Regarding Ad Pop up Please read this

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Regarding Ad Pop up Please read this

After reading a few comments from Jules and Kat in the BBB, I realized the ad for users of netbooks, ipads, phones and small laptops is more than just annoying, it is down right debilitating for you. Any of you that are using these devices, PLEASE email or pm missyj with what you are experiencing, and the platform you're using. I realize how very frustrated you are, but please remember that the factual information is very important to include in your communication to her. The Ad team needs this information in order to correct this.

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yes, i still have to do this as it does not close down on the iphone either.

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It's the iphone thing that's really annoying, Colleen found a way to block it on there, but I'm not smart enough to be able to do it! She put it on the other thread as well, but just wanted to put it here too.

I just wonder how well this will all go over....selling ad space and now the goal is to block the ad. ROFL

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Wowzers, sooooo bad on the iphone! Right in the middle of every page!

ETA: for those that don't use iPhones, this is what it looks like:

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yep, that's what it looks like on my phone too, I don't have time to do the adblock though so I'll just use the laptop until the end of the month for PG.Org

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My pop up bar is gone today, the 16th. Was it fixed? I didn't change anything.

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they must have just fixed it...cause this morning it was there but now i don't see it anymore....yay