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Post Weekend Report.............

So, what'd everyone do this weekend? Let us hear about it, even if you just stayed home and shucked corn.

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Saturday - Wedding reception (PJ's friend...remember the wedding she went to the Dominican) at the lake. Storm hit (65 mph winds at our house/ airport terminal roof caved in) but at the lake it was just hail and rain...oh, and the speed boat escaped from the dock. Got to catch up with my two friends too.

Sunday - baby shower and went back out to the lake and more fun times with Grace and Landon. They kicked Auntie Mallory out of the blow up pool.

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Saturday - did a lil garage sale shopping for Ben, took the kids to my parents, then pretty well hung out at home. Took Belle swimming that night...

Sunday - ran a couple errands, helped dh with his car, played in the rain with Belle.

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I babysat my sisters incubator and brooder while she was away at the cottage. Lots of adorable baby quail. Very loud though at night! CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP! Smile

When he's standing up straight he's almost 3 inches tall

Sitting normally he's about the size of a ping pong ball

Tidied up around here. DH worked. Seeing Maham today!

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I took Jax to see Winnie The Pooh. It was a success. DH stayed home with Abs, and reorganized my kitchen. That really peeves me, but whatever, I've learned that in about a week, as I use things and put them away, everything ends up back where I originally had it.

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Finished up school work on Saturday. Read. Watched a move (Weather Girl on Netflix Streaming - it was good). Convinced Miles to sleep at Dad's again since he let Buzz, Woody and Stripe the dog there and I didn't know if he'd sleep at home without them.

So slept in on Sunday. Chilled with one cranky kiddo the rest of the day. Cleaned up. I like starting the week with a clean house. Though by next Sat it'll once again look like a tornado hit.

Nice and relaxing.

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had 2 graduation parties on saturday....the first was actually at Delaware Park racetrack.....didn't know how that was going to work out with the kids but it was awesome....the party was at the 'grove' area and they had a playground and a moonbounce and they were giving out stuffed animal horses...our table where right where the horses get on and off the was actually really cool

the second party was at my sis's....lots of fun...played outside in the pool

sunday.....cleaned the house and played outside for a while......4 hours naps from the kids :eek: .....then dinner and more playing outside.....when steve mowed the lawn yesterday he made a 3 hole chip and we played 3 holes of golf on the lawn in the kids were our caddies Smile

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My brother recently moved over by Muskegon. His house is 10 minutes from the beach on Lake Michigan. So we (and my mom) went up to see his new house and visit them.

Saturday - We spent the afternoon at the beach. The kids had a blast.

Then we went to a big dairy and had dinner (all you can drink milk, including chocolate! YUM!!!), played on the playground there, pet the cows, then had ice cream. Put the kids to bed on the living room floor and played some games.

Sunday - We went to a big farm/market/petting zoo. They had a bunch of food samples, the kids were in heaven (and me too, lol). The kids loved the goats. They also had a zebra (that sneezed all over my brother and I, yuck!), a camel and 2 wallabys. And a bunch of fun stuff to play on.

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Saturday was our 9th annual Sloshball game
Baseball with beer on 2nd base.. you hit run and if you make it to 2nd you need to pound a beer in order to make it to home base.
this year we had about 50 people total.. it has also become a family event now LOL so we call it "A Day in the Park" we BBQ .. there is usually a baby area with playyards .. etc.. Owen LOVES it.. he played ALL DAY NO NAP.. I bought his Tball set, soccer goal, glove and balls and he played with everyone and ran around ALL DAY LONG!
I did not play sloshball this year .. I was watching the kids mostly.. but had a great time with friends.

Sunday Dh took Owen to church and I stayed home while Ev's napped she had a off night I think we are getting a new tooth.. anyways she was up for the day at 5:30 which is abnormal.
after that DH watched the kids while I went shopping for part of the day.. was really nice to not have to unbuckle and buckle a billion times and load kids.. BRU, subway for lunch, Nordstroms, and Trader Joes.
4 hours of bliss!

after that we just hung out .. Owen rode his scooter and played out front while we relaxed.
had a nice dinner and watched a Dinosaur show on demand from National Geographic.. Smile

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Saturday I didnt do much but get my recycling ready to take to town.

Sunday we took mom her RV and went to get the kids all in TX. Ate at our fave mexican food place and had a great visit with FIL and grand parents IL....LOL.

It was a long drive, but cheyenne was so very happy to see me and I was so very happy to see them........

I am not going to lie thought, the week of peace and quiet, of sleeping in, of watching movies with out interruptions was so very nice.......but I missed them.

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Saturday we had a b-day party for one of DH's college friends little boys about an hour from here. It was an all day ordeal, but the kids had fun and I do like most of the wives, so it was a fun day, but long.
Sunday the kids were exhausted from Saturday so we skipped church. I went shopping for most of the day. I am finally getting around to decorating the house now that we've lived here for 2 years Wink

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Saturday C and did a little shopping while DH went boating with a couple buddies. Saturday night we all went to a house warming party at a friends house - that was at our old house. He bought it when we built the house we're in now. That was fun - and strange. Biggrin

Sunday we went to the mall and Children's Museum. C LOVED the museum - he had a blast!! It was a great weekend!

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Maddie went to the lake with my dad, sister and bro-in-law .... it is so boring around here with out her around! DH and I are renovating our basement bathroom - ended up being way more work then we thought it would be! Spent most of the weekend looking after baby and sneaking down to sand, paint etc...

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Actually, I DID sit at home and shuck corn this weekend!!!

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oh my gosh, Jordan, those baby quail are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!! I want one. Biggrin

Quiet weekend here. Totally forgot about a party we were planning to go to Sat night. oops. the kids all had colds, though, so it was probably for the best.

just some nice family time. good times. Biggrin

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Saturday: spent in the car for TWELVE hours. Ugh. DH did all the driving. We were coming back from our visit to Ohio.

Sunday: did groceries and laundry and let the kids play with their new XBOX all day. We were tired! DH picked the cat up from the kennel.

Today is a holiday here (thank goodness). We went for a family swim at one of our favourite public pools and DH did some gardening. Just unwinding before he has to go back to work tomorrow...

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Lucas and I went to my aunt's cottage on Buck Lake for the weekend. He had a blast "fishing" on the lake and seeing all the fish. My aunt really enjoyed having us. It was a little difficult as it was sooo bloody hot and not really a swimming area by us (plus he really doesn't like to swim). We couldn't hang out a ton inside as her new dog didn't seem to like having a toddler around. So, when we were inside we had to be separate from the dog and the cottage isn't that big :eek: Overall though it was nice. We had some nice dinners on Zukey Lake and Whitmore Lake.

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saturday......danny worked saturday so when he got home we took the boat out....had a blast.....we got a new it was pretty deathdifying......sarah and max loved it........stayed out till was just awesome!!!!!!

sunday...........we went to home depot and bought the molding for max's room(we used the prefinished composite molding in sarah's room we used white and max's room we used the espresso......we will use the oak in the tvroom/sitting area) it is so easy, and boy did it come out awesome......
Max's room

sarah's room

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Harrison had his first stomach virus ... so it was a weekend of barf. ( He's all better today)

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Friday night we hung out at home and pigged out on Chinese food (yum!). Saturday the kids and I drove to my parents' home in Cobourg. We played in the backyard for a while and then went to the beach to see the sand sculpture contest. We swam and met up with a friend of their's who has a motorized tricycle and we went for a ride. Fun! Sunday we drove to my parents' boat and spent the day there, swimming off the dock, went for a long walk, swam off the boat launch and kayaked before dinner. Back to the folks house Sunday night. Yesterday was a holiday here, so we stayed with my parents for the morning and then came home to fill the kiddie pool, swim and work on the house for a while. Early to bed for me with my copy of Game of Thrones Smile


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it was a long weekend here, Simcoe day (don't know what that is LOL) my mom came to visit and help paint the boys room Smile we had a great visit and the boys were sooo awesome. Bill went camping and played in a ball tournament, so I had no one to keep the boys entertained while we painted, but AIdan was such a great kid and kept William giggling while we painted. It's not completely done yet, tomorrow I'll be doing the striping on the bottom half of the room and adding the chair rail, but this is what we've done so far

I'll be using the darker colour for the stripes, it's a crappy phone pic, but the blues are a nice denimy colour and relaxing, we'll be doing a nautical theme and my mom found that cute little muskoka chair (Adirondak in the states LOL)

yesterday we got together with Maham and Noah, Jordan and the girls and Arty and George, it was a great day with lots of yummy and not waist friendly foods, perfect Biggrin

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Saturday - picked up my brother and his girlfriend in the City, dropped them off at the house, went to the gym, hung out at the house a bit and watched the girls play with their uncle, went to Red Lobster, came home to put the girls to bed, drove brother back home, bedtime

Sunday - cleaned the house, DH picked up MIL at the airport, supermarket run, cooked dinner, watched TV with the girls, bedtime

Was nice to hang out with the brother, especially because otherwise this would have been another B.O.R.I.N.G. weekend. I think I am going to start going out maybe one Saturday night a month. Am sick of being locked up in the house!

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Let's see if I can remember that far back...Lol...

I painted my front door black. I love it!! I'm going to stencil the house number on the front (for those on pinterest, you may have seen my inspiration) and will post pics when it's completely finished.

Saturday was DH's monthly poker game so my brother and SIL usually come down so he can play. We all ate at my parents' and then the ladies and kids hung out for the evening. Oh and it rained!!!!:yahoo:Only about a half inch, but the smell of rain and sound of rain was so welcomed!!!

On Sunday, we had chinese take out for lunch. I worked on a sewing project for my friend's birthday while DH was playing soccer. He injured his hammy, which will put him out for probably the rest of the season. He's bummed, but at least he's still able to golf. If you've seen pics of my hubby, he totally doesn't look like a soccer player (with the huge gut and all) but he's actually really really good. Especially for a fat, old guy. Biggrin He has actually lost about 25 lbs this summer, so he's looking more fit these days. Oh and I went to zumba with a friend.

That covers it for our unexciting weekend. It's too stinkin hot to do anything. I think we've had the 39th day over 100 degrees this summer. About to beat the record from the dust bowl/depression. Good times.

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Allie- dying over the cuteness of that chair!
Marci- I am also painting my door black THIS weekend! also from pinterest! I also doing trim work around the garage door!
Colleen- looks good!

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It was my first weekend away from Jack. I bawled when I put him in my mother-in-law's car.

But then I was okay. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner the first night and then chilled Saturday and Sunday. Went to a resort a couple hours from here. STTN for the first time in over 4 months and I learned to swim! Woo hoo!

It was pure relaxation. I loved every stinkin' minute. And I was such a NICER wife and mama when I got home.

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Studied for my final....(which I passed with an A - woohoo!!!!)

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Sat. we had a BBQ at my BFF from HS's condo. Then went to a friends house to pick up G (who had spent the night before over there). We ended up hanging out and drinking till after midnight... then had to drive home.

Sunday I got to sleep in till 8am!! I was stoked, but also wasn't going to get out of bed until I was ready, LOL. Then DH and I stained out playset. OMG it was HELL. It was so freaking hot, so borning, tedious, PITA, everything you can imagine. It looks great now though, but it seriously took us all day to do it!