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Cuz we haven't talked about it enough, right?

So, who out there still has a blossom that won't poo on the toilet? Pleeeeeeease tell me I'm not the last one.

Georgie still does 99% of his poops at night. How on earth do you teach a child to go poop on the toilet when he only poops at night?!? Beats the heck out of me. I'm hoping he just decides one day to do it, because short of putting him in underwear at night (which I am just not brave enough to do for a number of reasons) I am all out of ideas.

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Ooh, that's a tough one. I have no idea how you would get him to poo while awake if he waits until night. I'd be sticking with the pullups/diapes at night too indefinitely. No idea what else you could do, short of waking him a few times a night to get on the potty (but I wouldn't be willing to do that!).

Pax is finally to the point where he's WILLING to go on the toilet, but he does still have accidents all the time. His tummy is still SO sensitive and he'll often poop 3 or 4 times a day still. In fact, he had the runs today and made a trail all across the room trying to get to the toilet. :puke2: Thank goodness I was out shopping when it happened! lol

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No popping on the potty here either.

In fact, Miles is still in pullups when we leave the house because he won't go anywhere else (including school). He started pooping at school (in a pullup) a lot, too (which I then have to go change).

I told him that when Santa comes he's taking all the pullups with him (though he'll leave some diapers for night time only) so starting Monday, we're in underwear full time no matter what. I expect he will start pooping late at night or early morning just like Georgie.

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Can you tell that he is holding it in during the day and just waiting until night so he doesn't have to poop on the potty? Or is night just his natural pooping time? I know I am prolly going to get some flack for this, but I force Gweny to go on the potty. She will hold it in all day long. I can tell when she has to go because she will walk on her tippy toes or sit down on the ground a lot. When she starts doing that I just make her sit on the potty until she goes. She sits there for a good 15-20 mins sometimes crying and holding it in, but I sit there with her and encourage her, sing songs with her, read books, etc. Then when she does go I can tell she feels soooo much better and we make a HUGE deal out of it. We email DH and tell him, call meemaw and pawpaw and tell them, have treats, etc. I know that this doesn't work with kids that have a sensative belly like Pax or if they go off to hide to poop or don't show any signs that they have to go. Either way I hope you can find something that works. I would not be willing to clean up poop in a bed at night either!

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If you think G is holding it during the day, I am ITA with Emily...same thing with Cadence...she was a notorious poop-holder. One day we were outside swinging and she had to go so bad she could barely sit on the swing and I ran inside and got the little potty and carried it out in the yard and she filled that sucker up. Haha.

From that point forward it was like a switch flipped for her and she just realized that she could poop on the potty and it was easy.

Hoping G has a turning point soon. DH and I were just discussing the fact that we were dealing with pting C last Christmas ... all the poopy pants, bribes with candy, bribes with toys, bribes with happy meals, etc...then that one day she went and there ya go...didn't have to bribe her anymore! I know it is not fun for you to have to continue dealing with messy diapers. Sad

I would probably wait until a morning that he has NOT pooped at night and lavish him with praise, and then watch for the clues that he needs to poop during that day and try to encourage him that "when you need to poopy, let's use the potty..." - I would probably also add, "I'll give you [a million dollars] if you poop on the potty today!"

Good luck and :bigarmhug:

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I'm having serious poop issues here too. We tried to force Karina to go on the toilet but she'll just refuse and get off. She always poops in a diaper. My DH thought of giving time outs after she pooped in the diaper but that backfired on us-- she stopped telling us she had to poop and just started going in her underwear which is so messy. So no more time outs and she's back to pooping in the diaper. I ask her each time if she would go on the toilet but it's always no. Maybe I should try to sit her on the toilet for 15-20 minutes like Gwenny.

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I feel like our whole lives revolve around poop and kids! Haha.

No advise, just hugs. Alex was late to the potty table too, but I can finally say he is trained. Still a pull up at night, though. Hes a bed wetter. So was I.

Good luck, hope someone elses advise works out for you!

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Oh My Goodness. Yes, our lives do revolve around poop.

Arty, I seriously have no clue. Sounds like maybe G started out holding it for night-time and now it's just his 'time' to go????? I have no idea HOW you would even go about adjusting someone's 'poop-time'. I'm so at a loss for you and feeling for you big time. I can only imagine how frustrating this is. Man, I wish someone had a magic answer. I guess I was fortunate that Jax had gotten so constipated the first 3 days of PTing that he required suppositories. In hindsite, I suppose it also made him aware that he 'could' poop on the potty. Have you thought about talking to your doctor to see if there isn't something he could take that would stimulate the bowels in a short order that so he would have to poop 'right now' and you would at least have the opportunity to direct him to a potty for it?

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Same boat, Arty! We've only had a few poops in the potty since she day trained almost a year ago. No idea what to do, except wait it out. I'm not stressing over it. And I'm not willing to pressure her.

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Belle is still pooping in her pullup, which is most of the reason she's still in pull ups. I've got nothing Sad

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No, I don't think he's holding it during the day. I just think night time is his normal time to go. He's been that way for longer than I can remember. Not as an infant, but certainly for much longer than before we even started pting. Oh well, I just hope one day it will click.

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I think it would be hard to change a poop schedule, hopefully it'll just change on it's own. Colby poops around 5 something every morning, it's just what his body frustratingly does. All I could suggest is trying to sit on the pot before bed with a lot of pomp and circumstance, if it works, it works, but I know here I've never had any luck changing the timing.