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random question

So if you had a few thousand extra dollars and you had to either take a nice vacation or get some kind of cosmetic surgery done, which would you choose and why? And where would you go/what would you have done?

(p.s. this is truly hypothetical!!)

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Does LASIK eye surgery count as cosmetic surgery?? Probably not, huh...? I'm not into getting cosmetic surgery - at least not at this point in my life. Besides, LASIK. That i would do in a heartbeat. So, I'd have to choose vacation. I'd love to take an extended cruise thru the Greek Isles. Like one of those 21-30 day suckers!

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I'd definitely go on vacation. I'd take my hubby to Fiji.

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I'd go somewhere, where I haven't thought about. Someplace overseas and probably one the 7 wonders.

I would NEVER do cosmetic surgery. Not against it, I just am not a fan of pain and self-inflicted pain baffles me.

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...was this hypothetical gonna consist of 10's of thousands?? Lol....cuz if so....i want to take all the kids to disney before sarah goes off to college!!

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Depending on how many thousands, as far around the world as I could get. Probably starting in Europe.

Although LASIK does sound good, too.

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Travel for me too.

On a side note I was looking at taking the kids on a disney cruise this summer... How about they can't be in the pool unless they are potty trained.. So yeah, no way that's gonna happen :/

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Hahahahaaaaa looks like I'm the vain one! I'll take the surgery without even a second thought! I'd do Botox no problem, fillers, injectables, peels, down to knock em out cut em up. Boob lift. Tummy tuck. Yep, while I'll still save money for a big family vacation when the kids get older lol!

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Right now, I would choose the plastic surgery! Julie and I can be vain together Wink I would get the elephant's a$$ that I have hanging off the front of my body tucked. I want the all the kids to remember a major vacation so that will be when JD is at least 6.

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Tough one.

I really want a tummy tuck. But I also really want to go to Aruba again. And I really want to take the kids to disneyworld. I want to do disney in 2-3 years, and I want to be able to wear a bikini if I go to Aruba so if I had to spend the money now, I'd do a tummy tuck. Smile

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I'd say travel if I can save the money for a couple of years Smile I want to go to Australia. If I have to spend it now...then I want to go to Florida for a week and then have a tummy tuck.

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I would have to choose a vacation. I am far to scared to do cosmetic surgery. LOL. I think we would take a vacation to Europe. I want to go to Italy so badly.

"mist1006" wrote:

Travel for me too.

On a side note I was looking at taking the kids on a disney cruise this summer... How about they can't be in the pool unless they are potty trained.. So yeah, no way that's gonna happen :/

I had no idea. I was thinking of the Disney cruise this year for the kids, but I guess that is out since Sofia is unwilling to potty train.

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FYI, that is a rule for every cruise line, not just Disney. BUT, the Disney Cruises have a fountain area for non pt'd kids to play.

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I think I would much more enjoy my trip to Europe if i had the extra leftover saggy skin removed over my C-sec scar

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I'd vacation. Not sure where, but it's been way too long since we had a REAL vacation.

Although, given the option I'd love to do my tummy, nose and ears (ya know, once this baby is out!). Smile I don't ever see that realistically happening though.

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I would love to go to Australia and on another cruise, would love the disney one for the kids. Oh how about a disney cruise to Australia. Do they even have those?

I also would love Lasik eye surgery, a tummy tuck, and a lift of the ole saggy boobs. And then while all this was going on I would get my tubes tied too.......

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The verdict is still out on my tummy. I have another 30lbs to lose and am not sure how that all is going to end up looking. Some days it seems like it will tighten some, other days I think I am going to end up with a bag. So if that's the case, I'd rather go for the surgery. Sign me up for the vain club.

I do love to travel as well, but I think we can do it on our own eventually. I want to take the girls to Disney but want to wait until Leyla is at least 3, if not 4 or 5. It would also be nice to take a trip back to our country, Dominican Republic, but to do it with style. Have a big chauffered car. Be able to take a busload of my cousins to a resort. Do some eco-tourism.

And then there are my dream trips of Hawaii, Fiji, Dubai, Amalfi Coast, etc.

Regardless, I think I'd take the tummy tuck. Milf-wannabe!

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sh!t. wrong thread.

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"luangwa" wrote:

sh!t. wrong thread.


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Well okay then...I relpied to this thread but it's not showing up. So I'll try again.

I am deathly afraid to willingly have any kind of surgery done..so it's a no to the cosmetic surgery.
I'd love to travel someplace tropical. Bora Bora is on my list. I'd really like to go to Italy someday too.