Start of my bedroom.

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Start of my bedroom.

Today is huge for me. I have officially went through every box in my room. Which means everything is put away. Don't get me wrong there are some boxes in the shed, but they are not cluttering on the side of my bed and all over my bedroom floor.

Anyway, this is what I have done so far. I know I have lots of updates and I am adding new colors in (purples). I think I want to use my amazon gift card to get a tree with petals in purple and ivory branching off the wall.

This is just using materials I already have.. because well I am poor. lol!

my craft of the day

OK. This wall needs something more. Here is the thing. LOL. I bought these wonderful flowers a few years ago because I loved them next to the coral in my bed. My wonderful pot loving friends came over and reminded me how much this looks like a marijuana plant. Ahhhh yes yes it does LOL!

Anyway, still love. Just need more? Or do you hate?

and yes that is a wine glass on my nightstand (aka foldable end table) :rolleyes:

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I think that looks great Paula!!!!! I love your crafts, you do such a great job! Now that you said pot plant, I see it lol! But I still like them and would leave it!

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Looking good! The anal speller in me must point out that you spelled believe wrong. Wink
I like the pot looking flower pics. Keep 'em!

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OMGosh! I did! Shame on me! LOL! changing that around now..

spelling is my thing too. damn.

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Looks beautiful! And I like the pot-inspired plant pic Smile

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That does not look like a pot plant Smile and keep them I like it!

looks good!

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Looks good! And I've never seen a pot plant, so it never would have crossed my mind.

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Looks great paula!!

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It does look good PJ! I don't think those look anything like pot, not at all.

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Doesn't look a thing like a pot plant. It actually looks like my Asian lillies before they send up blossoms. Your bedroom is looking fabu!!!!

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love it pj...great job

totally ROFL about the mispelling....that is something i would totally do :ROFL:!!!!

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"Karrie5" wrote:

It does look good PJ! I don't think those look anything like pot, not at all.

ITA, they look fresh and fabulous!! Love your other crafts too. Isn't it refreshing to have the clutter cleared out? My bedroom is still full of boxes and bins. I've actually cleaned them out a few times, but somehow it's become my dumping spot. Ugh.

I especially like your side table, we have the same ones! lol We have a bookcase headboard that we intended to use instead of nightstands, but it just isn't the same! It's annoying to have to crank your whole body around to grab a drink.

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Looks great! Nice job!

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I really like it!!!!