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How was everyone's weekend?
I know Jordan was on a fabulous little vacay. Hope she pops in and tells us all about it.

Our weekend was just a joyous occasion. :rolleyes: Jaxon now has the stupid coxsackie virus that his sister had the week before. Plus we dealt with him puking Friday night and Sat from the sedative they gave him for the MRI.. Funtimes here, I bet you are all just jealous.

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Wow, your weekend sounds about as fun as ours.....Zack was laid up due to his broken arm he got Thursday night at the football game, Cheyenne had a fever all weekend, we (ugh I should say I) did Zack's science project.

Oh and when a 13 yr old is told to take it easy and about two days have passed, he starts to get bored and restless and it is going to be a long healing process.

I did get a few hours shopping all by myself on Friday. I had to run and get supplies for the project......can I just say it was pure enjoyment shopping without kids.....LOL

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Mel, sorry Jax was sick after the sedative. Poor little buddy. You deserve an easy week this week!

Kristi, yay for shopping alone! :woohoo: And good job on the science project! Wink

I will spare yall my felt bad/vomiting few days and just say I was able to go to family reunion, so that was fun. And then to my parent's house for a couple hours yesterday.

The highlight of my weekend, however, was going to Walmart last night with the family and spending about $100 buying different juices and foods that I thought might appeal to would think I would lose some weight in this whole process! :rolleyes:

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Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch
then we Dh and I went to SF to see friends
mom kept the kids overnight.. sleeping with no monitor is awesome
Sunday church
I took Owen out with me for a special day.. we did the park and he got to do some other fun things.
then we had a big chili dinner and had a few people over.

good weekend.. very tired
both kids today.. trying to keep sane

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sounds like some of us had a good weekend...sorry for those with the sickies!!!!

we had a great weekend, playground, nap, 5 year old bday party then BIL's for a chili cookoff.....busy but fun day

sun....clean, outside play, forced nap, eagles suck, harvest festival which really shouldh have been a summer festival because it was like 90 degrees out yesterday....we had a great time though..this is a good one....rides, games, food, music, mugicians, stilt walkers....alot of fun

xtra credit for pictures right Smile

tried out my new phone camera this weekend too....tried all the different functions Smile

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We're getting a new roof put on the house and the tear off started Friday so the yard was a mess all weekend which meant I couldn't let the kids go outside without me. And on top of that, DH worked all weekend.

Saturday we left bright and early for Logan's soccer game then went to my mom's for the day.

Sunday I got the house cleaned up and then we went to Joey's first soccer game (they don't keep score but he scored the winning goal!!!). Then I dropped Ethan off at the ILs and took the other kids to get halloween costumes, then picked Ethan up and left Logan and Mikayla there for dinner. Home, dinner for Joey, Ethan and me, run around outside a bit, baths and bed.

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Friday and Saturday my neighbor friend and I had a garage sale. It went alright. Got rid of some stuff made some was good.

Saturday afternoon C played outside while I cleaned up the mess from the garage sale.

Oh and Friday night we sat around the fire with our other neighbor friends. Perfect fall evening for that!

Saturday evening C and I went to my cousin's house and had pizza with her, her daughter, her sister and her two girls. The kids played and we visited.

Yesterday I cleaned our sadly neglected messy house most all day. Last night we had friends over to watch Dexter and I headed to bed.

All in all good weekend!

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My Mom is here visiting which is sometimes like having 2 pre-schoolers instead of one.

Saturday we went to the Pumpkin patch. It was fun, but somehow having an extra person along just makes things harder instead of easier. And yeah, it was HOT! They have a cool "corn box" like a sand box but filled with corn kernals instead and Miles LOVED that.

Sunday G kept Miles and I went shopping with my Mom. I don't know where I learned to shop, but it obviously wasnt from her!! She kept getting mad at me when I'd make her try stuff on and tries to buy everything like 3 sizes larger than she actually wears. I mean, I may wear sweats and yoga pants all the time but at least I KNOW I'm not stylish. She does the same and doesn't understand why it's not appropriate "business" wear.

Today I'm making a Thanksgiving dinner in honor (or honour) of Canadian thanksgiving. But with instant potatoes and stove top...because I'm not really canadain, you know, lol.

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I worked. 28 hours from Fri - Sun. Thankfully Im off for a few days now.

I have no idea what my boys did, but the house was a MESS. Ugh.

Liked seeing everyone elses good times, however!

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All you can eat pancake feed/fundraiser Saturday morning. Get together at friends' house Saturday kids!!

Church Sunday. 30 minute nap for me in the afternoon (the first one in probably a year or more!) Then practice for the children's Christmas program at church. Delaney is going to be the angel in the manger scene. Smile

In addition, I worked at the school for about 2 hours and went grocery shopping. I think I'm actually ready for a day off!! LOL

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the littles and I spent friday with my girlfriends at her house on the pond.....we had a lot of fun..exhausting, but fun!!!
had some bloody mary's by the pond......the weather was un.freakin.believable this weekend!!!!!!!!

then saturday we hiked the stateforest and climbed profile rock....
then sunday i brought the girls to a matilda jane trunkshow in a hoity toity mall north of where we live......

then today(monday technically the weekend here!!!!!)
i brought jack and abby to get their photo's done.....i have a whole thread of their pics..

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Well, it was Thanksgiving weekend for me Smile

Saturday Rob worked, so I took the kids shopping for my sister's birthday present and then to the community garden to start pulling everything out. They had a blast and got sooo dirty Smile In the evening Rob and I worked on the basement...we're finally ready to paint the second half of the floor. Can't wait to be done Smile

Sunday Rob worked in the morning, so I took the kids grocery shopping and then we headed to my sister's to have dinner. We celebrated her birthday and DJ's as well. It was fun. On the way home my car broke down again. NOT so fun. Rob went with the tow trunk and my awesome sister and BIL came and picked up me and the kids and drove us home. 2 hours each way. How awesome are they? Rob got a call for a midnight shift while in the tow he went to work when he got home. Fortunately it was a sleep shift or the guy would have been done in.

Monday, we started cleaning out the gardens at home and I dealt with the messy house. Both kids took 2 hour naps (yay!) and I got an hour too Smile Rob had another shift at midnight so he slept most of the evening while I puttered around the house. Nice and relaxing Smile


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It was Thanksgiving here. We had guests from out of town, and twelve at dinner (I had to push two tables together). The weather was amazing here too - nearly 30 degrees Celcius!! Too hot, even - who wants to roast a turkey in summer weather?? When we weren't slaving in the kitchen prepping or cleaning, we toured around with the aunties and uncle down by the river. I'll have pics later, I'm exhausted today (and hockey starts this afternoon...)

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Friday night my fellow deployment widows and I got together and had margaritas while the kids watched movies Smile Then on Saturday we went up and saw MIL. It was so nice to have a little help, lol. So overall a very chill weekend.

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Sorry to those who had sick weekends, that's no fun at all!

Saturday I took the kids to a pool birthday party and they had a blast. While we were gone DH took care of a long "Honey Do" list I left him and I came home to pictures and shelves hung that have been sitting here for a month, the patio screen fixed and the front entry pressure washed, and the house picked up and vacuumed that I didn't even ask him to do, so he won the good husband award for the day.

While the kids napped I cleaned the garage because I throw away more stuff than DH does, he thinks we should keep everything in case we need it. I think he's a hoarder.

Saturday night my parents came over for dinner and I made chicken picatta and mashed potatoes and green beans and this yummy apple, grape and walnut salad and cupcakes because Nicholas insisted. It was a celebration of both their birthdays and their 33rd wedding anniversary, which have all been within the last 2 weeks.

Sunday we had church and then a lazy afternoon while the kids napped then we headed over to the in-laws house to swim and have dinner.

Not much downtime around here, as usual, oh, and I worked every night, also as usual...

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Just another weekend at the track for us. Dino got 3 place in his 50oil B class! WOOT! It was a nice follow up to his 2nd place last weekend! Lil dude is on a roll! Tivi had fun as normal, I think the 3 girls (Tivi, her BFF Maddie and her track BFF Zoe (who is 6) went through about 2,000 sheets of paper making pictures for everyone. It was cute, but one hell of a mess for me to clean up after they all passed out watching a movie.