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PG ticker (OT) pregnancy ticker is freaking me out. Holy moly....this is going so fast. I need to make a point to enjoy the rest of it because this is it. I have about 2 1/2 months left of pregnancy and I will be done with pregnancy forever.

Crazy to think...but must remind myself to enjoy it!!! Biggrin

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definatley try to enjoy's the hardest part, aches and pains wise, but it is the most awesome part all at the same time!!!! your growing your baby girl.......doesn't get any more amazing than that!!!!!!!!!! i totally feel like i should be pregnant right now....i miss it!!!!! i miss everything about it....even knowing the fact that the baby will grow up and be a teenager!
will we get to enjoy another belly pic????

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Awe Regan. Yes, enjoy it. The month October sounds like FOREVER away, but then I realize I somehow missed the entire month of June and I still keep thinking it's May. Wow you are so close