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potty training q...

Just a quick one.

Violet has been day trained for a few months now. I don't remember her last accident. However, she still insists that I pull down her pants, sit her on the potty and pull up her pants when she's done. She does the wiping and flushing herself and is good at washing her own hands.

When should I expect her to be able to, or even want to do the pants down, sit up, pants up thing by herself? I don't mind doing it at this point. I'd rather help her and keep her feeling positive about using the potty.

Anyone else?

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Does she dress herself? I'm waiting for Jax to show interest in wanting to dress himself before I insist he 'try' and go potty on his own.
I don't know, we've been using the potty since thanksgiving and we have been at the point for a while that I don't need to remind him, he comes and tells me when he needs to go, but I HAVE to follow him in there and pull his pants down and back up and he still wants us to steady him on his tip toes. When he learned to potty, he wasn't quite tall enough and he needed to be hoisted up a tad, well now he is accustomed to peeing on his tip toes even though he is plenty tall enough to clear the bowl.

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Ah good point. No, she's not dressing herself at all. She sometimes likes to put her shoes on, but that's it. She's never shown an interest in dressing herself. She does like to pick out her outfits though! lol.

She is still too short to sit up on the potty yet as well, so I wouldn't expect that. Even with the step stool we have.

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Owen is just now trying to do the pants up and down thing.. we are working on him perfecting it... we are using all elastic waist shorts etc... he can't do buttons.
It takes time... I would say 60% of the time I am doing it for him

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haha, the only things Noelle does by herself when it comes to the potty is pee and flush sometimes! lol For a while I was trying to get her to wipe, but she wasn't doing very well and I had chronic UTIs as a child and don't want her going down that route... but thanks for the reminder - i need to get her back to learning. funny how we just get stuck in our routines and habits and forget that we should be progressing...

i've been working on getting her to pull her panties/pants down and back up - she can get them down just fine by herself usually. Unfortunately I still have to lift her up onto the toilet and i also have to lift her to wash her hands. our bathrooms are tiny and there's no room for any kind of step stool. Sad

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abby had been dressing herself before using the potty........what i did for the first couple of weeks............is super easy stretchy pants just so there was no struggle what so ever....

abby doesn't even tell me anymore.....she just gets up and goes and does everything on her own.....

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I think it's still natural at this point to want/need assistance. Colby can dress himself and do everything on the potty by himself, but still frequently says he needs my help, which is fine. I think still being new to the potty they might still want 'reassurance'...and I consider being new to the potty well into 6 months after being completely trained.

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Aidan is overly independant, I miss my baby that needs my help, he dresses himself all the time, usually because he wants his PJ's on, or he'll undress becasue he wants to be nekked, so that said he does the bathroom thing by himself, but he does need me to wipe or he'll just pull up his undies and later I"ll discover some mean skid marks *barf* so yeah I should get on teaching him to wipe properly. nothing like telling your kid to bend over and grab their ankles :rolleyes:

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Anna was able and keen to dress/undress herself before becoming toilet trained, so that part is not an issue here, but she does wait on the toilet for me to wipe her bottom - I hear, "Mommy, I'm doooooooooone!" wafting through the door and that is my cue, lol. She also seems to be fine with the three different models of step stool we have - is your toilet particularly high?

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Nicholas is pretty independent in the bathroom at this point, but he has been pted for awhile now. Usually he just goes and does his thing. He is perfectly capable of putting his pant and underwear back on, but most of the time he tries to get away with just the underwear. He has always used the big potty and takes off his pants completely and climbs up on the seat like a little monkey. I do still do the wiping, but I need to work on that with him because next year in preschool, from what I understand, they are expected to be independent in the bathroom. I would say if she isn't dressing herself I wouldn't expect her to pull her own pants up yet, though.