Picture Thursday

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Picture Thursday

I am sure we all have some Birthday shots amongst other things to share!

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We went to visit IL's
I guess to need to resize holy heck these are HUGE!

Had a crazy huge thunderstorm and resulted in a ton of rain .. and puddles

weather cleared up for some tball

Everly's version

date night

adding one more.. I am wearing the flower Owen picked for me in my hair

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those are absolutely gorgeous pics kelly...........don't you dare resize them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a gorgeous family!!!! and your yard is beautiful!!!!!!

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Love that first one of OWen...little GQ model with his hands in his pocket! :bigsmile:

Where are everyone else's pictures? I have a GAZILLION. Will be back to share!

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Great pics Kelly! The puddles look like so much fun!

I only have a couple this week...

My brother is getting married in september and Mikayla is going to be a flower girl. This is her dress...the hair thing will be a bright pink though.

And this is Killer (Logan named her, we think she's a her but it's still hard to tell). She is the sweetest little thing.

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Still trying to figure out the camera. But I did manage some semi-decent shots outside yesterday.