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So, what did everyone do this weekend? Anything exciting and juicy happen?

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Nothing exciting and juicy, but hosted a lovely dinner on Saturday night for my family that I hadn't seen in 6 weeks because they were in Europe. We had sirloin roast with candied carrots, mustard seed potatoes and a homemade coleslaw, plus a few too many bottles of wine, and a laptop slideshow of their travels. I broke out my new transferware dishes and we used the dining room.

On Sunday I enjoyed a return visit to the spa - customer service the first time around was not up to snuff, so they made it up to me with a 2.5-hour facial and pedicure package, gratis. In the afternoon we went for a family swim at one of our local pools.

All in all, very enjoyable!

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it was a busy weekend, here, nothing super exciting though.

Friday night we went to a friends house ( I think I said SIL's in the BBB thread oops) and they had a fire and the kids played with the dogs there lol.

Saturday- we went to SIL's for a BBQ, we went to a small wading pool that we discovered the other day, it was great for them, only about a foot deep and the kids had a blast. William was in a bad mood, very rare for him, but I"ve come to learn he just doesn't like the IL's, they're pretty sensitive about it, but what can I do? he likes my one SIL for a while though, not too long.

Sunday- cleaning and trying to get the rooms in order for the big switch, ugh bigger job than I thought

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nothing exciting or juicy....we left saturday at 10:15am, and traffic was what should have taken us just about 4 hours, took us 6 hours.....but it was still fun....made a couple pit stops our keys, and just cooked and set the cottage up....even had time to launch the boat, and take it for a short ride saturday. we have stayed up here a couple we vaguely remembered the lake so it was is a HUGE without a chart you can get turned around pretty quickly!!!
sunday.....spent pretty much all day on the beach or boat.....lots of watersports/fishing(aint no fish in this lake....;) ) swimming.....good times!!!!!!!! the cottage and everything about it is awesome!!!! kids are all having a blast.....even sarah and max are getting along.....imagine that!!!! LOL!!! jack is all set and sleeping great for naps/bedtime.....same with lucy and abby....the girls are sharing a bed and they love it.....they were all bundled up next to each other when i walked by their room with jack(6am wakeups ...... ) this morning.....must remember to snap a pic of them all snuggly together!!

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Still weekending here. Will be home tonight.

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We went to the IL's house in central CA.. it was nice.. they have a huge ranch style house and 5 acres of property, they also have 2 mini horses (Elvis and Juliette (romeo died)) Owen LOVES it here! he gets to feed the horses, pick veggies and fruit in their orchard etc... I have really great pics I will save for Friday.

I got a package of bows and headbands from Kaley for Everly to model and I dressed her up and took pictures .. A FREAKING DORABLE!

aside from a few annoyances everything went well.
Me and DH got to go out and grab a bite and a few drinks at our favorite pub/grille.. was nice to be out without kids for a few hours.

Drove home yesterday and Dh went got the new computer and spend the latter part of the day evening getting it set up and all our files etc moved over... it's lightning fast! I mean my old computer was dinosaur compared!

I went grocery shopping at 830PM last night.. was awesome! I might be doing this everytime now!


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Saturday I did nothing but prep baby stuff for a consignment sale. DH took Jax to the park and I tried to work and keep grumpy Miss Not Feeling So Hot Mildred as happy as possible. Sunday Jax went to his very first birthday party. (we missed our first invite back in Feb because of RSV) He had a blast, but was not much too pleased to learn that all those presents weren't his. ROFL I made the wise choice to leave 15 minutes early before the presents were opened. LOL Looking at the bounty of gifts on the table was enough torture for the lad. Wink

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Nothing super fancy here either! Friday night we took a picnic to a local park and let the kids go hog wild on the playground and splash pad. They slept fantastically that night! Saturday we got hair cuts and I did the shopping etc. Saturday night was one of DHs rare Saturday nights off so we got some adult beverages Smile and had a backyard fire. It was okay, but too hot, so I ended up with a book and he watched a guy flick. Boring, aren't we? Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot in the morning Wink so we had pj morning with cartoons and then went and spent the afternoon with my grampy who is 97. He had a blast with my kiddos and DJ even went up and had a cuddle with him. So sweet! DH worked last night so I hung out with kiddos, worked on the bathroom a bit and went to bed early!


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Saturday morning Mikayla and I went to the farmers market and then the meat store. We were going to stop at a couple garage sales too but it started raining hard. Then DH and Logan went to see a movie (Captain America in 3D, they said it was pretty good) and then brought home a few movie rentals since it was still raining. Took a short nap and then I took Mikayla to get groceries while they watched another home, had dinner (pancakes and bacon, yum!) and then let Logan and Joey stay up late to start watching another movie.

Sunday, rained all day, took naps, finished the movie from the night before...that's about it.

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Saturday DH had to work all day so we just did stuff around here. Sunday JP, Cyrus, and Rocco came over and we took the kids to the pool. Cyrus and Gweny played so well together and we all had a great time Dirol

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Saturday I took my kids to my friend's place to swim, we were there all afternoon/evening. Perfect way to end a day Smile They passed out on the way home and slept amazing.
Sunday didn't do much... clean, as per usual. I did get out to Walmart by myself last night though. got a little fan for my room, its been so blasted hot here and hard to sleep at night, and we only have one fan in the house. :eek:
I slept like a dream last night, once I fell asleep. my room was so cool and amazing.


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We had another busy weekend. That seems to be the name of the game this summer. It was fun though. We traveled 2 hours Friday night back "home". Saturday did some shopping with the fam and my mom. Went to DH's cousin's 2 yo bday part Saturday evening and traveled back home Saturday night. Got home around 11. Sunday went to a movie with a group of ladies from our neighborhood. We saw The Help. It was really good!

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Can't remember Friday anymore. I think I maybe practice my oboe for about 30 minutes for the first time in two years.

Saturday I went to the gym at 8:30. Then we visited our longtime friends in NJ. They are a fellow musician couple from back in the day when we played in merengue groups. Like us, the female is a saxophonist and the male is a keyboardist. So when we get together it's always fun for everyone because we all have so much to talk about. She and I had such a nice time we are planning on doing a girls only (and no kids) brunch later this month.

Sunday just stayed home and cleaned up and cooked (it was pouring outside). Then after everyone went to bed I caught up on 2 episodes of True Blood on demand. Am almost caught up now.

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friday night steve's sister spent the night with the kids and we went to atlantic city for the night...nice dinner at bobby flay's steakhouse...lots o drink...and we left some money there too

sat. i was exhausted but my mom came up and we took the kids to my nephew's football rained but the kids had fun

sunday.....nephew's fiancee's bridal shower that my nimrod sister was at the restaurant where my BIL is a head chef.....yummy yummy food that's for sure...shower was nice but my sis is a nimrod sometimes

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Saturday cleaned and worked and then had a block BBQ. On Sunday, took Roxie to a fun match where I was told she was the best Boxer puppy there but because of my less than perfect handling she did not win (but he gave me some great advice, so it really is not as harsh as it sounds). I learned a ton! Then I came home and we took the kids to Heritage Square and rode rides, ate junk and had a funny family picture done. Had to get home since the first day of school was today!

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Let's see.... we went for a walk around our neighborhood Friday night. Pretty low key, but nice. Smile DH had a rehearsal Sat am, then we went to a park and drove around looking at a few houses for sale. DH had a concert Sunday afternoon and it took up a lot of the day. Everyone took long naps afterwards, which was great for me to get some cleaning done. Then we went to another park later in the afternoon. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Simple weekend, but nice. Biggrin

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Saturday I went and got my hair done. Yay! It was nice to have a few hours to myself, although I took my dd with me and she got hers done too.
Did some grocery shopping too because it seems my house never has any food in it (or enough for that matter).
I took Baylie and her friend to the mall for some shopping, had a good time.
On Sunday, we went over to a friend's house to celebrate a birthday, then later on in the evening we had family and a few friends over to our house to celebrate my son's bday.
Since I'm posting this on Tuesday, I'll include Monday. We went to the beach and then out to an expensive :eek: sushi dinner for Tyler's birthday. My boy is now 14. It seems unreal that he's that "old"!
It was a good weekend. Biggrin

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We had a MX race in West VA. Dino did SO GOOD! He was in 1st for 2.5 laps but then crashed before the last lap and couldn't catch back up. I was so freaking proud of him, and he was thrilled with being in 1st place for those laps. My lil 4 year old was beating 7-8 year olds!! Oh, and today he turns 5, sniff. Tivy wants to race too, so I'm excited to build her a pink sparkley PW. She is going to be so cute. They also have these "ponytails" that are pink that stick to the outside of the helmets, so I'm going to get 2 for pigtails! CUTE!!!

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You know I actually have forgotten what we did Friday....geez

Saturday we had a field days with our longhorn group and then had longhorn meat burritos for lunch (omg so good) and then gathered at a friends house to continue and had longhorn meat burgers for dinner.

They also fixed some 'mexican goop' and some green chili stew....once I get the recipes I plan on sharing these cause they were ssssoooooo good.

Sunday we went and got a trailer full of hay. On the way home our truck blew off the turbo boot....which is a plastic hose held on by two of the clamps had stripped the threads and that is why it was coming off. I got a new one, but right now it is held together with baling wire........

Yesterday I got school supplies for the boys .....they start wednesday............