Transitioning kids to the same room

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Transitioning kids to the same room

Lurkers feel free to add!

I bedshare with Violet in her room right now. Fiona has her own room. Both girls sleep very well. Fiona is usually up only once (sometimes none) for a quick 10 minute nurse, then back to sleep. Violet sleeps through. Both are in bed between 6:30 and 7pm every night.

I want them to share a room eventually. So, anyone have advice on when to transition and how? The ultimate goal is to have them share a room and me back in bed with DH. We're all fine with how it is now and everyone gets plenty of sleep, but I'd like to have the spare room back. lol.

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i say talk about it for a couple of weeks, get violet excited about it, and then just do it!! have fun and i'm sure it will be a smooth transition.
i stagger lucy and abby's bedtimes, just because that is what works for us...but both girls fall asleep literally within minutes of their heads hitting the pillows.....they hardly ever wake each other up.....and on the rare occasion that we get home late, and they both go to bed at the same usually is fine, too.
so i say just pick a day, talk about it alittle every day with violet, play it up, make it an exciting event.......and then just do it!!!! good luck!!!

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I like Colleen's idea about talking it up. I am still trying to get Gwendolyn to sleep in her own bed, by herself, all night long, so unfortunately I don't have any more advice to offer. Hope the transition goes well for her!

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Do you want the girls to share a bed? Or if they want to only?

Long term solution but maybe once Fiona is out of a crib and they can decide to share a bed if they want. If you talk up a BIG GIRL BED does Violet get excited (Miles doesn't, he says, nope, I like sleeping with you Mom).

Obviously I'm no help at all, lol.

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I've always just "done it." Never made anything special out of it, because my kids were always excited enough just at the idea of sharing a room. I transitioned Sophie into Dessa's room when Dessa was 3.5 and Sophie was 14 months. I transitioned Nadia into their room a couple months before she turned two. The only thing that I make sure of before the transition is that all kids are sleeping through the night regularily prior to the transition, AND are able to sleep in their own bed. Even though I transitioned Nadia into a bed with her sister, I wanted her to be able to sleep on her own before hand.

Each time I transitioned there was a week or two of things being a little out of sorts... kids not sleeping as well because of excitement, etc. Also, somewhat of a new routine would usually develop with the transition as well. Just be prepared for things to change a bit during the first few weeks, and be flexible. Expect that for a few days the kids may be a bit crabby and tired, BUT in two to three weeks things should be good! Smile

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I also think talking it up is a good way to start. Maybe let Violet pick out some new bedding. As far as bedsharing with sibs, I'm all for that! We've had every possible arrangement for beds and bedrooms and it always seems like someone is moving into another room to share a bed. Currently, Bri (16) chooses to sleep in Delaney's bed with her. She has a room she shares with Allison but she likes to sleep with Delaney.

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I do plan on having Fiona and Violet in separate beds, since Fiona will be in her crib for some time longer, I assume. I do want to get a new bed for Violet, a twin. Good idea on letting her pick the bedding, Marcie. And how fricken adorable that Bri shares with Delaney?! Adorable!

I have been talking to Violet about it, but I don't predict to do the switch til closer to the end of summer-ish. I want to see if Fiona will start officially STTN once she's a year old.

Thanks for all the advice and experiences. It's nice to hear from btdt's. I always loved sharing a room with my sisters, so I really want my girls to have this opportunity.