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SPCN 3.0

It's a pic of a pic, but you get the point. Smile

Almost 11 weeks, all is well. I saw the heartbeat today, but the little stinker was feeling a little lazy, sat completely still (freaked me out a little bit!). My midwife said everything looks developmentally on-track, yay for that! I love that I got an extra u/s, she said she didn't feel like hunting around with the doppler for a h/b and asked if I'd mind. I told her she could do one every day if she wished! Smile

I'm feeling OK right now. Very irritable...not sure how much is due from weaning off Lexapro and how much is just from being pregnant. We've put a plan in place to go back on something either right after this one is born, or possibly right before so I can be in a good place right away. I now know what PPD feels like and I don't wanna go there again! Otherwise, yeah, just SUPER tired and feeling fat. I'm right at that point between regular clothes and maternity, so nothing really fits, blah. I'm looking forward to December for the holidays and T2, hopefully I'll feel more optimistic when I don't wanna barf all the time!

I miss you guys and pop in whenever I can. Muah, love ya! :grouphug:

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Aww look at the little one! Congrats! Biggrin Wow girl, you're almost done with the 1st trimester! You should be starting to feel good anyday now.
It's gotta be hard weaning off the meds and having those 1st trimester sickies. :bigarmhug:

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Awwwwwwwwwww beautiful and perfect little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you are putting a plan in place, but boo to how you are feeling right now :bigarmhug:

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Awwww, so cute!!! I love that I get to see you go through a THIRD pregnancy!! Biggrin And you make the cutest babies, too!

P.S. LOVE your new siggy!!!

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Love seeing the little feet!!!!! Hope you start feeling more yourself soon!!!!!

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i could look at an u/s daily, too....maybe a nice mellow/laid back baby #3 for you?? LOL!!!!! i hope you start feeling better real soon!!!!!!!!!

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congrats again...love seeing u/s pics...and hope you start feeling like YOU again soon.

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Yay!! How exciting!!!

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Look at that adorable little bean! So very happy for you guys. Love your new siggy too!

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Congrats on #3!!!

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What a beautiful sight. At least you have a reason to not fit in your clothes! Enjoy some extra Christmas baking and you'll be in maternity wear in no time!!

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Hi baby!!

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So precious. TFS!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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awwwww. I love seeing u/s too! I'm glad everything is good and yay for the 2nd tri almost being here!

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What a cute little one! Hope you are feeling better soon! Congrats again!

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Aww how cute. I love ultraounds.

I know how you feel about feeling crappier. I'm actually more anxious than depressed, but I'm handling it.

I hope the nausea gets better too in T2.

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yay Wendy....love u/s's

congrats again Smile

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Oh My Goodness. That's a baby!!!!!!

LOVE the title of the thread.

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What a fun suprise to get an extra ultrasound! Always a beautiful sight to see those babies!

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ok I KNOW I commented on this, but it's not here.

I said: That is the cutest little bean, I wanna pinch his/her cheeks!!:D