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Post Holiday Weekend Trip Report.

So, how did the Independence Day Weedend go with you? Do anything fabulously fun with your family? Did you 3 year old like the fireworks? Anyone have trouble getting the kiddos to bed with all the crazy loud noises happening in the neighborhood?

Hey Canadian Mommas, were you bored to tears here yesterday with the extra day we added to the already slow weekend?

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We had a great weekend.

Saturday - Fireworks. We all took a nice afternoon nap and then headed to my mom's for a cookout and then we watched the fireworks from my mom's yard. The kids had a blast running around with all the neighborhood kids. My mom lives in a really small town (like 450 people, it's where I grew up) and a local guy (who is licensed to do them) does the fireworks in the field behind his house. He foots the bill for them, but a lot of people give him donations too. So, Logan and his cousin had the idea to walk around the block with the wagon asking for empty can donations for the fireworks. They ended up getting 2 wagon loads, plus they said a bunch of people offered cash donations (which they refused, I think the cash scared them lol). They were proud of themselves. The kids loved the fireworks, Ethan ooo'd and ahhh'd the entire time. The other 3 went back and forth between watching and running around. Then we loaded up and headed home. Mikayla was the only one to make it the full 15 minutes back home without falling asleep.

Sunday - spent the day at home. We all (except Ethan) painted the chicken coop...that was interesting. lol Then had a yummy t-bone steak (that I found in the bottom of the freezer, I thought all the good cuts were gone!) dinner and then passed out after the late night before.

Monday - Spent the day at home again. Just did stuff around the house...picked rocks, weeded the garden, fixed the screen porch (the chickens were getting in and eating the cat food! :rolleyes:). We let the big boys stay up later and did a few little fireworks in the backyard and caught fireflies.

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Saturday - cleaned out attic ... I use that term loosely. We dumped everything into the floor into the big room. And it wasn't everything, just about 75% of our kid stuff.

Sunday - missed church. Printed some tickets for consignment sale. Cookout at my mom's house with extended family. Came home and cleaned.

Monday - sorted clothes, sorted clothes, sorted more clothes. Dinner at my mom's again and visited my grandma (her 76th bday yesterday).

It was nice to have dh home, but I was in a pretty pissy mood on Saturday.

Ella making ice cream with my mom (in her 4th of July outfit before she peed all through her diaper!):

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Unfortunately I didn't have Riley. I had him last year. He loves fireworks though. We did some before he went to his dads house. He is scared to death to go even remotely close though (thank goodness) Smile

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Yesterday morning/afternoon I took the kids to the pool. We came home and Gweny and JD caught a nap. At the Navy base next to our house they had a carnival with lots of food and rides and activities for the kids so we went there in the evening. The base is on the water so we got a great view of the fireworks that were shot off in the bay. TONS of people, but it was a really good time. Gweny and JD both loved all the fireworks and were not scared at all.

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Lazy weekend here. Us Canadians also celebrated our country's birthday on Friday. Canada Day is July 1st. So it was a nice long weekend. Fireworks, BBQ etc. We kept it relatively quiet though. I'm not too keen on taking the girls to the big crowds at the beach at this age. I hate them personally, even at my age. lol.

Candace, I ADORE the pic of all 4 kiddos together on the porch. How sweet is that?

Here's one of all our kiddos.

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Cadence, I love the pic of the four kids on the porch, so sweet Smile
Jordan, what a great group shot of all the kids, that must have been heard to get! It's so fun to see the resemblances between the cousins Smile

Our weekend was busy (as usual)
Friday night my parents kept both kids for the first overnight with both of them (Nicholas has stayed once before). They also kept my sisters two (7 and 4 years old). Nick and I had a fabulous date night of dinner at The Melting Pot with friends and then some alone time for the two of us. we didn't have to pick the kids up until 10: saturday morning so it was glorious to sleep in.
Saturday the kids were tired from their sleep over so we hung out at home and did some cleaning around here, etc. The IL's came for dinner and DH cooked, I had the whole weekend off from cooking actually.
Sunday, church in the morning, naps, and then a friends house for a bbq and swimming when the kids got up. It was raining shortly after we got there and didn't clear up until late so the kids didn't get to swim until after dinner so it made for a late night.
Monday, we met another friend at the park to play in the morning (before it got too hot) and then went to CiCi's for lunch with the kids. Home for a nap and then we headed to yet another friends house to have another bbq, swim and watch the fireworks. The kids had a blast. Nicholas was a bit scared of the fireworks at first, but since it wasn't bothering the other kids and they were so sweet to him about it it didn't last long. Williams loved it. He sat on my lap the whole time saying "whoa!" every time another one went up. Amazingly they were both still awake when we got home at 10:30 last night and they were up early this morning when the kids I am watching got here (they were also at the bbq with us last night so they were up just as late as mine), so needless to say, all 4 of them are down for an early nap this morning

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It was a long weekend here too. We mostly took advantage of the great weather to work in the garden. We decided the kids are still too young to stay up for fireworks (secretly, mom and dad are also too old to stay up that late). Maybe next year, but we were just as happy to hang together at home this time. I even cleaned out the garage - I know, I'm a real party animal, raaaawrrrr. Even had some beer after. LOL.

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sounds like everyone had a great weekend!!!

love all the 'group' shots of the kids!!!!! great pics!!!

we had a great weekend too......prepped for bbq on sat then played outside....sunday we had a small bbq ...about 10 people but we had a great time!!!! Steve does a mean bbq....brined chicken halves and smoked ribs....yummmmyyyyy

monday...we took the kids to see CARS 2.....went to the 10 am show ...didn't want them to miss their nap and i knew that tyler wouldn't last got about 1/2 way through and then got the bums rush to the lobby with and i liked the end though Wink

we didn't catch any town doesn't do them...they do them in may for township day...and i never feel like driving anywhere and dealing with the traffic.....growing up we lived right next to the high school football field...they always had the fireworks there and my parents always had a huge bbq...great memories...wish we could do that here

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We had a great 4th! It was hot and steamy with no wind. Delaney loved the fireworks and was right there in the middle of everything. Don't worry, we were careful and she ran around with an unlit punk. Hayden, my nephew, did not like the fireworks and spent most of the day inside.

We had no trouble getting Delaney to go to sleep. Even with people shooting fireworks til midnight, she was exhausted enough to crash, after a quick shower at 11pm.

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we had an good weekend!!!! productive and fun!!!!
friday night went out for supper, max's choice!!!!
saturday was max's birthday!!!!!! he turned 12!!!!! :yikes: so we had an early party and headed to the beach for the rest of the afternoon......had a blast......stopped at MIL's house and showered the kids outside....put pj's on, and they all fell asleep in the truck and stayed sleeping!!!!!! (1st time since jack was born, i didn't nurse him to bed.....and he did just fine, sttn!!!)

sunday, i took the kids to a cookout/pool party.....lets jsut say i'm nuts for thinking the older kids were going to be any help.....they weren't......sarah off with her friends, max off with his. and i was stuck trying to feed all 3 lunch.....and then i wore jack, carried abby and let lucy swim with me in the water with, but super, super stressful.......
then came home , fed everyone, put jack to bed, and took the rest of the bunch to the fireworks....we park in an icecream stands parkinglot to watch the, icecream and, fun!!!!!!!! abby liked them, lucy loved them!!!!!!!

monday.......we finally brought the boat up front and it is washed, running and all cleaned out, and loaded up with everything needed!!!!!! so let our boating summer begin........LOL!!!!!!

so it was a great weekend!!!! here are some beach pics....

chasing the sea gulls

jack........with the best seat in the house!!!!LOL!!!!!!

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Friday: Good day.. nothing crazy.. it's HOT here.. we rented Black Swan (netflix) didn't care for it.. weird.

Saturday: great morning.. walked to the park.. played etc.. ran some errands
Movie: Hot Tub Tiem Machine (FUNNY!)

Sunday- church, park, nap then headed to a BBQ with friends.. DH was in the pool with the kids ALL DAY! we have friends who have a little girl Owen's age and boy close to Ev's age.. well neither wanted to be in the pool with their 3 yr old.. she was so upset she wanted to swim with Owen.. Dh took one for the team and took care of them both in the pool.. 5 hours! LOL :eek:
no way am I ready to dawn a bathing suit.

Monday: BBQ here my mom and Gma came.. nothing special but fun


Owen chillin in the WAY TOO SMALL pool I bought him .. I need a new one


proof he does eat sugar products every so often.

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Marcie, I LOVE that close-up of Delaney. Her eyes are just beautiful!

Candace, I also love that pic of all the kids on the porch. You, too, Allie - love that shot!

Kelly, those pics are great! I have a cute one of DH throwing Noelle up in the pool, too. So fun!

Should have multi-quoted... but I'm glad everyone had a nice weekend!!

Mel, you gonna answer your own question? :razz:

My MIL came in town and it was really nice having an extra set of hands around to help. Amazing what a difference it makes when you're not outnumbered! Smile We went to the CityGarden on Saturday - it's a pretty cool place right in the middle of downtown. Then we went to the London Tea Room, which has the most amazing food. One of these days I'm going to do their high tea, but it's pricey, so it needs to be a special occasion. Anyway, that was really nice. Then after we got all the kids to bed, my MIL baby-sat while DH and I went to see "Midnight in Paris." A date!! Biggrin Great movie, too, and I'm not the biggest Woody Allen fan, either.

DH played the prelude for 2 services on Sunday in church, then we tried a new restaurant that serves all locally grown food. It was really good. Then we grilled out later.

Monday we went to a parade and then recited the Declaration of Independence from memory. Wink We decided to skip the fireworks this year, for lots of reasons. Overall, it was a great weekend and we're so thankful for this great country and the people who have worked so hard to make it that way.

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We had a great wknd! I took Harper and the doggie up to my parents cabin all by ourselves (DH works on the wknd). We went to the river, colored outside and went to the fireworks show which was her first one. Super fun!!

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We had an okay weekend.

Fri: Went to a friend's house for a BBQ and then watched fireworks from her bacyard.

Saturday: Dog show and then studying and taking a quiz for school.

Sunday: Dog show that completely ruined the rest of the day.

Monday: Worked some, studied some, took the kids swimming and then watched fireworks and went to bed.

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We had a nice long weekend.

Friday : my mom and I took the kids to the county fair.

Saturday : took the kids out to breakfast at a beach front restaurant, by myself. They were surprising well behaved. They held hands as we walked to and from the car, and it was the cutest thing ever. Saturday night my mom came over and watched the boys and Kamy and I had an awesome Indian food dinner and then went to Chocolat for gelato, coffee, cheesecake, and truffles. It was overkill but thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday : family trip to the playground. Grocery shopping and food prep.

Monday : Made a bunch of food and loaded it in a wagon and pushed the boys in a stroller and had a picnic at the park and played for a few hours. I ate a whole pan of brownies and a bucket full of potato salad. Smile We gave both boys buzz hair cuts. Cyrus got to stay up for fireworks. He loved it. We just watched from our balcony. He was asleep 5 minutes after the show.

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We had a nice weekend. Holy $hit, it's only Tuesday and I'm sitting here trying to remember what the heck we did.
Oh..Saturday I went to lunch with my parents and Tyler and Jayden. We went out for Indian food. Yum. Then we ended up at Toys R a few things. Biggrin
Then I went shopping with the whole clan later in the day.
On Sunday, we went out for lunch and then went to the Harbor (about 30 minutes north)and walked around. It was about 30 degrees cooler than it was at my house. Biggrin
We went and saw fireworks Sun night in a local town. Jayden loved it.
And yesterday...I hung out at the pool for about 3 was crowded and there were too many peeps drinking.
All in all a good weekend. Biggrin