Picture Thursday!

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Picture Thursday!

Let's see the kiddies and assorted other fun stuff!

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Excuse the fact that I look like death warmed over. :confused: I tried to conceal it with the b&w!

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Candace! So glad you got to hold Wade. I think you have a radiant face, no matter what ordeal you have gone through. But if anyone deserves to look under the weather, I think you shouldn't ask to be excused! I hope you are feeling better every day.

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you don't look like death candace........you look amazing for what you are going through........but i'm so happy you got to give wade his bottle!!!! i say that with love!!!!!!

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Candace, I think you look beautiful! Don't be so hard on yourself. Wade looks happy to be getting his bottle from mommy.

The kids wanted to take JD to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday
As you can see, he was very enthused by it all :rolleyes:

The older two sure liked it though

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Candace!! So glad you could give him his bottle! That is Awesome!

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He finally decided to wear sunglasses

From the disaster tree cutting (Dh forgot the camera bag and jackets for the kids... lets just say it was COLD and I had to make due with what was in the car.. Ev's is wearing my gloves LOL)

the ladies of the family

me and my sister

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art project from Pinterest

Double sided tape on a IKEA pillar candle and glitter and putting them in cylinders with dried peas.. center piece for Xmas

two more to do Smile

love all the pics ladies! So glad you got to feed Wade Candace!

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emily........looks a great celebration(for bradley and gweny Wink ) for jd's birthday!!!!!!! happy birthday little man!!!!!!!!!!(tomorrow, right???)

kelly......great pics !!!! you can't even tell your all probably freezing....LOL!!!!!! love the black and whites!!!!!!


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awesome pics you guys!!

candace...so glad you got to hold wade last night!!!!! awesome!!!!! and you look wonderful and don't you ever forget it!!1

colleen.....looks like you guys had an awesome time!!!!

emily.....atleast the older kids enjoyed chuck e cheese Wink ......what a cute family!!!!

kelly.....your pics still came out great even if everly is wearing your gloves and dh forgot the camera....great pics....and great projects

trying to upload pics from hershey this weekend but photobucket is being a pita...keeps shutting down....lets see if i can figure it out :rolleyes:

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Wow, that looks like fun, Colleen!

Kelly, those pictures turned out much better than I thought they would - I hope you are less upset about it now.

Emily, that is hilarious seeing JD looking so unimpressed at his birthday! I'm glad the others had fun, lol.

We went to a Christmas party last Saturday, a Finnish community affair. It was held in a church and the kids had a blast running all over the place - they found a room with a stage, so I told them I'd take their picture on stage, but they all just stood there like trees, lol, so I said they had to DO something, and Anna was the only one who stepped up:

This is them dressed for the party:

Anna with her grandparents:

One of Max, Anna, and I (taken by a stranger at our table; DH rarely takes a good pic) - excuse my shiny face, I was running a fever of 102, that was a rough weekend:

Now a bit of random....I found this chalk drawing the other day and photographed it before throwing it out. I mean, what would I do with it? It is a drawing of me, done by a friend of my parents at some party in the 70s, I would have been all of about 6 or 7 years old - note the cigarette in my mouth? WTF?

OK, back to a Christmas theme, lol. I'm sure I've shared these every year, but it always warms my heart to look at these old photos of my little men from when they were babies. Max was only three months old here:

And here is Theo, back when he was 6 months old:

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omg....karina......love any baby pics with santa hats on.......what is not to love!!!!!!! the boys are stinkin adorable!!!!!!! ..........the stage shots made me LOL when i saw how anna got into it!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.......i'm still giggling!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! and that chalked pic of you.......very interesting.......but ya, wtf is up with the cig????????LOL!!!!!

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Everyone is asleep, so I get to play today!! I've been TERRIBLE about taking pics lately. I think I've missed several weeks. Sad

I LOVE everyone's pics!!! I look forward to this every week, even though I don't participate or comment much. I really do love it, so please keep posting!!

Tree decorating:

Plotting how he's going to knock the tree down:

Mission accomplished:

Back to decorating:

Still my tiptoe girl:

Brian will turn anything into a phone. Sometimes he'll say, "haaaaaaaah" instead of hi:

crooked smile melts my heart :biglove:

I know the tree is down and everything, but i thought this was kind of a cool shot. Smile