Picture and Video day!

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Picture and Video day!

Share if you have anything!

here is the link

no idea what it won't imbed.. stupid PB

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Pirate Grace at OpSail

Almsot an entire box of Barbie Bandaids as decoration

Helping paint

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VBS was not a smashing success this year. The girls were hit or miss through the week, but they both got dressed and went on the last night...I think the ice cream party enticed them.

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here's some picture overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last weekend down in plymouth,ma....walking the jetty and some site seeing

sarah, new glasses , and this is what she does when she gets hold of any camera...LOL

at the end of the plymouth jetty...taking a break...jack needed to stretch his legs Smile

dan and his girls Smile

plymouth rock

the mayflower

then today we went to dan's company tool day.....the guys get to buy tools, but it was really all about the kids.....
freshly painted faces

MJ attire....LOL(yes, even me!!!!)

thumb break in the bouncy house....LOL

the girls decorated their bikes, and then participated in the bike parade(we brought all the kidlets bikes.)

jack wasn't going out in the sun......that's my boy!!!!!!!!!! Smile

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kelly.........adorable vid!!!!!!!! love how when you ask owen to dance, everly turns and does a little jig!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
deb........loved seeing grace.....!!!! such a little cutie!!!!!!!!!
candace..love the kidlets........love the girls outfits, great outfits!!! and love all the lovin going on with wade!!!!!!