Preggo update on me

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Preggo update on me

I had my 24 week appt today. All was well! HB was 150. I get another peek at baby girl tomorrow to try and get the heart measurements they couldn't get last time bc she was a stinker and wouldn't flip over (and hopefully verify it is in face a girl) LOL!

Next appt is my glucose test (which will be my 2nd one.) For some reason this new Dr. had me do one at 20 wks which was normal and now another at 28 weeks.

I'm feeling really good right now so trying to get as much done around the house as I can. Time is FLYING by though..which is good but that means summer is flying by too. :/

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awesome update regan!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you get the measurements they need and maybe some adorable pics of baby girl!!!!!!!!!! when your done with the nursery, i'd love to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yuck on 2 glucose tests, but can't wait to hear about your other u/s tomorrow!! :woohoo:

And YES, of course I want to see pics too! Smile

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Thanks for the update, I have been wondering how you and baby have been. And yes, we want to see pics!

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Awesome......hope she cooperates

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uhm, yeah pics.. of you and the baby!!

Glad things are going so well!