Thursday pictures!

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Thursday pictures!

Post em big!

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Visited the IL's this weekend

playing music

And dancing!

Opa learning Jewel Train 2 !


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I love the pic of you and Everly!! I noticed it in your avatar first. Beautiful pic...beautiful girls!!

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OMG Ev is soooo cute. I love Owen in the boots.

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Love the pics, Kelly! That's a great shot of you and Everly, and I love the curly hair!! Smile

I have a few pics, but no time to upload them. I did manage to upload a video that I took yesterday of Brian. It's about 45 seconds, but it's worth seeing to the end, IMHO. Smile He cracks me up. And he played with the silverware for at least 40 minutes - long enough for me to do ALL the dishes!!

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Everly is getting so big!!! She is precious.

Ruth, I LOVE this video. You are brave to let Brian play in the dishwasher! Wade would throw everything on the floor immediately. Smile That little jibber jabber is soooooo cute!

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great pics Kelly......your kids are so cute

love that video Ruth....he's so funny Smile

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Ruth, great video!!

Kelly, love the pic of you and Everly!