Picture Thursday!

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Picture Thursday!

We went to visit my sister's classroom and Owen was working on writing his name.

bucket butt

Laundry is fun

We were at a party and the kids were out front and when Dh went to see what was going on they had figured out how to tap the keg and announced "TEAM WORK!" LOL

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woo hoo, way teach them to tap the keg early....LOL...that is just hilarious. Way to write your name, Owen...great job!!!!

so I am going to brag a bit about Wyatt. At his school they do character counts and give awards for each at certain times of the year. On his certificate lists trustworthiness, caring, respect, fairness, self-discipline, itegrity, courage, honesty, responsibility, kindness, and perseverance around the border. I know they give awards for six of these for sure thru the year. But yesterday one of the teachers said that the award for citizenship combines all six of their character counts program and to earn it you have to display these thru the year and it is a big deal to get this award. They havent given one out yet at the assemblies until yesterday a few classes gave them out. But in his class, Wyatt got the citizenship award. I am so proud of him. I guess it means that I must be teaching them something right!!!

And Cheyenne wanted her photo with brother and his award

And we had some crazy winds and some crazy cloud formations due to the winds....makes for beautiful sunsets.

that is all I have for this week.

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great pics kelly.....yay for tapping the keg....they really look like experts at it...LOL

kristi.....congrats on the award...and they are some awesome pics of the clouds

mel......love the pancake.....and love the look on his face... 'what momma....why are you giving me this funny looking pancake and why do i get dessert on top too.....HAPPY BDAY JAX!!!

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LOVE all these pics!!!

Kelly, does that last picture make you flash forward 15 years...frat parties, etc.?! lol

Melissa, :bigsmile: - so handsome. Happy Birthday, Jax! :party:

Kristi, you absolutely are "doing something right!" Good job! And those are beautiful sunsets. Bigger pics next time, btw! Wink