This ought to make everyones day--OT

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This ought to make everyones day--OT

Ever have one of those blonde (or mommy) moments that make you question your sanity?

This will make you feel so much better for sure.

My aunt called just a second ago and one of her co workers walked out for lunch and her car wasnt in the parking lot....she assumed it had been they called the police and put out an APB on the car and sent an officer to her office. In the meantime another co worker called her and said "your car isnt going anywhere I just pulled in behind it at a restaurant down the block"......My aunt said she usually walks to this restaurant from the office and parks at the office..............well this morning she parked in front of the restaurant and walked to the office and forgot that she had done this........thought her car was stolen and called the cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime, she started calling her bank and credit card company's telling them that this information was in her car that was just stolen.......

Oh could you imagine.


then the cop that filed the report came in to take her statement and then said oh by the way you are under arrest for making a false report........then he burst laughing and told her that she had made his day!!!!!! He made the arrest up.....

I was in tears laughing so hard.....then the cop that got to the office first asked them "what kind of meds is she taking"



dont you feel so much better about anything you have ever done?

told my aunt to watch for this story in the papers in the police report section and we can send it to Jay Leno!!!!

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OMG that's funny! ROFL
Thank goodness it wasn't stolen. hee hee

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Oh that poor lady!!!!! ROFL

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:ROFL::ROFL:oh my word, that made me literally LOL. how funny. and then I got to the part where the cop was going to arrest her and was like WHAT?! then I LOL'd again... lol thanks for making my day.

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Oh my, that makes me feel so much better about trying to find my car in the supermarket parking lot, ROFL

Your poor aunt, I'd die of is a good thing that cop had a sense of humour!!!

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that is hilarious kristi........i'm so glad it happened to your aunt and not me.........i will remember this story as i'm hitting the horn button on my remote because i forgot where i parked, cuz it took me 2 hrs to grocery shop!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!

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OMG that is too funny! I can totally see that happening to me someday. Once in a while DH and I switch cars, but it's so rare that when I take it to the store I panic for a few minutes looking for my car before remembering I took his LOL