The testosterone in this house is OUT OF CONTROL!

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The testosterone in this house is OUT OF CONTROL!


Are any other of the April 08 boys (or girls, too!) acting aggressive? Rache is out of control some days! He's very into super heroes, army men, knights...basically anyone who fights. He even thinks firemen fight. He's constantly grabbing things from the house or the yard and making them into swords or guns. To some extent, I know it's just normal little boy behavior...but wow. Sometimes I just stare at him and don't know what to say. Especially when he runs up to me, jumps in this wild legs-spread stance and yells, "I'm a sword guy, and I'm gonna knock you down!" And poor JB bears the brunt of all of this. I'm a little sister, so I know what it's like to be beat up on...and I don't want that dynamic in my family!

Other times, he's the sweetest, most loving little guy. He calls me his 'sweet mommy,' which just melts my heart. But, if your little guys is doing do you react? I try talking to him about it, but it seems to make no difference. He's still always seeking out any and everything to turn into a gun. And this from a kid who barely watches tv! Tell me this is a normal phase that will pass....soon!

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I don't have any experience with the exact behavior. Colby is more of a running around yelling and screaming like a nutball kinda kid, like he's eaten 10lbs of sugar when really I'm mean and restrict his sugar. I'd guess though that the the "punishment" should just be consistent every time if you want to deter the behavior. I know here, if I'm not on it with stopping whatever I don't want him to do every single time, he knows I've missed a beat and cranks it way up. It's really hard though when other things are going on to remain consistent 100% of the time...I'm positive that's why I can't get behaviors I want to stop to stop! Hang in there, I think most of the turdly stuff they are doing now is a phase!

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That's Tyler exactly. Everything is a sword or a gun or a weapon of some sort. Seriously, everything. He takes a couple of bites out of his grilled cheese and it looks like a gun, he points it and says pew! pew! pew! You hand him some leggos and he's building a weapon. I have no idea where he gets it - he's been into it for about a year now. And last time I checked, Mickey Mouse has not been fighting with swords!

I've tried ignoring it - that didn't work. I've tried reinforcing that we don't play with weapons - he still does it. "No weapons" is a phrase repeated daily in our house. He is learning that you do NOT point a pretend weapon at people or the dog. You do NOT pretend to have a weapon when you are angry. That's as far as we've gotten :confused:

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Having a 13 and a 5 yr old boy, it is something that boys just do. We live in the country and are around hunters/hunting/archery and every stick, peice of trash, etc is a gun and they are hunting animals or just to have a gun.......

I wish I could say that they grow out of it, but mine havent yet (or my 37 yr old DH either) just have to teach them gun and bow safety and the dos and donts.....and here in 4H we have air rifle and archery, so it is something our kids are just around.


And my 5 yr old shot my 3 yr in the belly with an airsoft gun (plastic BBs) that got taken away. It was for use to help teach better aim at targets and well, we dont aim guns at people or animals, let alone shoot your little sister. So it is put up until he can learn that lesson again.

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We've been dealing with the same things here. So I finally just gave in and bought the whole family some squirt guns and joined the fun!

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"Jennilynnjeff" wrote:

We've been dealing with the same things here. So I finally just gave in and bought the whole family some squirt guns and joined the fun!

LOL awesome. we have some too

Aidan doesn't make weapons but he's alot like Colby where he's just bat sh!t crazy, it's hard to calm him too. I make him "take a breather" sometimes

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Jax is more like Colby, but I've learned that if he watches something with fighting in it, he will go right to acting out that behavior. So, we stick to pretty friendly pre-schooler type of programs without all that 'pretend' violence.

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Thanks for the replies! I'm glad to know Rache isn't the only one going wild right now. You hear so much about the 'terrible twos' -- I wasn't prepared for the crazy threes, that's for sure.

Rache is still pretty much in full effect -- all day Sunday he talked about being a 'bad guy.' Ugh.....I tried talking to him, and talking to him. Then I realized that he has only the smallest idea of what 'good' and 'bad' mean. He knows...sort of....but not really. That realization made me feel a bit better.

And then we made a trip to Target (a major production for's an hour away), and what did he find at the dollar spot? A foam sword. DH let him have one before I could intervene. So, I'm using it as a good opportunity to talk to him about not pointing it at people, and not using it when he is mad, etc. I blame Peter Pan for all of this! lol We watch a lot of DVDs while he does his asthma medicine, and we watched Peter Pan for about a week straight. It's actually quite violent...I need to be more selective, think!

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Nicholas is another that is just bonkers crazy, no weapon use around here, but bouncing off the walls. We spend as much time as we can outside where it's okay to run around like a crazy person Wink

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Honestly, I think it is normal. No gun and they use a stick / leggo / salami. Take those away and they use their finger. :rolleyes: I read an article a while back that said this type of play was pretty instinctive - I know it isn't always learned from movies, etc. - and to pretty much let them do it. As long as they are not really hurting each other or the cat. If I find the article, I'll post the link. I have two boys and this is what they do - it doesn't bother me much, maybe I'm the weird one, lol.

ETA: it has something to do with role-play - including the "I'm the bad guy" stuff - and is helpful in working out aggression - not to say they have problems or unusual amounts of aggression, just plenty of natural levels of testosterone-type boy energy; I really don't think they should be asked to stuff this kind of play or restrict it to tea parties, they just need guidance in how to do it without really hurting anyone, maybe even help organizing it into a game. Once they are a bit older it is easier to channel it into sports, etc.

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