Picture Thursday!

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Picture Thursday!

cartoons together


Wii baseball


letting his guard down

rocking chair.. two peas in a pod

My boy

My girl

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Great pics Kelly.

Having difficulty getting the bulk uploader at PB to load. Maybe I'll have a few

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Watching football with Daddy

Hanging out in some MJ

Obsessed with mom's motorcycle helmet. :rolleyes:

My snugglebug

Having a snack

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Christmas pics:

Great pics Kelly and Mel!


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I love the pictures...
I have to post some.. I'm being lazy right now...
Ok here we go
BTW Candace is 4 months today

fam 029
My niece and Candace She love's Cousin
fam 036
fam 037
My niece said she was washing Chris hair
fam 038
fam 039
Now Chris Washing His Cousin hair
fam 040
Coby Loves his Wonder pets
fam 032fam 033
fam 041
And my latest Diaper Cake
BabyPerks Diaper Cake

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adorable pics kelly!!!!!!!! love sibling pics!!!! i can't believe the mouthful of teeth miss e has....what is she just missing her 2 yr molars??

great pics mel!!!!!! Looks like a fun weekend of hanging out!!!!! love the MJ Wink

cassandra......i can't believe candace is 4 months old already!!!!! she is a beauty!!!!!!! love all the pics!!!!!

nicole....great christmas pics of the kids.....they came out fantastic!!!!!!

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Bri, 17th birthday...had to march in a Christmas parade:

Anxious to go to the parade:

too freakin cold to get out of the van to watch the parade:

I so wish I had a picture of Delaney with Santa. We waited in line to see him and then she freaked and wouldn't sit on his lap. Could be because of the kids in front of her who screamed and ran away. Boo!

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What the heck? Are you all professional photographers?

Gorgeous photos. All of them...

I'm usually a bit of a grinch at Christmas. I like setting up the tree on Dec 23... but I have to admit now that Harrison and Siena are into Christmas trees and lights, it's so much fun. So it's a record for us to have our tree up on December 3rd.

Harrison decorating the tree...

Siena is so happy to be wearing a Santa hat.

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Love all the pictures!

Kristeen, awww Siena looks adorable in the Santa hat, even if she is not too happy to be wearing it.

Candace, what beautiful Christmas pics! The girls look adorable and I just love Wade's little bald head, he is so cute!

Marcie, the parade sounds fun, sorry it was so cold though! I hope Bri had a happy birthday! Delaney is getting so big!

Cassandra, I cannot believe that Candace is 4 months already!

Colleen, omgosh, you have the cutest kids. And they are so well dressed Wink We have that exact same scooter, love that thing.

Nicole, beautiful Christmas pics of the kiddos!

Mel, love the football and snugglebug pics! Abigail is so gorgeous in her MJ.

Kelly, what a great family pic! You are looking great too!

Santa came to our house early this year so DH could see the kids open their presents and stuff.
This is sad, but we have boxes instead of a Christmas tree.... The kids didn't seem to mind though

My sweet big baby

Gweny having a tea party with the angry birds and her new M&D cookie baking set

And you can see what she did with the cookies after her brother fell asleep....

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Those cookies are HANDS DOWN C's favorite toy over the past year!

Can't type too much, but I love these photos .... lifting my spirits!!!