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Picture Thursday

I have pictures to share... and its Thursday... so we're having picture Thursday!

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I've told some of you that DH is going back to his violin.. Well he had his violin out tonight and Belle was DYING for a chance to try... so I took pics. He looks kinda scared in some of them.. That violin has been his baby.. She's demanding her own violin. She's starting ballet/tap/tumbling too... I see this getting expensive.

ETA: please excuse the messy house!

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Very cool! I am trying to get photobucket to upload mine right now!

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Here are some of our Christmas pictures.
The ornaments Lucas and the sitter made

My gifts from Lucas...Santa cookie and remote control car

Santa's big gift-Mickey Mouse pirate ship

Favorite gift from mom-Spy jet from Cars 2

Gingerbread house

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Looks like you've got a little performer on your hands, Kerri! Smile Love it!

And just look at little Lucas and his tongue! Looks like he had a great Xmas!

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Here are a few of our holiday shots:

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Yea I finally get to particitape it this thread. I didnt get too many pic of Christmas cause my present was a new camera and I got it towards the end. Excuse the amature picture taking too.

Here are the kids with our penguins.

Here is Sofia

And here is my thinker.

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These are so cute, yall!

Kerri, YES, it isn't the kids that are expensive...it is all of the extracurriculars!!!!!!!!!!! Belle is adorable and it is awesome that that your dh is picking back up with the violin!

Wendy, I absolutely LOVE your last two pictures. You are all so cute!

Kat, I think you did a great job with your new camera. So good to see new pictures of your two...can't wait to see more. Smile

Stephanie, too funny about the blue truck! Your tree looks perfect!! Is Lucas starting to lick the gingerbread house?! Haha. Cuteness!

I'll post some in a little while, although I already posted the link to all of them in the other thread. Smile

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Such cute pics!!

Kerri, that is awesome that Belle is showing interest in the violin! She is going to be the busiest 3 year old ever.

Steph, Lucas did such a good job picking out your presents. It looks like he was enjoying his gifts too!

Wendy, you have the cutest family! Tia and Pax look so grown up though.

Kat, you took great pics with your new camera!

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These are great...but why are so many of them so small?? The rules of the picture thread include NOT resizing!

That is a beautiful violin! Lucas's sitter has more patience than me...what great ornaments! And it is so weird to see Xmas outfits in a sunny place...here we sit in a whump of new snow, I can't imagine getting into the spirit of the season with palm trees all around me, lol! (Love your new siggy, Wendy.)

OK, so after being the thread police, I am not posting until next week, lol. Keep 'em coming, and let's do more Xmas pics in the new year when some DH's go back to work...

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I post most of my photos worth sharing on the blog, so I won't add them again here! There is a link to an entire album on the Christmas page though.

Here are some snapshots that I never got a chance to blog about -

Making pizza one day while my aunt was over here taking care of us:

[IMG]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-HaKG6TVXc_A/TsGHPP3aSHI/AAAAAAAAB9w/QO2ED4ujl-w/s640/IMG_0764.JPG" alt="" />

[TD=align: right]From November 2011


And the girls dress up in these tutus and sunglasses almost every day.

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Love the violin pics, so sweet

Wendy, is that a purple hat as a tree topper? If so, INGENIUS idea. LOL You look beautiful. Can't believe how big Tia is. AND, I'll cut you slack this time because you don't usually participate in the pic threads, but the rule is NO-RESIZING.

Steph, LOVE Lucas' gifts. So stinking sweet. And those cookies are the bomb, I miss them.

Candace, Oh My Goodness!!!! The upside down sunglasses are a hoot.

Ok, I have pics uploaded from my cam, now just to get them on pb without it taking an entire afternoon.

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Ok, brace yourselves. Here is our 3 day/3 location Christmas.

After a 8 hour car trip, at TweedleDee's

Abby with her hair still wet and my sister Jamie's, getting ready to go to my dumb BIL's
and the only pic of her I have not covered in a blanket and sleeping.

At my BILs

Jax playing with his older very rambuntious cousins

Abby sleeping on me

Rick with his mom and Abby still aleeping

Abby passed back to me still sleeping

Abby given back to her dad and STILL sleeping

Christmas Eve day, heading in the livingroom for the action

Jaxon with his much asked for trucks from his sister

This cracks me up, Abigail opening yet another babydoll, but check out that she's eyeballing her brother's trucks

Pitches the babydoll to the side and claims a truck

Jax won't allow it and she's forced back to her babydoll.

The day after Christmas playing nonstop with the kitchen and easel and the trucks

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Loving all the pics!!! Abs was out cold! I'm so happy they liked the cookie set...still a big hit at my house even after a year! And I LOVE her curls!

Eta: the kitchen and the easel look really nice. Maybe next year I will get them an easel and not so much other "stuff"

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I have been trying to find time to do this.. I posted a bunch on FB so you can get the rundown there Smile here a few of the highlights IMO

Christmas eve.. sick child but the outfit was SO CUTE and she is wearing my moms costume jewerly (why my mom is wearing it is another story)

The moment when Owen realized Santa brought him what he asked for "Dinosaur Train"

we bought an electric train .. non stop playing

Everly's favorite gift.. cozy coupe

Christmas drama


after.. the drama

gah I adore this pic

look I made cranberry orange doughnuts .. my first doughnut(homemade).. amazing

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holy noggin kelly :eek:

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Kelly, wow that is one big goose egg.

So cool that he is back to the violin.

Mel, we had four location christmas.....so right now I am saying we are NOT doing that next year...:ROFL:

havent gone thru the christmas photos yet to edit the red eyes and such.....will get to that soon I hope....

the long awaited photos of my new furniture.........think this is how we are going to arrange them for now, until I can convince DH that I want them moved one more time....the entertainment center is at its permanent location...(For now)
Excuse the clutter still on them I am still trying to decide how to arrange stuff.

Guy had to clear out his warehouse so he gave us these peices....this one has slight damage, but it is an old entertainment armoire and I am using it for blankets and sheets.......no more totes for them!!

A sofa table that I have no clue right now what I am going to do with it....excuse the boxes underneath I have been doing some more unpacking and sorting.

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