Thursday pictures!

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Thursday pictures!

It's been a few weeks .. let's see some blossoms and siblings!

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dang he looks huge!

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today I might be a photo *****. Some of kids and just some of views.

I remembered I took photos at BIL fishing pond this past weekend. Cheyenne had caught 4 fish before her brothers did. She had a pink pole and FIL kept saying the trick is that pink pole. Wyatt ended up catching 3, but Cheyenne sure was proud she caught more than her brothers.

Wyatt is reeling in his fish.

Wyatts 7th Bday on June 9---My new 'pantry' is in the background.

cool butterfly we had out front

This is a rainbow and some weird beautiful clouds we had the other day.....

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Cadence when she was sick the other night...complete with a throw up bowl beside her in case she woke up sick and couldn't make it to the bathroom. Smile

Just Ella the other morning...I had fixed her hair but she wasn't dressed yet!

I may add more, but being interrupted by the kids right now!

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Kelly, he does look huge in his seat and the stroller. Before long his feet will be dragging in the stroller. She is adorable. I love love her hair and am in amazement at the amount she has every time I see her cute little photos. Cheyennes is finally getting longer....FINALLY.

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jack learning to at least sit on the potty......and learn some patience....he hasn't put anything in it yet, but he claps and yells yay, everytime he sits on it...LOL

sarah the other day at my MIL"s

not a great pic....but you see jack on the land, abby a little ways in the water, and then lucy out by the ropes swimming....this is where they have their lessons......they love the water....

this is a view of dans's a 58 acre terminal add on at logan airport in boston........he should be here for a while..but this was his view the other day....

the rest of my pics are boating pics......hard to pic just a few......but lucy started tubing last weekend......and well we went out last night and abby asked if she could 4yr old was tubing at 20 mph behind the boat like the rest of the big kids...she loved it.......
look at how stinkin cute lucy and abby are(i know, i'm biased..LOL
the crew getting things ready so max could board......


lucy tubing for the 1st time

abby's turn.......she got lots of company....LOL

my little adrenaline junkies!!!!!!!!!!

and this pic makes me LOL......if she's not tubing, she's just bored......LOL

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Here we go . . .

These are over a month ago when we got the girls bikes as a late birthday present. Alanis got a 16" and Leyla a 12". We eventually got Leyla a better helmet, no worries.

Cheesy smile:

Proud and determined:

Leyla gave up and started climbing stuff:

Leyla at home with my boxing gloves:

Alanis's lingual frenulum before. Was a moderate tie. Doesn't look bad here but she really couldn't move her tongue any further up in her mouth as she talked. Her tongue would stay kinda flat in her mouth. What almost worried me even more was that it had caused a separation between her teeth.

Daddy's percussionists:

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Ok, since Candace gave me some tips on how to easier post pics I will play. Smile

A couple pics from Blastball..

"Slip 'n Slide" FUN!

The baby frog catcher. Smile

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I love looking at these! Come on everybody else - yall post too!

I want to comment individually but I can not muster up the energy tonight. But Kristi = love the rainbow!

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Love the pictures!! Makes me want to actually remember to take some this week. Or not...I'm very unhappy with how everyone is getting so big. Sad

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I haven't posted pics for awhile...I apologize in advance! Smile

Star Tours ride at Disney

We spent more time standing in line to meet princesses than to ride rides!

My sweet girls!!

Baking cookies with Papa