Picture Thursday!

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Picture Thursday!

I know a bunch are still locked out but thought I would put it out there..

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Here is a couple of Josh



And some of Sofia



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Kat, I'm so happy you got a new digital. Smile It is awesome to see pics from you!!!!

I don't think I have anything wonderful on my camera. I thought I was going to have a great photo op with Abs today. On the way home from the grocery, I let her have a whole bag of Goldfish in her carseat. I thought I heard the bag get tipped upside down and the sound of all the fish being dumped into a pile in her lap, and then it sounded like she was smashing them with her feet against the back of the seat. Hearing all this, I started to panic about the absolute mess of having 1,000 crushed little Goldfish all over the back of the car. Then, I thought 'Oh, this will make great Picture Thursday material.' Guess my imagination got the best of me, because she had only poured about 20 of them in her lap.

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A few randoms from over Xmas...

Anna and Theo:

The Xmas Eve table:

Xmas morning:

Anna on Xmas Day:

The kids in their new sleeping bags:

Our new stand mixer!

The Xmas Day table:

With food on the plates:

Snow after Xmas:

...I have some from New Year's Eve too but that is probably enough for now, lol!!!

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Owen got a haircut

Everly loves her sock monkey

Opa came for a visit.. had to share the cuteness!

****who can spot a flying santa in one of my pictures?!*** LOL story of the santa will be shared LOL

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Okay Kelly, what gives with the Santa?

I have some on my phone...I'll try to negotiate with pb...gr

Mel, you have to have something Smile

Kat, Sophia is gorgeous! Josh is pretty cute too, that photo with the puppy is


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our flying wooden Santa that is our tree topper! We saw this guy at TJMAXX likes years ago(our first year married) and DH says to me " look Kel this little santa is missing a glove and he is chillin in the clearance section with all the lame chit"
I said " what gives.. what do I want with a gloveless flying santa?"
Dh" well we could really be the coolest people on the block if we make him our tree topper"
me " don't we need a pretty angel or star or something?"
Dh " I am going to drill a hole in his side and get a dowel and make him our tree topper"
me" I guess this is when I begin to pick my battles"

LOL we love our santa.. and so many people notice him!

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great pics with your new camera Kat!!!!

beautiful table karina!!!!

kelly.....awesome pics....and LOL about the santa...that's great

i can't upload pics from my desktop anymore...keeps giving me a fatal error message and i really haven't had time to figure it out.....guess i can spare you the 15 million pics i took with my cannon from over the holidays.....i rarely use my phone anymore LOL but here's a coupld

getting ready for the new years eve fire works

panoramic of philly and the ben franklin bridge

our membership to the childrens museum is getting ready to run out (i keep hoping groupon runs another deal but i haven't seen it yet) so we took the kids on monday

woke up to a dusting of snow yesterday....let the kids play in it on the deck in their pj's before it melted....lol....so now if it doesn't snow anymore this winter at least they can say they played in it

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These are so good!

Kat, that last pic of Sofia is so sweet! Love it!

Karina, I love your Christmas Day table cloth! So pretty! I always enjoy seeing your table settings. Smile And that snowman is awesome!!! My girls would love to happen upon that IRL!

Kelly, Everly's little ponytail is so cute! I love seeing her and Owen play together. Sweet. :bigsmile: And too funny re: your flying snowman. Haha.

Peggy, yall are so good to get your kids out and about ... I never take mine anywhere!! :eek:
Anyway, that panoramic view is great, and love the kids tailgating! Was that watching fireworks? Adorable!

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yea candace...that was for the philly fire works...we sat on the jersey side of the river and watched..it was awesome...it's my nephew (the autistic one) birthday and we were supposed to be tailgating for his birthday but he refused to go....my sis said it's his first day being a teenager and he's already a PITA...he laid on the couch and kept telling my other nephews 'by yourself by yourself' ...here he wanted to play on the xbox while they were gone because he never gets onit.....lol

the fireworks were awesome......we got there early and got a parking spot right on the river so the kids could just sit in the car and watch....they played awesome music and stuff.....they did a 6 oclock show and a midnight show.....6pm was perfect...it's probably going to be our new new years tradition!!!!

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We have the best looking kids!

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Peg, love that you have fireworks on new years eve.

kelly, great tree topper.

Karina, your table is always so gorgeous.

TFS, great kids.

I havent taken a photo lately. Bad mother....