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So, how'd everyone's weekend go?

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Our's was pretty ho hum.
Took the kids to the elem school where Jax goes, just for a change of pace. The playground equipment was way too big for them, but they still had fun.
Other than that, just pretty much hung out at home.

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Saturday- Me and Everly just hung out at home.. I steamed the carpets, and primed a piece of furniture that I plan to paint this week. It's a toy chest my grandfather made me.
Saturday night I watched a lame chick flick on Netflix "when in Rome" and had wine.. quiet night was nice!
Everly slept 11 hours straight.. awesome

Sunday- Church, grocery store, cleaned house, played, watched some TV, general hang out.. Dh got home around 5 and we made dinner, bathed the kids and watched football.

good weekend Smile

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Saturday night I hosted a birthday dinner for my dad who turned 76 last week. I made a traditional English dinner (my dad is from London): roast beef with horseradish and Yorkshire pudding, carrots and peas, and a berry pudding in a mold. We drank way too much wine and even threw in a little family drama - tears and one person nearly stalking out in a huff before dessert.:rolleyes: I was up until 2 a.m. cleaning up while DH and all three kids fell asleep on the family room couch (proof that it really is a family size couch!!!).

On Sunday Anna had her very first ballet lesson and just absolutely filled my heart. It was pure joy to watch her, and I look forward to taking her all year. Theo went to his very first birthday party without Mommy - he didn't want to stay alone, but I left anyway (I was a little hungover - not a good thing to be at a children's birthday party!), and he was so proud of himself for staying alone. He was the one who cracked open the pinata, too, so he had a good party. Then DH took all three kids rock climbing while I prepared dinner - THANK YOU, husband!!

A very full and very good weekend.:)

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I had a FABULOUS weekend! My friend (and next door neighbor) drove to Chicago and met another one of our friends who lives in MI. We spent two nights there and had such a fun, relaxing time. We enjoyed dinner Friday night then just lounging and catching up in our hotel. Saturday we took the train into Chicago and did shopping on Michigan Ave and went to the Navy Pier. The weather was GORGEOUS! We took a short boat ride while we were there. Had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. We were too full for dinner so we lounged at the hotel for awhile before catching a late movie. Sunday got up and brunch, hit a few shops before heading home. PERFECT weekend!

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Super busy weekend here.

Saturday - Logan's soccer game (his team lost but played pretty well) then a birthday party. Kids had a blast. There was a bounce house/ball pit. And they have a whole bunch of animals there so it was like a petting zoo too (they call it The Funny Farm).

Sunday - Ethan's bday party. Spent the whole morning cleaning and cooking. Ethan skipped his nap and did awesome. His favorite 2 toys are the shopping cart we got him and the toy tractor (that I had to drive 30 minutes out of my way to get because DH says "go red or go home" and there's only John Deere in the stores around me :rolleyes:)

Here's a couple pics of the kids playing in the ball pit. Ethan's bday party pics are on my camera (not my phone) so I'll get those up when I have time at home.

Mikayla and Ethan

Mikayla, Ethan and Logan (Logan is in the gray and white striped shirt, him and Mikayla are "swimming")

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i can't even remember what i did on saturday.....i know i went to bed early...LOL.....i think we just hung around the yard and didn't do too much......LOL

sunday we went down MIL's, and found an awesome hidden treasure at one of the visitors centers down by's the other end of the canal that we usual walk around..there is a nice little walking area, playground, bathrooms, etc.....and we have been here no less than 10 times but never went into the visitors center......turned out to be an awesome touch museum all about the coast guard!!!!!
(pics copied from the bbb....)
here are some pics of today.....
i busted dan playing with the kiddie toys....LOL

max and lucy on the coast guard cutter...

the girls put on a life preserver before they went on the boat inside the building.....they have been trained very well.......LOL ......but they didn't want to take em off!!!!

sarah took a test and aced it........shocking!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!

the girls manning the wheel.....

danny and jack manning the wheel....LOL

the scenery around the playground.....amazing!!!!!!

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's max jumping off the swing!!!!! that landing had to hurt!!


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Saturday...sat on my butt all day watching football. (okay..I did play with Grace too and read books and all that fun stuff, oh and irone clothes, made two mosaic stepping stones, grocery shopping, big turkey dinner at ILs, and wrote my lesson plans for the week

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Saturday - We went to the zoo and then went to Nate's nurse's kids' birthday party (how's that for confusing). They had a bouncy for the kids. Delaney screamed like a banshee when it was time to leave. Really embarrassing. They live a couple of towns over from us. More like a city, as they have every eatery and shop you could think of! So we stopped for Cherry Berry (self serve frozen yogurt). It's our tradition whenever we go there.

Sunday - slept in. Went to the grocery store. It was DH's bday so I fixed dinner and we had his parents over.

That about sums it up.

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Saturday we had a birthday party for a little boy in Nicholas's class. It was at Pump it Up, one of N's fave places so he had a blast and it was even more fun for him hat because it was a school friend William didn't go too, so he got a bit of Mommy time, he was pretty excited for it even though once we got there he was gone with his friends... Smile
Sunday we had church in the morning, but DH stayed home because the inlaws were coming over to paint the master bathroom for me. I have been wanting to get it painted, but with all the little helpers around here I've been too nervous to get out gallons of paint so they were kind enough to do it and it looks awesome! Then we watched some football and I made dinner and rounded out the evening with folding a ton of clothes...
Overall, a good weekend and pretty relaxing

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DH worked and I had a migraine. That sums up our weekend, lol. No, actually we did do some fun stuff. Saturday was work day, we cleaned and shoppped etc. Took the kids to the park and road tricycles in the driveway. Sunday DH worked, so I was supposed to go to a festival with my BFF, but her daughter was sick, so we baked, went to the park again and the beach. Fun, quiet. DH let me take a long nap on Sunday afternoon, which seemed to help the migraine, so that was good too. Quiet weekend.


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-Rocco was sick. I was puked on 3 times. but got lots of cuddle time.
-Saturday I went to a cooking show with my mom.
-Sunday my mom watched the boys for a few and DH and I went out for lunch.

other than that, just the usual chores and relaxing.

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I slept. Smile


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What a fun weekend you all had! Totally jealous of the Chicago trip. Smile

Friday night we went to the annual 'balloon glow,' which is the night before the big hot air balloon race here. Noelle LOVED it. It is really fun to see all the hot air balloons up close in person, but i have a sorta funny story about it... It's VERY crowded and dark there and that part always makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because if you get separated from your people, it can be very difficult to find them again (they keep it dark because every so often a fog horn sounds so all the balloons light up temporarily). So you're picturing a very dark place that is absolutely packed with people, right? Add to that my huge annoyance with people who spend their lives buried in their stupid little smart phones, completely oblivious to the world around them. Got it? Smile

So I'm wearing Brian on my back and pushing Micah in the stroller. It was such a long walk from the car that we made Noelle also ride in the stroller, but then she got out when we got there. DH was mostly carrying her, though, so she could see better (and keep track of her). We agreed to meet at the zoo balloon if we got separated, but decided to head over that balloon to check it out. We got to the zoo balloon and were about to decide to leave because it was starting to get late and it was sooooo crowded. I turned around and my DH was GONE. It had only been a few seconds, but he had just vanished in the crowd. We were already at the zoo balloon, so I didn't know what to do... pulled out my phone to call him and see if he could hear it. But apparently I didn't have decent service because it wouldn't make the call and I was just staring at my phone like an idiot, trying to understand why it wouldn't make a stupid phone call. Just then, someone taps me on the shoulder and pointed... at the freaking BALLOON that was coming down right on me and Brian and Micah!! :eek: I literally pushed the balloon canvas out of the way and turned around to see a small crowd giving me lots of space and laughing at my obliviousness at this giant balloon that i failed to notice. :oops: I was sooooo embarassed, but just laughed later because i'm sure they thought i was just wrapped up with texting or whatever when i was really just trying to find my stupid husband! lol

the rest of the weekend was fun, but the balloon glow was definitely the highlight!

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now that it's wednesday I forgot what we did lol

On Saturday night I had ladies night (William came) with Jordan, Emily, Arty and Al, it was sooo sooo awesome, I wish it were a weekly thing, but that would be pushing it with our DH's lol, we just got together at Jord's and ate and chatted, it was definitely a night of laughs.

Sunday Bill played ball all day for the playoffs, so Aidan and I went to one game, AIdna then threw a fit at the resteraunt and I dragged his @ss out of there and we went home. Have I said lately how AWESOME 3 is? :rolleyes: