Picture Thursday!

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Picture Thursday!

This is sure to be a slow picture thread but I thought it would be fun to throw it out there.

share what you have!

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Love your kids, Colleen! And jealous of the Santa picture. I ASKED Cadence if she wanted to go see Santa and she told me the next four days (without me bringing it up) that she did NOT want to go see Santa. Smile

And great job on the button trees...they look great!

I have some pictures. I will be back to add them in a bit. Yahoo

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I went into the girls' room one day and found Wade like this:


At my parents' house:

The girls napping one day at my mom's house:

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we went for a walk today Smile

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Remember.. you asked for pictures! There are pics of me and Belle making ice cream cone Christmas trees. A craft Ben made and pics from his daycare... and Belle's prek class..

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Love these!

The button cards are great. Jack looks a tad frightened of Santa - but Anna wouldn't even go near him at the party we went to, so you did pretty well, Colleen!

Those are fantastic shots, Candace, especially the girls on those chairs. Did Wade bejewel himself? lol

I like Belle's style of eating: no dirty hands! And those reindeer handprint shirts are such a sweet idea!!

Love that closeup of Everly!!!

We had a present exchange and brunch at my brother's on Sunday. We pulled Christmas crackers and opened gifts (I got my slow cooker!!). My folks were especially surprised by a set of plates we got them. Champagne and orange juice to start...

Then Max had his Christmas concert...he is in the middle of these kids:

And Theo's class performed three songs and had a little snack party - he is the one in the snowman sweater. Two sets of girls ended up wearing the same dress - fashion faux pas at five years old! lol:

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awsome pics everyone!!!!!

especially love wade