Peacock hand and foot gift bag

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Peacock hand and foot gift bag

Here's the bags I made for myself and the 2 grandmothers. I think they would look so cute hand stitched as the hands were glued on, it would really finish it, but I don't have that much talent lol! Soooooooooooo cheap for a gift, 3 canvas bags are 5.97 at Wal Mart, the black one I want to say was 5.97 just for 1. The fabric is inexpensive as well. Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested in a craft idea that involved kids (just as far as tracing though lol!). I'm making one for a few friends, they each have 3 kids, so I think that will look neat with the 3 sized hands in different fabrics!

(I resized but it seems to take a while to take, sorry!)

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They ARE cute, JUlie!

I want to see those other crafts you were making withnyour friend, too!

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I think they are totally cute glued on. Honestly, it would be a pain sewing them on with a machine since the bag is already made. KWIM?

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awesome julie!!! they came out great...thanks for the idea

what kind of adhesive did you end up using????? was it easy to use???


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Peg I used that Fabric Fusion because I couldn't find that stuff that Candace posted that you turned her onto....and know how much I procrastinate and didn't want to wait to order it lol! I think the iron on stuff would be better though, I think over time since the edges aren't perfectly glued, they are going to start to curl a bit.

Mel, I was thinking hand stitching so it kind of looked sewn on...and to compensate for the probable curling because I didn't get the glue perfect lol!

Candace it was just these magnets! There's a bazillion of them, used night skyline scenes, lots of nature pics, etc.

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They look great! Will definitely keep it in mind for next mothers day!

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I like those magnets, too! I am always short of them now...needing magnets to hang up artwork! My sis made some similar to that in some bottle caps...they were cute, too...

Oh, and totally kwym re: thE stitching around the edge. I wanted to do that to the t**** I made, but my machine kept jamming.

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Hmm, wonder what t word that blocked out. Meant to say t shirts

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The bags are super cute! I think my mom might need one... with one of the kids on either side

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Those bags are so cute Julie! I really like the magnets too. Biggrin

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julie!!!!!!! those came out awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great gift idea!!!!!!!!!

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Love it! Adorable!

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Those look fantastic Juliebean!! I would love to get a gift in one of those!!

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Those turned out so cute!! Great job! And those are perfect gifts, too. Biggrin

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Very cute!

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Julie, those look amazing!!! I know what you mean about the edges - they may start to curl. A zigzag around the edges would work, but very difficult on a made bag; maybe whipstitch by hand?

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Those are so cute! You did such a great job!