easier for Delaney. She hated the feel of poop in her undies so I think she quickly figured out the feeling and got herself to the bathroom. The first time she went a little in her pants and finished on the toilet and we made a HUGE deal about it. I'd encourage you to try to catch him (which I know will be tough considering he's going at night or early in the morning) and then celebrate!!

I think some kids really struggle with pooping on the potty. Nate's nurse's son would ask to put a pull up on so he could poop. He absolutely refused to go in the toilet for a long time.

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I feel like it took Landon a awhile to master the poop part. A month, maybe another week on to that. I really emphasized how gross it was when he pooped in his underwear, and how much easier it was to poop in the potty. I also really talked about him getting a butt rash with poop on his butt to long lol. He would agree with me and then still poop. Anyway, when he would poop on the potty I would make it as easy as possible and woohoo we are done..little wiping, off we go to play. Anyway, I felt like I was getting no where and now if he does have an accident, it is truly that ..he hates anything about it.

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Pax still craps his pants almost daily. :rolleyes: Not one to give advice here! lol

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I just wanted to check in and see how it's going for you. Tyler's been pee PT for about a month now, I guess. But we still have yet to see a poop in the potty. It's always in his pants. I'm just wondering because he hasn't gone in 3 days and this is after I stressed it by getting him to sit on the potty, eating his whole jar of M&Ms (only about 20) and tried to go poop. Of course, we got no poop but I'm worried that he hasn't gone.

Hopefully G gets it soon and you catch a poop. I'll think good poop thoughts for you! Wink

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I thought Miles was just being stubborn about the whole PT thing, until he pooped in the bathtub the other day. And not only that, he pooped ON himself (he was sitting on his leg).

That made me realize that he is just NOT READY. His body REALLy doesn't understand yet - at least the pooping part.

So maybe he just still isn't ready for the pooping on the potty.

As for Miles, I think the peeing part is stubbornees, lol.

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Violet's been pee trained for 3 months now. She waits every single night to poop in her nighttime dipe. She wont even entertain ideas of pooping on the potty.

This too shall pass.

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When I pottytrained Nolan and Mallory (I'm no expert; they were 3 when we finally did it!!) I stopped with the nighttime diapers too. Do you think that pooping in undies, instead of a pullup, might encourage him to use the potty? People don't poop in their you know he's conscious when he does it...which means that he could potentially make it to a potty.

Of course, I say this as Leo wears a diaper. LOL.

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I'm not brave enough to try undies at night. He has woken up from some naps dry, but never dry in the morning. If I could trust him to tell us he has to go *before* he pees himself, then maybe, but we aren't even there yet.

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As far as poops go...Belle runs into her room and shuts herdoor. If I get there pretty quick I can get her on the potty, she will poop there. She gets all excited then.

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It took Wyatt a long time, well after he was 4, to master the poops.

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We started with Chris 2 weeks after he turned 2 years old
he was just peeing in the potty for the 1st 4 weeks.. After that it was both.
he had everything down packed by the 5th month ( 29month) into potty training.
the only thing now is he is a VERY DEEP sleeper and he needs pull ups at night.