Silly bath question

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Silly bath question

OK, I admit it's a silly question, but what do you wash your LO's with these days?

My stash of baby soap seemed to last FOREVER (a combination of johnsons, aveeno, california baby, etc). I'm running out though (I mean, in a month or 2 I will be out, lol) and I'm not sure what to buy. I feel like Miles is a boy that gets dirty enough that he needs more than baby soap, but I'm not a big fan of the perfumes of a grown-up soap.

Just regular ivory maybe?

He also still doesn't really like to have his hair washed (he doesn't fight it anymore, but he moves around enough that soap definitely goes in his face when rinsing) so what do you wash your kids hair with? The special kids shampoo? (Is that stuff even supposed to be "no more tears?)

Am I the only one using baby towels still, too? Actually this is his choice, not mine, lol. I offer him real towels but he prefers the baby ones.

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suave 3 in 1........shampoo/conditioner/bodywash..........all 3 use it with no issues.

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I use suave too! Cheap and gets 'em clean, lol.

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We're still using baby soap - Aveeno here. Mostly because it's gentle and I'm kind of crazy about chemical etc that are in a lot of soaps/shampoos. Aveeno isn't perfect but it has less harmful stuff in it than a lot of stuff. I have looked at some other kid stuff but we're still using Aveeno for now.

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I can't remember if Miles has skin issues or not. For Wade and Ella I still use the J&J all in one baby wash.

For Cadence I have gone from Aveeno, to handmade goat's soap (bought locally), now to CereVe cleanser at the recommendation of her dermatology group. For her hair I use whatever I can reach in the tub...J&J No More Tangles, V05, Dove...nothing specific.

We have some towels with hoods that all three kids use. They aren't baby towels, but they are little kid towels.

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I use the California Baby on both kids, the one that's perfume and dye free....I know it's more expensive in the stores, I got 2 big pump containers of it off Amazon for.ever ago, you use very little so it's lasted what seems like an eternity. Oh, I bought it was Daphne was a newborn....and am still using the same container of hers and she's 16 months lol!

We use the same towels as Candace, the terry ones with the hoods.

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Oh yeah, we use the Jumping Beans kid towels with the hoods. We have a dog, frog and monster. Smile

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I use the suave 3-in-1 stuff on the older 3. Ethan gets whatever all natural, fragrance free stuff is the cheapest. The cheap stuff makes him break out. I have used plain ivory bar soap on all of them too. For towels...we are now only using regular ones. I just used all the old hooded towels for the kittens (they were old and ratty anyway).

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Abby uses Dove Nutrium whatever scent I've bought for myself. Jax uses his dad's Dove for men. For shampoo and conditioner everyone uses Alterna Caviar. They learned real fast to keep their eyes shut and to not wiggle all over the place if they didn't want suds in their eyes. My sister made bath towels with hoods for the kids, if those are clean that's what they use. If not they get a normal bath towel

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We use the Suave Free and Clear body wash and the suave lavendar head to toe. I couldnt find the free and clean two in one shampoo and conditioner......

As for towels, a friend of mine made towels for Wyatt and Cheyenne by sewing a matching hand towel to a full size bath towel. Cheyenne loves those towels. She uses Wyatts too even though it is blue. if those are dirty she gets a regular people towel.

I tried to get her to use normal body wash, but it burned her girl bits when she washed I went back to the kids Suave washes.