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picture opinions

So I bought a gallery wrapped canvas from moolala and thought we'd do that for the in laws for Christmas. I ended up getting the larger size offered and now I'm wondering if that was too big to buy for someone else. My original thought was to do a picture of our family. But now I wonder if that's going to seem weird since DH has a brother and sister who also have families. It might be odd to have a large canvas portrait of our family. So then I'm wondering if I should do a picture of just our kids (again, though, they have 6 other grandkids). Or should i just keep it for ourselves? Here are the two pictures I would use:

Or should I see about finding an old picture of DH and his family when he was a kid? How would the quality look? Thanks for the feedback!

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I would do the whole family Marcie! Even if you do just the kids, it doesn't matter I think that they have 6 other grandkids....your 4 kids are part of the grandkid mix, I don't think it's wrong or improper to give them a pic of just your family or just your kids. I think it's a great gift, whichever picture you choose!

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I agree, a great great gift, but wow hard to choose which photo, but I think I like the one of the whole family as well.....

GL choosing.

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beautiful pics marcie.....i don't think it's weird, my brother never took pics of his kids(other than the school pics) and i choose to do family photo's every now and again, and i don't feel guilty giving them to my parents ........and same with danny's mom.......my sil doesn't even give my MIL pics of her kids......she's never mentioned that she feels weird seeing only my kids on my MIL's walls.......i don't know.....i do what i want ......and try not to worry about what the other siblings are or arent' doing.....if you think it's a great idea, than it is!!!!!!!! Smile

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Great pictures! I think your ILs would love it. I know my MIL always LOVES getting pictures from us. B and SIL don't ever print pics for her and she really wishes they did more. I think it's a great idea - If they don't have a recent photo of all of you I bet they'd like the family pic. Either is great!

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Those are both great pictures! Biggrin
I would give them the picture of your whole family!

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ITA, give them the one of your whole family, it is a beautiful picture!!

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I would give them the family pic too. Both are beautiful though!

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Marcie, I seriously agree with everyone. It shouldn't matter how many other siblings your DH has, and whether or not anyone else gives them pictures, past-present-or future, or even how big of a pic it is. I think it is an awesome gift and you should go with the pic of all you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thanks guys! I went ahead and ordered the family pic. I know they'll really like it...and surely they can find a HUGE wall for it. LOL