Picture/Video Thursday/Friday

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Picture/Video Thursday/Friday

Everyone has been dying for this thread to be posted, right?

Let's get busy.

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I guess I will go first .. was trying to hold out but alas here I am

Pumpkin Patch

there were a million shots of us trying to get the kids to cooperate but none really came out due to the 3 trains running and Everly not wanting to pose

My sister and I with the kids

after 15 mins he finally pet the bunny

He also rode the train with my mom

My hydrangas are blooming(did I spell that wrong?)

Out for a walk in the front yard .. she was so happy

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Oh my WORD, those costumes are great!!! What adorable kids, truly. It is a good thing you have a camera and you USE it!!!

It was busy here with Thanksgiving and out of town guests.

We went to the park to fly a kite on Saturday with aunties, great aunties, and a great uncle:

Here, Anna is willing the kite to go up, LOL:

Our turkey dinner was on Sunday. I put two tables together to seat 12:

Then we had a get together for one auntie's birthday:

Anna found time for a little painting:

And the boys started hockey lessons on Tuesday:

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hiking over the weekend

and a couple of the girls all dressed up for the mj trunkshow....

my fave from last weekend......lucy took it...me with my bff's...

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Candace 005

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here is a video of Cheyenne wanting to help. She still is a little afriad of the mommas....This particular momma is pretty good and was just walking forward and Cheyenne was in the way and yall are going to think I am a horrible mother, but I have LOL and ROFL at the expression on Cheyennes face when she realized the momma was moving towards her.....

The next photo was the fog moving in when Zack and Wade were hunting for elk....The photo doesnt even do it justice...it was so cool and erie.

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great pics everyone!!!

kelly....those costumes are so cute...and look at lil miss everly walking...ahhh...love it

colleen...great pics girl...but i must say ...is that MJ lucy has on while she's fishing....isn't that a fasion fauxpa (sp?) or something Wink .......loving the bloody mary pic with your besties too

karina.....your table looks so nice for thanksgiving..love it.....

kristi....sorry can't see the video here at work....but i'll watch when i get home...sounds funny

so i'm gonna bore you guys with pics from my new phone and the new apps that i downloaded....woot....uploading to photobucket is sooo much easier now.....

the please touch museum yesterday

ty's favorite thing...vacumming...he's obsessed...lol

shopping...notice that tyler's shopping cart is full with just apples...lol..he wouldn't put anything else in there...lol

the rocket room


and the kids had a trip to the pumpkin patch today....

first time on the school bus

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Kelly those costumes are just the cutest! Honestly I think you should look for a yellow or red beret for Owen, that would be so cute!!! Everly is so cute holding her hands out!

Karina that part is just gorgeous! Thanksgiving looks like it was a big success, such a beautiful table setting! K I love that smock anna is wearing, perfect for painting!!!!! Anna has the sweetest face!

Colleen your kids are just beautiful, I love jack nd Abby together, love how much alike they look! The hike looks mazing, I love tht pic of everyone on the rock!! And the MJ outfits, TOO CUTE!

Cssandra can't believe how big Candace is getting she's a doll!

Kristi LOL t the video!!!! Priceless expression! Beautiful fog, love it!

Peg love those pics, what you did with them! Ty and the bubbles is so cool!!!! Tht museum looks SO COOL! We have tht vacuum, let me tell you, that stupid thing was totally worth the money lol! Love the shopping pic and just the apples, that boy kills me!

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Daphne finally fits better into her 12m MJ that I got....

But I relly don't like the apron with the dress, but no fear, someone else was more than willing to wear it....with the monkey backpack parent leash thing he never wore...

Much better with no apron!

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WE have the cutest kids!!!!!!!!

Julie, she is getting so big. Good thing that apron will get some use!!! LOL

Peg, what apps do you use? Those are cool. Touch museum looks really cool and fun!!

Cassandra, love the one where he is sleeping in the high chair....Love those types of moments where they are so tired they fall asleep anywhere.

colleen, gorgeous place to hike....your kids eyes are the most beautiful color!!!

Kelly, love the costumes.....and I just love Everly's hair....she is so adorable.

Mel, cant wait for vaca photos next week!!!

Karina, wow, 12 for Thanksgiving? You really go all out!!!!

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Favorite thread of the week!

Kelly, I love the costumes! And Everly's hair is getting so light. Beautiful!

Karina, the kite flying looked like fun. What a gorgeous place. And your Thanksgiving layout looked amazing.

Colleen, loved the close ups of Abby and Jack. I really think they favor each other so much, with the beautiful baby blues. That hike looked like fun. I feel like such a wimp because I am scare to hike with my two and you look like a champ with all the kids!

Cassandra, Candance is so big and beautiful. I love the pic of all 4 kids. Lovely family!

Kristi, darn I can't watch the video on this dumb work computer. Maybe I can get to it later.

Peg, that Please Touch museum looks like fun. Where is it at?

Julie, I agree that the dress looks cuter w/o the apron. Colby is rocking it though! Daphne is so hugable!

Ok so here I go. Pics from apple picking last weekend:

My DNA got pwned! They even make the same expressions.

Alanis found a new friend:

Someone loved the "ah-pohs":

Petting zoo:


I wanted to ride this so badly, but was too tired to deal with the line:

I like this picture because I look more "compact" than a few months ago. Have lost 15lbs since I started boxing in April. Another 35 to go! MILFdom, here I come! Oh, that's my Mommy with Alanis.

Enjoying the corn maze:

My favorite picture from the day:

Possible new siggie pic even though my hair looks crazy:

Name writing:

Have a nice weekend!

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It's Monday, can I still play? Finally had 5 minutes to upload some pics.

Contemplating his grapes:

I like this one because he looks so sweet and innocent. Basically not like himself at all, lol.

He's making a grumpy face (this is more like the "real" him) but it's the best picture I have of the "corn box" at the pumpkin patch we went to. It's a sand box, but filled with corn!

Not the picture I'd intended to take, but I think it's cool.

Mr. Grump wouldn't get his picture taken with the pumpkin.

He stood on the pumpkin and got stuck. So like a good mom I took pictures instead of helping him. (Yes, he's wearing no pants).

Thanks for letting me play late!

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OMG, I love, love all the pictures! It's way too late and I must get to bed, I'm going to try my hardest to get out here and comment on everything tomorrow. For now, I just have to post this because it nearly makes me pee every time I watch it. I asked Pax to make a "Happy Birthday" video for grandma today, and this is what he came up with. ROFL I posted twice in case embed decides not to work for you.

I got some great shots on our vacation too, I will post them as soon as I can find a second!