Tubes in their ears and the ENT (XP)

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Tubes in their ears and the ENT (XP)

Yesterday William finally had an audiology appointment so that we could find out if the fluid he has in his ears is effecting his hearing. What we found out is that they are completely full of fluid, but his hearing is in the normal range. They weren't able to tell how clearly he is hearing things, only that he is hearing. I am glad to know that he is hearing, but the quality of what he is hearing is the concern now, like if you are underwater, you can hear that there is noise, but you don't hear it clearly.

The problem is, she said, we may not know the effects of this until he is 5 or 6 and is having problems with pronunciation and then requires speech therapy. But if we get the tubes then his ears will be clear and he will be hearing as he should.

She said we should see an ENT next and then she wants to see him back and test it again after there is no fluid, either post tubes or if we can somehow get it cleared out with antibiotics or whatever.

We have tried nasal sprays, we have tried rounds of antibiotics, the only thing we have not tried are shots of rosephin (sp?).

They said it will take 2 weeks to get the written report to our pediatrician, which about falls in line with William's 18 month check anyway, so I will talk to him then and see where we go from here and then schedule with the ENT. I know tube surgery is super common and an "easy" procedure, but anything that puts my little guy under makes me so nervous.

I know I have asked this before and all of your advise on the rosephin and nasal sprays were super helpful, but still dealing with all this and I feel like we are inevitably heading down the path to tubes, which from the sounds of it won't be as bad as I fear, but it still makes me nervous.

Thanks for reading my ramble if you made it this far!

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Sorry you are going through this. Lucas had several rounds of the rosephin (sp) before he ended up with his first set of tubes. Antibiotics just don't seem to work the best for him. The tubes (he's had two sets) have been the best. It's was scary for me at first but the best thing for him.

Also, he startled a little bit after the first set went in. The "underwater effect" was gone and he was now hearing much more clearly. That only lasted about a week.

Good luck!

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Zack is one example of one whose doc kept saying "he may need tubes" but never got around to getting them.

You will know before he hits 5-6 if he heard things differently. Think Zack was about 3-4 when his doc noticed....

Examples: Zack would say belk for belt, his TH was off, his R was off, his L was way way off (but also somewhat normal for the L to be off).

He had to have speech therapy for about a year, but it was not that bad.

Have no experience with the sprays, but not matter what you decide, I hope it gives him some help.


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Tyler also had a few rounds of the AB shots bc the oral ABs were no longer effective on him. His hearing was definitely affected according to the ENT. we finally gave in and did tubes at 16 months and looking back, I wish we would have never waited so long. He started talking more within just a couple of weeks and no more painful ear infections. He had two EIs with the tubes but there was no pain (bc of the tubes, just drainage). His tubes stayed in for almost 18 months and we have had no problems since, besides a mild one right when the tubes came out that responded immediately to ABs.

I know the thought of surgery is scary - even for something as common as tubes. You are dealing with anesthesia - that's always nerve-wracking! In the end, I absolutely believe it was the best decision we could have made. No regrets here at all - I would do it again in a heartbeat if he needed them. I hope you find that same level of confidence/comfort no matter what you decide to do!

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I'm so sorry for you, Brandi!! I truly have zero advice. I do know that if I was facing this, I would probably lean towards the tubes.

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no advice here either just wanted to give you a big hug.......i do know alot of kids in real life that have had tubes and it really wasn't that big of a deal as i bet alot of the ladies could tell you here too so i think i would go for it if that's what they suggest...but like i have said i've never had to deal with it myself.....big hugs momma!!!!

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Thanks ladies! I'll keep you posted on what we end up deciding. I feel like tubes are probably what we will end up doing, it sounds like it is the best option, still scary though!

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good luck brandi!!!!! i have no experience with tubes....but sarah and max both had tonsils and adnoids taken out when they were younger.......and i was so scared about the surgery......but the benefits definately outweighed my fear!!!!!! sarah and max did remarkably well with the surgery and healing......good luck and big ((((((HUGS)))))))

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Nate had tubes twice for this same reason. He had fluid and had conductive hearing loss, which was improved with the tubes. The first set fell out on their own after about a year. I think that's normal and usually not needed beyond that point. However, he still required them, so the second time around they put in slightly larger tubes that needed to be removed by an ENT. I think this was probably an extreme case and I wouldn't expect it to be the case for William.

It's always scary to have your child go through any sedated or surgical procedure. But it really is very routine and very quick. And probably a lot easier than dealing with nasal sprays, etc. Good luck and lots of :bigarmhug:

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Sorry you are going through this. I have no advice or experience in this area. My friend is going through something similar with her little blossom right now too. The fluid in his ears is affecting his hearing but when they went to the ENT he had an ei so has to go back to see if they want to do tubes. I hope you get some good helpful advice.

I've always heard tubes aren't bad but yeah, as moms we worry. Biggrin

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My kids never have had ET, but Carson did have surgery as a baby and it is scary. But, you also take into account it is not really good for their bodies to be on a lot of antibiotics as well. I have typed for an ENT center and did many reports on kids and the ET and I would say for the majority it really made a difference. :bighug: