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OT - Gift Help

My Dad is retiring at the end of the week.

He's been at the same job for almost 45 years and they're kind of forcing him out (though with quite a good severance I think).

Anyway, my Dad is the most laid back person EVER! He doesn't really have any hobbies though he does like sports. When I asked him what he was going to do now that he's retired he said, "Probably get a job."

So, I want to get/do something for his retirement but I don't know what.

Miles has a few weeks at the end of the summer, after camp ends, but before school starts so I was thinking of taking a quick trip with him somewhere (the 3 of us, Miles, me and my dad) but I have NO IDEA where we'd go. Somewhere within driving distance of NY and Pittsburgh. (To complicate things G wants to maybe take Miles to Washington DC during that time period, but he also MAY end up being in Australia at that time, too, so I'm not sure if I should plan something or not.)

I came up with the trip idea because I have no gift ideas but I'd be happy to get him something if anyone has any ideas. Anything?

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I think a trip is a great idea. If you want an actual thing, best thing my Dad got as a retirement gift was a day of the week clock. Its funny, and actually pretty useful in retirement Smile



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take miles and your dad to your dad's favorite baseball team, or sporting team that he loves........then it's fun for all Smile

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I was actually thinking the same as Colleen - is there an NFL football team he likes? Maybe you could get him tickets to an NFL game sometime later in the fall.

I am seriously the world's WORST gift giver though. I mean, I suck big time...