Potty training the younger sibling

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Potty training the younger sibling

I know I asked before at how you potty train a stubborn kid. A number of responses were to wait, she will be ready then to start. We have moved on from stubborness. This morning I found her squatting in the corner pooping. I was able to get her to finish on the potty. I praised her. Made a vig deal about it. Problem is she still doesnt want to sit on the potty. I know she is showing all the signs of being ready bit just doesnt want to do it. I guess I am looking for reassurance that one day she will wake up and want to sit on the potty. Lol. How di potty training work in your house?

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We were all over the map here: if you want to feel good about your children's toilet training, just talk to me - I have a five-year-old that still soaks his diaper every single night. The only thing I've learned is that you can't force them. I have be told many times that they won't still be in diapers by high school...but yeah, that is not very helpful to hear, is it? lol

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DJ is really into sitting on the potty because Alicia does and he gets treats if he goes. We haven't dealt with potty refusal, other than Alicia's refusal to poop on the potty. The first time we went through pooping in her pants with Alicia we solved it be giving her a reward she really wanted (TV show). Right now we are going through it again, as she has decided she doesn't want to use the small potty anymore, but she won't poop on the big potty. I haven't figured out what her problem is this time.

For Sofia, I wonder if she needs motivation to go on the potty? Is there some reward that she really likes that might entice her to try? Is she afraid of it or had bad experience? We tried 3 different potties with Alicia before we found one she liked. Picky kid!


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potty training here with tyler is gonna be an issue i bet...had no problem with alyssa...jsut kept asking her if she wanted to go and eventually she started just doing it...tyler has minimal interest right now....he'll sit on the toilet once in a while ..i think once he actually did someting....i'm not really going to push the issue until the spring/summer comes......it's so much harder with the footy pj's and what not

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Pax has been a nightmare. I think Tia will be better. I've also learned that there isn't a dang thing you can do about it until they take the initiative to do it themselves, and to just follow their cues. If she doesn't want to, I'd say not to force her, it just adds to your frustration and takes a LOT of time.

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I too am hoping they just wake up and decide to do it one day. I still fighting the poop issue with my big kid and NOTHING has worked to get him to poop on the toilet. We're just lucky I suppose that he poops at night because I doubt he'll be using the toilet by the time jk starts in sept

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Ill worry about pt #2 once #1 decides to get it done.

ETA: In a pt thread that was kind of an odd way to put it.. but you get my point. Blum 3

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I agree with the others, I'd wait until she's ready. William was actually easier for me than Nicholas, he was asking to go on his own before I was ready to train him, but he wants to do EVERYTHING his big bro does, so potty was just one of those things. I would try out different potties or different potty rings for the big potty. Both of mine ended up liking the big potty best, but had different preferences on the potty rings.