Prom pic..

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Prom pic..

I realized when I posted my wedding pictures that I didn't post the pic from prom.. so here ya go!

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I love it! You guys look great, TFS!!

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aww this is such a cute pic Smile

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ooooooo how fun to get dressed up for a fun night out!!!!!!! tfs!!!!!!

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awwww, so cute!! Love that colour on you!

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Awww, you and your DH look so cute together! Pretty dress too!

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Fabulous. How much fun was it? Or was it a total PITA chaperoning a bunch of highschoolers?

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great pic....TFS

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I love prom. The kids were excited I was there and that I got dressed up. I had a really good time. The food was really good and dessert lasted the whole night. Dh on the other hand was pretty bored.