Picture Thursday

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Picture Thursday

I know Kelly usually takes care of this for us, but I just had to share...

I was enjoying the quiet a little too much and Delaney came out of her room wearing this:

She found it in her closet. It's the outfit she wore home from the hospital:

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That is flippin hilarious!! Omg!! I am crackin up!!

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ROFL that is adorable and the funniest thing ever.

I'm so doing Pic Thurs this week. Just need to upload from my phone

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That is impressive she could get it on. That is so funny! Smile

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OMG that is great!

Sorry ladies I am leaving for IL's in 2 hours and I bogged down in packing etc..

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Wow, she fit into it. That is hilarious.

No pics this week.

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That is too funny!!!!

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OMG marcie...that is a riot....LOL

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Oh my word - hilarious!!! HOW in the world does she fit in that?!!! Too funny!

I have tons of beach pictures. Will wait until this week to post.