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Here are some photos over the last 6 months or so. They are from the most recent to the oldest.

We made this on Sunday Smile

Halloween Costume - An awesome ninja

My Engagement Photos (only 2 of them at least)

My beautiful ring that I didn't pick out at all Smile

We had a fun day at the park in Aug or Sept

Riley meticulously washing/drying the car this summer (he's showing a bit of OCD behavior but not too bad)

First time flying a kite (I think this was in June)

His bday party in April (4th)

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Thanks for sharing the pics! Riley is so adorable! I think he looks just like you. You and your fiance are so cute together Smile

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great pics maddie!!!!!! i agree with emily.......riley looks alot like you!!!!!! congratulations on your sticky bean and your engagement.....and of course........yes, on the belly pic........we do love them!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah. I think he looks like me! Smile and i love it. haha but don't tell him that... he doesn't look like me because "you're a girl and I'm a boy." lol Thanks Emily- we fight but who doesn't ? lol plus we are kinda backwards. We are excited for marriage and the baby though. Smile

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Riley is adorable. Glad things are going so well for you guys!