PTR---alaskan cruise--long-

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PTR---alaskan cruise--long-

I have been working on this for a while and start it and storms pop up and I have to just shut and lose whatever I have typed. So decided that I am going to just type and save what I get to and then continue later where I left off until it is complete.....

Can I just say first, that the photos do not do Alaska justice. It has to be one of the most beautiful places ever.

here is the link to the entrie album....I am still in the process of labeling them all....some are resized so there are duplicates, but I took about 800 photos.

I am working on a slide show to put on this post....but it has taken me quiet awhile to get it in order and such......MIL has all the photos of the formal nights so I dont have those yet.....

We arrived at alaska at anchorage on July 6 and drove down to seward (pronounced sue ward...LOL) was the most beautiful drive I have ever gone on. My photos do not do it justice. We ate at a local restaurant off the water and it was amazing. We spent the night in a historical hotel and the next day DH and Zack went fishing with SFIL and BIL. The rest of us went to the sea life center and walked the shops around town. So it was our second night in Alaska and could not get used to the amount of daylight. We came out of one restaurant at 1030 pm and it was still bright as can be out. What they call night lasted for about 5 hours and wasnt that dark at all.

The day we set sail (july 8), we didnt leave until 9pm, so MIL arranged for us all to go on a seaboat tour. Amazing Amazing views. I saw seals, sea lions, two types of whales, dolphins, a sea otter momma with her baby on her belly, all sorts of birds, and glaciers......I didnt want to leave. I was just in awe of nature and the beauty that was around me.....It was like I had lived for that my whole life. I love taking photos and capturing nature and I wanted more photos than what I had and my camera digital delay was making me miss some photos I wanted so bad.....LOL

So we set sail and go eat and we get to our room and Zack discovers that there are teen activities on the boat. He then asks "Do I have to stay with yall thru the entire cruise, or can I go do these activities?" We told him as long as he stays with us on our excursions and meets us for dinner when Nana (MIL) says, then you can go hang out with the teens....we also signed Wyatt and Cheyenne up for all the activities for their age group. (when we needed them to be watched while we went and did other things). they really didnt like it but we took them a few nights and had to a few days because they were too small to do anything....

July 9th we drove past hubbard glacier.....Ice in the water so big and you can hear it pinging off the side of the boat. We saw some seals on the ice. The ice and water was a gorgeous blue color. I was very cold, but I couldnt get enough photos.

July 10 we arrived for Juneau and MIL has some of us going on a zipline while others did something else. DH, Zack, and I did the zipline that morning.......what a rush....
Then we got back on the boat, at lunch, met up with everyone else and we then got on a helicopter to fly to a part of the top of hubbard glacier to go dog sledding....Wyatt and Cheyenne loved the helicopter ride, but Cheyenne LOVED the dog sled even more. These dogs were on the off season of the iditrod. I thought our dog was hyper active....LOL

We get back on the boat in time to set sail to the next port.

July 11 we are in skagway and we go on a bus tour and go into canada just a ways and go back... then we eat at a salmon bake and the kids get to go panning for gold for a few mintues before we have to head back into skagway. We then shop for a few hours before getting back on the boat....

July 12

to be continued....DH is home!!

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Kristi, enjoying this! And I prolly looked at about 200 of the pics tonight...JUST GORGEOUS. You are right about all the lovely wildlife. So pretty. TFS. Can't wait to see your nighttime pics, too!

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Great pics...TFS...beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kristi.......what an awesome trip.....i've been looking through all the pics with the kiddo's and now they want to go to alaska!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! amazing pics and sooo much fun!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!

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Great pics, Kristi!! Thanks for sharing with us. The trip sounds amazing.

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Those pictures are beautiful, although I know what you mean - when I lived on the West Coast I always found it hard to capture the beauty in photographs. Can't wait to hear the rest and see the formal pics!!