one more craft for the kiddos

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one more craft for the kiddos

This is super simple and very cheap!

what you need!
-we all have old wooden spoons that need to be replaced and if not the dollar store has them well for a buck!
- old empty bottle with a cap
-birdseed (you can this this cheap at Walmart or Target
-twine or other string

upright you poke a few holes into the bottle with scissors or another sharp object
slide in your wooden spoons (I think letting the kids go to town on the spoons with pens or paint would make this fun(er)

fill with birdseed

with the cap you need to poke a hole and tie a knot at the end of your string so you can hang on the tree.. I realize you might need a drill or using a hammer to do this.
a different tutorial is here.. I like the wooden spoon idea though

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that is sooo easy!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! ok.........keep posting these.........cuz i need lots of ideas for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks kell....

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Kelly, I totally appreciate all the craft ideas you post. We totally need ways to occupy these summer days. Smile

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I say we start a Craft thread.

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Tyler will LOVE this! Thanks Kelly!

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awesome Kelly...looks super easy...gonna have to try that one.....tyler will probably eat all the bird seed though :rolleyes:

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I agree...start a craft thread. I am always brain fried when I get out of work that I can never think of fun stuff like this to do. You always have awesome ideas!