Picture Thursday Thread!!

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Picture Thursday Thread!!

Okay, I think it is still Thursday using West Coast time! Smile

Let's see em, ladies!!!

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Horrible picture, but I repositioned the full length mirror in the girls' room - all three of them are looking at themselves here, I think Smile

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I got my Happiness Knot! this was late last night right before dinner.. lighting was crappy.. I intend on her wearing it today Smile
She loved it.. she was twirling and lifting her dress and spinning.. so cute..

she was sick this day but looked so adorable

sorry for the overkill amount of pics!

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So much cuteness ....
candace love
kelly love..
you can never post too many pics!!!!!!!

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Love the outfits. Such cute photos, Candace and Kelly. Love them!!!!

I was at white sands national monument thurs for a field trip and was gone fri thru sun...I will participate next week....I will have field trip photos and of Kinder grad.