Saftey latch is too safe - it's stuck on!!

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Saftey latch is too safe - it's stuck on!!

Hey all,

Does anyone have this kind of safety latch?

It's a safety first one that goes on side by side cabinets. I can open it (luckily) but I don't have anything "off limits" in those cabinets anymore and can't figure out how to get them off? I'm willing to cut them, but they're pretty thick and I don't think scissors will cut through it!

I finally got around to "Girly-ing" up my bathroom now that it's all mine!! The only thing left to do is to get the darn things off my cabinets.

(I'd share pics, but I have a really hard time doing that these days. I'll try though).

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I have those in my kitchen. If you disconnect the two parts and look inside there's a tab right below a spring.. its right here:

If you press up on the tab you'll be able to pull the body off the tail. There's one on both sides. HTH!