Picture Friday!!!

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Picture Friday!!!

Ok Ladies. I've been a huge slacker this week with the random threads. A big thank you for those who stepped up and started some for me. I promise next week will be better, I think we are back into a semi-normal routine of getting Mr off to pre-school. Smile

So, lets end the week with a bangin Picture Friday Thread. Several of you haven't posted in this thread in a few weeks. Don't make me come and find you and name names. Wink

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PB&J ....after lyssa freaked at school cause I only sent her with peanutbutter crackers because we had run outta bread andsteve forgot to pick up bread when I asked him too :rolleyes:

Camden Riversharks Game.....OMG....the kids had a blast!!!

Steve and ty

the kid in the orange is my nephew

Lyssa and when her ice cream was done

ty got some rita's swedish fish since he can't have ice cream...yum

and this is poor quality...from my phone....my regular camera is broken...but this is the kids on the carousel and if you look real closely...that's the philadelphia skyline behind them....would be a great pic if i had a good camer Wink

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Not many from this week

proof the little nugget is brave
(she moved this box)

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I don't have much this week...

Last weekend we attended our street party across the road...My three were all about the food:

And here is Anna "reading" lol...

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Haha we have those same plates Peg! The game looks awesome!!! Love the carousel!

Kelly Everly and Owen are so cute together, what a smart little nugget she is!

Awesome neighborhood party Karina!!! I just love Anna's hair, so cute!

Sorry lots of pics



Garage art

The girl loves the kitchen

As much as Colby bothers Daphne, she always wants to be where he is


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kelly...love em!!!!

Karina...looks like alot of fun....that's great to have a neighborhood like that

Julie....hmmmmmm....who likes to use the chalk more you or colby?? ROFL and the plate...Target Dollar isle baby!!!! but you prolly already know that LOL

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Annabelle and Lily laughing.. Shes the daughter of a friend..

Belle and Dax jumping on the trampoline together.. He's the son of her former sitter

Ben and Lily sharing a snack while I was baby sitting her

Ben and Lily playing together in the Thomas tent

Belle feeding the giraffe at the zoo today

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peg...........gotta love ballgames!!!!!!!! great pics!!!!!!!! and the view from the carousel is great!!!!!!

kelly.......what a little climbing monkey.....max did that all.the.time....pushed and climbed on everything!!!!!! LOL!!!!! good luck is all i can say!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!

karina.......that neighborhood party looks awesome........my old neighborhood used to do a neighborhood thanksgiving......it was awesome!!!!!!! so much fun, and i love anna's haircut Wink

julie.........those are great pics....love the garage art!!!!! and how daphne needs to be with colby........i have lots of "outtakes" of jacks back because he needs to be with his sisters!!!!!!!!!!!! and love bubushka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!

kerri.........looks like you were having lots of fun watching the kiddo's......my theory......the more the merrier......LOL!!!!!!!!! and belle feeding the giraffe is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

great pics everyone...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Peg, looks like a fun ballgame! Ty loves him some swedish fish ice, doesn't he.

Karina, wow that is quite the neighborhood party!

Kerri, looks like the kids play well together. Cute pic of Belle and the giraffe.

Julie, love the garage art! Daphne and Colby are like little replicas of eachother. Such cuties!

Kelly, Everly is a brave lil gal!

Great pics this week!!

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I'm loving these...

I think Alyssa and Tyler have the best hair. It is so blonde, and so plentiful! So jealous.

Everly is as cute as a button (with a very good-looking big brother).

I have never thought of using chalk on a garage! Of course, our garage is cream-coloured, so it wouldn't work...but that is brilliant! Even if the mama does the bulk of the drawing, lol! And who can beat a pirate chef? (I know you said babushka, but she looks like a pirate to me!)

An indoor trampoline? :eek: You are braver than me!