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Time to check in

So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?

What is your Blossom up to these day?

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?

Where are you headed this summer?

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.

Momma Vent?

Proud Momma moment?

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Getting my house in order, shopping and packing for a cruise, working out for the cruise, when the stops to start cleaning up our 23 acres (and watching for rattlesnakes)!!

What is your Blossom up to these day? Pestering Wyatt, still climbing, very very very independent

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? not really sure. I would like her listen more (all three of them actually).

Where are you headed this summer? We have two traveling basketball tourneys in TX (one in june and one after we land back from our cruise) and we are going on a cruise to Alaska.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Zack is on a traveling basketball team, practice every sunday....then two tourneys... In 4H he has a wildlife competition (NM wildlife identifying, habitat, etc.) in early june, then in late june he has Archery, Air Rifle, and maybe .22. and then if he qualified for wildlife in early june he has it again in late june. Wyatt wants to learn how to shoot a bow (and so does she.....). I have so much to teach him before kindergarten and that is what we will be doing this summer as well. I am sure she will learn what he does. It is amazing the things that she picks up at her age that the boys did in later years.

Momma Vent? I cannot get the little two to quit fighting. If he has it she wants it and if she has it, it is his ......goes on and on......And the not listening to me is driving me crazy.

Proud Momma moment? She tries so hard to keep up with her brothers and in this she learns so much (some that I dont want her to learn as well). She is such a big helper and tries to do so much.

Even though I complain about them a whole bunch, they have my whole heart and my life would not be the same without them.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Boy was that a frenzy indeed. I still haven't quite recovered haha. Look at my ticker - our vacation is only 4 days away. So am cleaning my plate up at work and trying to get ready for the trip at the same time. Once we get back I plan to work on my health and house/finances.

What is your Blossom up to these day? She's over the worst of the tantruming I think, but there still is a bit of whining. Some days are better than others. She's in the throes of potty training. She's wearing undies at home all day and dipes only at night. But we haven't really gone out much with her in undies. We're chicken and put her in pull ups. We plan on working on this more when we get back from our trip. She loves to write and draw a lot. In fact, the teacher at her preschool mentioned that we should put her in some kind of art class. She's starting to really enjoy playing with her sister.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? To be fully done with diapers!! We're getting close. After that I am really looking forward to when Leyla is ready to go to sleep together with Alanis in their own room. Right now Leyla is still in a crib in ours and Alanis ends up in our bed by around 3am and we're too tired to make any changes.

Where are you headed this summer? JAMAICA!!! Then after that we hope to FINALLY enjoy a summer. The prior 3 ones I was nursing and too shy to do it in public so I was basically a recluse stuck at home while the weather was nice. We want to take the girls to parks, concerts, zoos, bbq's, etc. Anything!

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Leyla is walking!!! She officially took off this week where she is walking most of the time. She's teething too (4 molars). She's also "talking" a lot, both real words and just imitating our sounds. She LOVES to play with her sister, but has a hot temper and will quickly anger. She loves to sing and dance.

Momma Vent? It's soooooo hard to find any time for me!!

Proud Momma moment? Alanis did wonderful at her little ballet recital last weekend. She was also super good at the doctor's yesterday (she has conjunctivitis). She loves to practice writing her name. I love when they are both cuddly and affectionate. They are just so cute!!

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so, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate.. Heading to Florida this weekend (kind of forgot). Then coming home and getting used to living alone. Also a trip to visit family when Miles is out of school and then my London trip!

What is your Blossom up to these day?. What is he not up to?

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?. Stupid potty training.

Where are you headed this summer?. Florida in a few days. Home to Pittsburgh at some point. My London trip. Yahoo I'd love to do some day/weekend trips, too, but that may be asking too much of myself.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. N/a

Momma Vent? Stupid potty training- or lack thereof. I am so freaking sick of diapers.
Proud Momma moment?. Most everything but the potty training. I hope I don't jinx myself but he's really good in public and we get compliments on his behavior a lot. He's super fun and the stuff he says just cracks me up. His imagination is out of control and I love some of the stuff we play.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
More birthdays...Theo turned five this month, DH turns 44 tomorrow, and Max (whose birthday is in July) will have his birthday party in June before summer vacation takes his friends away.

What is your Blossom up to these day?
She is soooo grown up! Sleeps in her own bed in her own room, doesn't wear a diaper anymore, doesn't wear a bib anymore, dresses and undresses herself...She is ready for school even though she has a whole other year at home first!

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
I guess school starting, although that isn't until September 2012...We'll work on getting her to learn to ride her bicycle this summer. Swim lessons start tonight, too.

Where are you headed this summer?
We'll do a road trip to Dayton, Ohio. The kids have eight cousins there, it should be a lot of fun for them.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
Max is nearing the end of grade one and has learned to read and write in French. Theo is finishing Junior Kindergarten; he is our athlete and has mastered ice skating, bicycling and the scooter. He is working on swimming, doing the best of the three.(shhhhhh)

Momma Vent?
We need to work on manners. Some slippage is occurring with the way the kids talk to us and the way they do/don't do certain things (eating with their mouths open, not hanging up their coats...).

Proud Momma moment?
I am so proud of all of them, but with Anna the last month has been amazing. The day she turned three she really took control of her existence. I can't believe she went from co-sleeping to sleeping alone in a big bed with NO transition, and that she wakes up dry every morning and gets herself dressed. Only five months ago she was still breastfeeding! Time sure flies with kids...

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Great idea Mel!!

So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?

Busy is my middle name these days! I'm really trying to get the blog going (www.SuperSaverMama.com). I have a ton of fun doing it and am learning so much about blogging, social media, etc. I've missed having something for "me" more than I realized. Hopefully, I'll make some money with it someday, but even if not, it's been great fun. I'm also the President of our MOMS Club and have been doing tons of stuff with them. Playdates, service projects, meetings, MOMS nights out. We have something on our calendar almost every day now! What a difference from a year ago. I'm also training to run a half marathon, so I've been logging tons of hours on the treadmill.

What is your Blossom up to these day?

Pax is such a little man. He definitely has his tantrum moments, but I'm just amazed by the things that come out of his mouth (in a good way :)). He's really smart, I can't wait to get him in school to watch him absorb everything. He's right on the verge of reading, I won't be surprised at all if he's able to read simple books by the end of summer. He starts preschool in August, such a big boy! He's really into superheroes, cars, trains...pretty much anything BOY. He also has a crush on June from Little Einsteins and says he has dreams about hugging her. ROFL

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
Being fully potty-trained will be major. We've been PTing for about 3 years now, or so it seems. I'm pretty much just broken on the process now. Not pushing, just letting him lead day-by-day. It's been very much a two-steps-forward-one-step-back process for us. Every time I think he has it, he regresses. SO irritating!

Where are you headed this summer?

We're off to San Diego in a few weeks to run a half marathon. I'm so excited for our meetup there!! MIL and FIL are coming along and we're renting a house for a week and making a vacation out of it. I haven't been to SD for years, it'll be really fun! I also hope to get back home (MN) this summer sometime. My grandpa has been sick lately and we need to get back to see him and we miss the rest of the family (I have tons of family there). Maybe labor day...

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.

Miss Tia is just great, she's such a ham. She's 15 months now and I absolutely ADORE this age. Her personality is starting to shine and she doesn't talk back yet, it's great!! She's really goofy and curious. Like Kristi was saying, it's amazing what they pick up from their siblings at such a young age. She can already eat a bowl of cereal with a spoon and eats really well with a fork too. Pax STILL has trouble with that!

Momma Vent?

Oh yes, PTing here too. That and we're phasing out naps. I'm TRYING to get him to take a nap today and he just keeps farting around up there. I miss nap time, boo! I'm SO sick of being ill all the time too. We have an awful cocktail of sicknesses in our house right now and I could really do without it!

Proud Momma moment?
This will sound silly, but Pax just melted my heart a few days ago. I had to run upstairs to grab something and both of them had runny noses all day. I came downstairs and Pax said "Mom, I got Tia's nose." I thought he meant he "stole" her nose like grandpas do, but he said "No, her nose was runny, so I got a tissue, wiped it and threw it in the trash. She didn't blow, but I think I got all of it." For some reason it struck me as the sweetest thing ever. He was gentle, helpful, loving...and did it completely on his own. :biglove: It's the little moments, isn't it? Smile

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Awesome idea Mel! Smile

So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? We've started some preschool learning at home just for the fun of it. Violet loves to learn new things that she can apply with pen/cil and paper.

What is your Blossom up to these day? A lot of boundary testing, lol. She's been loving the nice weather and seeing the wildlife that our area has.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Well, I will agree with nighttime potty training. That will be handy if only to stop spending more on dipes. But I'm excited for her to begin school fall 2012. I know it's a ways away, but she's just so social and I know she's going to have an amazing time.

Where are you headed this summer? We're spending 2 weeks in Nova Scotia by the ocean. It's my dream place, so I'm very excited to go back with my hubby (we've been there a few times) and take our girls for the first time

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Fiona is exploding with her talking lately! She just turned one and is hitting her milestones wonderfully. She's a ridiculously happy and cheeky baby. I burst with love for her.

Momma Vent? Honestly, not much. I'm really blessed with adorable, mostly well behaved children. 3 can be hard, but I don't blame Violet herself. It's just the age she's at and the lessons she needs to learn. It's my job to make sure she gets through it happy and healthy.

Proud Momma moment? When Violet is so polite. She has impeccable manners. The other day my neighbor and her young daughter Diablo gave her their old second hand scooter, and Violet was beaming! She looked up and said "Thank you Anna Maria! Thank you Sarah!" with SUCH sincerity and sweetness my neighbor nearly had a heart attack. Lol Violet is excellent with her pleases, thank you's, pardon me's and I need my privacy's'.

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Oh, sorry...wanted to add a vid. Here's Fiona calling Violet. She spends a lot of the day looking for her big sister. She adores her.

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What is your Blossom up to these day? Whining, bossing me around, saying the funniest things, going on the potty and really pushing mommy's buttons!

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? True potty training! Done, finished, the end, complete!

Where are you headed this summer? Nowhere fast! Holding off on real vacays another year or 2.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Crawling, standing unassisted and clinging to mom like there's no tomorrow!

Momma Vent? Wish I had more time for John Henry but Jay takes up so much of my attention...

Proud Momma moment? For sure the dentist chair! JH was such a superstar!!! And of course the poop in the potty....the light at the end of the tunnel!!

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LOVE the proud momma moments!!

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? not much with abby.......just having some summertime fun!!!!!!

What is your Blossom up to these day? abby is very into doing everything lucy does....they play all.day.together!!!!!!! she is still an avid thumb sucker...and is showing more interest in "schoolwork" but only kinda.....she knows the alphabet, counting to 20 , dressing/undressing herself and has been completely potty trained since the end of december....

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? i need to work on slowly breaking the thumbsucking habit.......she is avid!!!!!!!! all.day.long....

Where are you headed this summer? still up in the air......thinking road trip with all the kids......thinking cruise.......not sure yet......but our local pond is going to open up so will definately be getting a beach pass......

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
sarah is finishing up her freshman year:eek: she is a straight A+ student and i think she has the highest gpa in her class:eek: and tomorrow is the last of her softball games......she's not playing anything in the summer.....this is going to be weird....
max is finishing up 6th grade and baseball.......max has nothing scheduled for the summer
lucy is awesome and is getting excited to start kindergarten in sept....it's ALL she talks about....."when i go to school...." love my spruce goose!!!
and jack is 9.5 months....crawling, freestanding, and just smiling away!!!!!! no words but the kid is never quiet....LOL

Momma Vent? nothing about abby......she is just a sweetie, she is following in max's footsteps, even though i try to lead down sarah's .....LOL.......j/k

Proud Momma moment? abby is just so sweet, so well behaved and makes me proud ALL.THE.TIME when we are out and about......and she responds/interacts with all her siblings with such a sweet personality(she's a little spitfire and has a LOT of spunk, too).....and she is ALWAYS smiling!!!!!! i just love her to pieces!!!!! i really am the proudest momma in the world and my heart is just so in love with my whole family!!!! i'm also very proud of myself.......i'm coming up on a huge milestone for me......breastfeeding all 5 of my kids for a year+.....i'm so proud of myself because it's not easy with all these kids and schedules......so yay me!!!!:cool:

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
Colby's last day of school is June 1, we are trying to decide on the summer program or not. He loves school so much, and I'm just floored at what he's already learned at such a young age there...so don't want to be all Tiger Mom, but also want to keep up his momentum for always wanting to learn!

What is your Blossom up to these day?
His speech is drastically improving, I'm amazed at the stuff he says, maybe not altogether clear, but even just the concepts amaze me. He just wants to be active from the moment he gets up til the moment he goes to bed, which is why we're leaning towards the summer program....guaranteed 3 hours of fun in a day that will supplement what I do, lol!

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
Not sure, driving a car??? No wait, not looking forward to that! Reading!

Where are you headed this summer?
Probably nowhere as usual, no money, no time. But every year we plan an Outer Banks trip and every year we end up not going!

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
Daphne is just a peach, I just want to squeeze her little chubby body all the time! She's sitting up and is just about ready to roll from back to front...she gets pretty much all the way over then flips back! Maybe we'll start solids in another couple weeks.

Momma Vent?
Hoping for Colby's sleep to get evened out completely again, that's about it right now.

Proud Momma moment?

I'm just so thrilled and warmed by how sweet, gentle and loving Colby is. Today at school telling a little girl that Daphne was his sister, he walked over and patted the girl on the back while he was talking because she was afraid to walk up to Daphne. He'll randomly tell me thank you, like he'll be eating dinner and say thank you so much Mommy, this dinner is my favorite, or playing with a toy and say thank you so much Mommy for my toy. If Daphne cries or I have a frustrated look, he'll come stand in front of her or me and start singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He'll randomly just say Mommy I love you so much. After school once we're home he'll say I missed you at school today Mommy, but I had fun! My eyes had been red with the pink eye, and he kept asking me in a sad voice what happened Momma, why are you crying, what's wrong...and no matter how many times I kept saying my eyes were "sick" like his were, he'd keep asking what's wrong, or just pat me and say it's okay Momma. He's so attentive to Daphne all the time, sometimes a bit much even, but now he's finally learned to be gentle with her. He entertains her constantly, they both love it, and I love to watch them. Sweet kid. Love him forever.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Looking forward to summer vacay! We are moving into a brand new school this summer. It's on the same campus, but about twice the size. So I've been packing up everything in my classroom and look forward to unpacking it in the new building in about 2 months!

What is your Blossom up to these day? Delaney is looking forward to "staying home" every morning for the summer (which basically means she doesn't have to get up early to go somewhere while mom goes to work). I'm going to have to find things for us to do though, because today she drove me nuts!

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Preschool 2 mornings a week starting this fall.

Where are you headed this summer? No definite plans. We might take the 3 girls and head to Branson for a few days. It's still up in the air.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Bri is leaving in about a week and a half on a mission trip to the Northwest states and Canada. She also needs to find a summer job!!
Allison has dance practice every morning from 6-8 (yuck) followed by driver's ed from 8-11. She's going to dance camp the end of June and she's babysitting a 9 year old for a couple of weeks in June.
Nate will be in summer school during the month of June.

Momma Vent? I hate 6 am practices!!!

Proud Momma moment? Delaney stayed dry 2 days in a row (awake times)! She'd been having some regression lately. She is totally poop trained. I think she just waits too long on peeing and goes "just a tiny bit" (her words) in her panties.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
Trying to find a teaching job since I was surplused...

What is your Blossom up to these day?
Pure monkey business. Other then that, he is obsessed with dogs.
It's so cute. "puppy... awwwww". Then he gentley cups his little hands around the dogs face and gives ita kiss.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
I don't do milestones anymore... lol

Where are you headed this summer?
We were going to go to Maui but since I lost my job... and DH lost his job... we are staying put.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
Pure mini monkey business. She loves doing whatever big brother is doing.

Momma Vent?Our house is too small...

Proud Momma moment?I love that I can take both kids out to restaurants and they behave like super stars...

Here's a photo of Harrison sharing his water while Siena does a little math...

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
Nothing much, still learning how to handle two kids, most days it's easy, but those days that are hard are REALLY HARD lol
What is your Blossom up to these day?
Aidan is being a major butt, but damn if those HUGE brown eyes don't get me lol. he's fully potty trained now, well not night trained, but he's wanting to go to bed without a pull up, so I let him, then I put one on when he's sleeping LOL
What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
him being night potty trained, after that nothing, that means he's growing to fast, I'll cry on his first day of school...oh wait, I want him to learn to play by himself without asking me to play every 5 seconds

Where are you headed this summer?
I'm hoping to head to Ohio to visit Laura, but it'll be quite the drive with 2 kids, I'm a bit askeered

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
William just had his first giggle today, I almost died, dimples and all, other than that not much, he's such a chill baby and I'm so grateful for him every day.

Momma Vent?
My 3 year old is an @sshole sometimes LOL. my biggest gripe is Aidan can't play by himself, he literally asks me "mommy, aren't you gonna play with me?" every 5 minutes, he asks so much it's become habit, the other day I WAS playing with him and he asked while we were playing :rolleyes:
Proud Momma moment?
When we go out to public places he's pretty well behaved, someone actually came up to me and told me what a good kid he was, of course they had to peel me off the floor LOL. He can be a butt with me, but he's so good with little babies and makes sure they're taken care of.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? We just moved 1,000 miles away. We're trying to sell our old house...and are looking for some place new! DH has a new job here and I'm working from home, plus taking care of the kids. BUSY!

What is your Blossom up to these day? He's bad Smile Testing and pushing boundaries like I've never seen. I need to get him back into school at least part time - the structure is good for him.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Finish nighttime potty training - we're about 50%-50% right now. After that, I'm not sure...probably recognition of numbers and letters?

Where are you headed this summer? Nowhere - after our move, we've got to get settled! I'll probably head back to FL in September for the NICU Miracle Miles run.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Lana turned 6 months old earlier this week. She has started sitting up on her own and is just the sweetest baby. She rarely fusses and is always smiling. I started her on cereal the day she turned 6 months old - she loved it! She gagged last night when I gave her a taste of applesauce though :confused:

Momma Vent? Tyler pushes my buttons and I seem to have lost my patience reserves. I know part of it is because both of us our out of our normal routines. I feel like I'm pulled in too many directions working from home full time and taking care of Lana and Tyler. I know it's a good situation - $$ and time with the kids. But I haven't found my balance yet...when I'm working, I feel like I should be spending time with the kids. When I'm spending time iwth the kids, I feel like I should be working. I find myself spending every spare minute that I'm not with the kids from waking til I go to bed at night working to make sure I get everything done. It's exhausting. And DH acts like he's so tired when he comes home at night b/c he's been gone all day. If he only knew...

Proud Momma moment? Tyler is SO good with Lana. Every morning, he gives her a kiss and says, "HI PRETTY GIRL!" He talks to her, sings when she cries. It makes my heart melt to see them together. He takes really good care of her and I know that we got lucky to have no jealousy issues!

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Right now, what's not? I am president of our mom's group and staying super busy with that, we are planning our end of the year banquet right now and have events on the calendar almost every day, so it keeps us super busy. I am also watching the two additional little boys of my friends right now 4 days a week, it will turn to 5 after our Music Together session ends. It is busy with 4 of them, but going really well! On top of that I'm still staying busy with the legal transcription I do as well as my regular Mommy duties of two busy, growing boys Smile

What is your Blossom up to these day? He is amazing to me. I can't believe he is 3 years old and doing all that he does. He is the most outgoing fun little boy. He loves to play with his friends and is such a sweet and caring friend. He is done with overnight potty training, after he turned 3 he decided he didn't need a pull up at night and he doesn't, he's had one accident in the last 2 months! He knows all his letters and numbers and is starting to recognize site words and is riding his big boy bike with training wheels all over the place. He is testing boundaries, but all in all I can't complain, that's part of being 3.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? He wants to read and write so badly and as a former teacher I'm excited for hat for him too. We'll see what happens in the next year or so. Also, he starts pre-school 2 days a week in August!

Where are you headed this summer? We are sticking close to home for the summer. It is busy enough here! DH and I are planning a trip to NYC in October and then I think we're heading to Colorado sometime this winter, but we're home for now.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. William is 17 months old now and his personality is just overflowing. He is such a sweet and cuddly boy and always so happy. He is RUNNING everywhere and determined to keep up with big "bu-da" his language is just exploding and he is saying new words every day. He is also starting to put 2-3 words together and is Mr. Independent. He wants to do everything himself.

Momma Vent? The testing that Nicholas is doing right now is going to drive me insane. If I say not to do something he will push it and push it to see what exactly the limit is. Also, William has learned to shriek when he wants something and Nicholas has it and won't give it up. Joy. I do not like shrieking. at. all.

Proud Momma moment? Every other moment other than the one mentioned above Smile Tonight I took Nicholas on a mini-Mommy date. With all the other kids around lately he doesn't get a whole lot of one on one time and I felt like he needed some so we went out for ice cream after dinner, just the two of us and he showed what a sweet, polite boy he can be. He held the door for me at the ice cream shop, sat and had a whole, interesting conversation with me while we ate and thanked both me and the man working for the ice cream more times than I can count. When we got home he ran out of the garage before coming into the house to pick me a flower and say thank you again for his "special date" Smile

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LOVE these!!!!! Totally warmed my heart reading everyone's posts! And Ms. Mel, where's yours, huh? Smile

So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Still chugging away through life, trying to take care of all these kids. Some days I feel like we should move into a shoe. Wink (you know, the woman who lived in a shoe, had so many children she didn't know what to do? lol)

What is your Blossom up to these days? Lots of puzzles! Noelle has turned into quite the puzzle guru lately. It's a great activity for her. She's also getting more helpful around the house and likes to hang out in the kitchen. She unloads the silverware basket from the dishwasher by herself and helps make our oatmeal in the morning and helps make bread, etc. She also still loves being outside more than anything, and she's actually getting pretty good at recognizing different plants and flowers. We took a walk a few days ago, and she was pointing out different plants to me - "Look at those hostas, Mommy!"

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Being completely and fully potty-trained will be wonderful. It'll be nice when she can dress herself, too, and then I hope she stays exactly how she is forever. lol

Where are you headed this summer? We're taking a very short (just overnight) trip to Springfield - we're taking the train there and hope to see some of the Lincoln sites and visit their botanical gardens. Our first trip as a family of 5! :eek: We went there when Noelle was about the boys' age and have always wanted to return... it's just two hours each way by train, so hopefully it'll be just the right length of time since we have to hold the boys the whole time.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Being adorable. :razz: They're such sweet, good-natured boys. I love this age. Brian has more energy than all of us and is on the verge of crawling. He can already pretty much get wherever he wants to go, between rolling and somehow magically transporting himself. Micah is much more chill and taking his time with these milestones. That stinker still won't roll from back to front, but he sleeps about 90% of the way onto his belly.

Momma Vent? I need more time!!! Trying to take care of all three kids and stay sort of on top of housework and feeding everyone and teaching a little and trying to find some practice time is just impossible. I really wish I could spend more time with everyone, particularly Noelle. I miss the times we had with just the two of us, but I also completely adore Brian and Micah and can't imagine life without them. I just wish I had more time.

Proud Momma moment? OK, this is kind of random, but when I was 3 years old, my parents helped me memorize Psalm 100. It's very short, just 5 verses, but Noelle has the first 4 and a half verses memorized already and it just makes my heart glow to hear her say it. I really hope that what she memorizes will give her hope and comfort throughout her life as it has for me...

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Working way too much because Matt's now in school full time. But he's really enjoying it and doing well so far. Short term sacrifices for long term gains!

What is your Blossom up to these day? Everything. lol Talking.non.stop. Super active all the time. He loves anything sports, cars or fighting/wrestling related. Not too impressed with the fighting/wrestling, but that's what you get when DH and BIL are super MMA fans.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Using the potty! Gawd I am SO farking tired of pting.

Where are you headed this summer? No where! LOL With Matt in school we don't have the time or the funds to do much. We're trying to plan a little camping trip, but that will be it.

Momma Vent? 6:15am wakeups. Started as soon as we cut out naps and changed bedtime to 7pm. You'd think he would have started sleeping more, but no. ARGH!! Momma is tired!!!

Proud Momma moment? He's getting pretty good at recognizing letters and numbers on sight.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? The 8th birthday frenzy. And once that's over, just trying to enjoy the summer! We're hoping to go camping this summer so I'll probably start trying to get that planned.

What is your Blossom up to these day? Being an ornery(sp? I can't ever figure out how to spell that right) turd. Smile She goes back and forth between wanting to be big like Logan and Joey and wanting to be little like Ethan.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? For Mikayla I don't really know. We've hit all the ones I look forward to. Now it's just going to school. Sad

Where are you headed this summer? Well, like I said above, we want to go camping. We'll head up north somewhere. I'd love to make it up to the bridge but not sure if we will attempt that far with the kids yet. My brother just bought a house over near Muskegon (about 10 minutes from Lake Michigan) so we might just head that way so we can visit with him and enjoy the lake.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
- Logan has an 8 year old attitude (annoying!!) but he's also gotten very helpful. He insists on doing things for me, which is very sweet. Right now he's got baseball going which is a lot of fun.
- Joey is a booger. lol He's playing t-ball this year for the first time which is a wonderful experience for him. He's having a blast with it.
- Ethan is a mama's boy. Smile He's really started talking a lot in the last few weeks. He's just like Logan was in that regard. They both took forever to start but once they did they talked very well. It's almost like they didn't want to try until they knew they could get it right. He loves to be out and about. Every day when I get home he asks a million times to go "bye-bye".

Momma Vent? Not too much to vent about really. I wish there was more time in the day and that I didn't have to work full tiime.

Proud Momma moment? Mikayla loves to sing and she's gotten so good at remembering songs and she constantly wants to sing along with me. This is something I did a lot with my mom when I was little. Smile

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate? Settling into my SAHM stuff. I'm used to having my summers off, but to stay home past summer will be entertaining..

What is your Blossom up to these day? Playing with her brother, "reading", and coloring. She's walking one of the dogs and feeding her also. Working on getting fully potty trained..

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Being fully potty trained Blum 3

Where are you headed this summer? Cincinnati in two weeks to see my best friend from Florida while she's visiting family. Just me and the kiddies and a 10 hour drive. Should be exciting. Cindi's kids are 4 and 6 (almost 7) so I think Belle will have an awesome time.. and Ben has a good time no matter where he is.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Ben's thinking about walking. He cruises everywhere including down the hallway using the walls.. He likes to follow Belle around and play with her toys, and she's surprisingly good about it.. He's completely feeding himself, albeit messily.

Momma Vent? I wish my kids would sleep past 6 :P, but they go to bed early and take good naps so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

Proud Momma moment? They make me proud always. They're such sweet, happy souls that they're always so good when we're out. Belle is uber polite and Ben will smile at anyone.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
We've got a couple graduations, then we will start summer. I don't know what we will do all summer - so far none of my kids have anything planned (no sports..nada).
I think I will sign Jayden up for swim lessons.

What is your Blossom up to these day?
He's such a sweet kid, I love him to pieces. He talks nonstop - and if I say no to something he'll have to argue his case. He's so super loveable - always telling me how much he loves me. He is also definitely testing me at the same time and I have to really control my temper, but I know it's his age and he's not doing these naughty things intentionally.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
I'll be excited to see him write his name. Smile

Where are you headed this summer?
No plans as of yet - this is the first summer in years we aren't going on a trip. Sad

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
Tyler (my baby) is graduating 8th grade in 2 weeks. I can't believe he will be in high school in August.
Baylie will be starting middle school in August. She's growing up so fast - she's almost as tall as I am and she's just 10. But then again, I am super short!

Momma Vent?
I've had a bit of family drama going on lately - so I've been in a crappy mood.
Just wish everyone could get along!
Oh yah - the plumbing in my house is crap. I have to get a new water heater, new garbage disposal (again) and lord knows what else. This house is only 11 years old. :eek:

Proud Momma moment?
I'm proud to have 3 great kids. I might complain about them alot, but I'm really proud of all 3 of them. They are all good kids.
Tyler and Baylie's teachers always praise them, I never hear anything negative - guess I'm doing something right.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
We just got done with Cody's 1st birthday and DH's birthday, so I'm totally birthday'ed out. We're just trying to enjoy the warm weather. We've been doing yard work around the house.

What is your Blossom up to these day?
He's either an angel or the devil. He's enjoying playing with his brother but also likes to have his alone time. He's gotten back into reading books and will actually "read" to himself now.

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to?
Being done with PT. Tyler's doing great and doesn't have many accidents. I think that we're just about ready for our first poop on the potty. I'll also be glad once he starts using the big toilet. Whenever we're out and he has to pee, we need to find a bush for him! Boys! :rolleyes:

Where are you headed this summer?
Nowhere. We're doing some fun things around town though. We've got a car show in a couple weeks. Oh, I'm headed to Vegas for a girlfriend's bachlorette party at the end of June. In the beginning of June, we're going to a BBQ festival/country music show for our anniversary. And we're going to an SF Giants gave in July.

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing.
Cody's into EVERYTHING. He's loving climbing and stairs right now. On the day of his birthday party, he took a header down some concrete stairs and has a small chip on his front tooth now.

Momma Vent?
There's just not enough time or energy for the day.

Proud Momma moment?
He's starting to learn how to read. He can recognize "Coca-Cola", his name and his brother's name. We were in the store today and he said "See mommy, that says 8" as he pointed to something that had the number 8 on it. And when he wants to be, he can be an awesome kid.

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So, now that the 3rd birthday frenzy is over, what's on your plate?
Just got back from Disneyland.. Learned a lot about Owen and myself!

What is your Blossom up to these day? Owen is so active!he is very inquizitive(SP) likes to know how things work. He is very interested in names of things and memorizes people by eye color "HI ___ green eyes!" Very funny and a total ham. CAN"T sit still, is not taking direction very well.. outright defiance! (please tell me this is normal cause I'm about to go buy more books on the matter!

What is the next major milestone you're looking forward to? Just better attention and doing what I ask when I ask

Where are you headed this summer? nowhere! wait we will be doing Train Town in Sonoma Napa (Hey Lia wanna meet up for this???) and Also Six Flags Marine World (he is obsessed with Killer Whales ) Napa will be overnight and Marine World will be a day trip

Tell us what your Blossoms siblings are doing. Everly is SO CLOSE to crawling.. but thankfully she is giving me more time! LOL 3 teeth (one sprouted in Disney YAY ME)

Momma Vent?He just won't listen and basically is outright defiance

Proud Momma moment? In general he is just a doll and so sweet with his sister :stillhug: